wednesday white + black

There is a famous expression that goes something like you can’t appreciate light without the darkness.  I think the same applies to design when working with white.  How can you appreciate white if there is no black?  Even if it’s just the tiniest touch of black.  Here are a few contrasting vignettes that are great examples of this.



I know I’m always preaching about white.  But there is something so nice about having white and black together in a room.  It feels anchored.  Balanced.  Comforting.


Here’s a great example of white with perfect pops of black…and that easy branch styling I talked about earlier.

black and white vignette

We always focus on the dining scene when we think of entertaining.  But what about the guest room?  It’s so important to provide a comfy and pretty guest room for our visitors.  This beautiful room is from the same house above.  One of the thing I love about this room is that the designer added a large scarf over her white headboard to incorporate pattern.  Brilliant!  Be sure to check out more of her house here.

bedroom white and black

You could do the same with this affordable black and white oversized scarf.  $32.  Then when you’re not using it on the bed, wear it!

black and white scarf

Happy styling!

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cozy + affordable fall home accessories

Leaving you with some ideas to quickly and affordably add style, comfort, and coziness to your home.  This is the perfect time of year to enjoy good food, family, friends, and long evenings curled up by the fire.  A few comfy touches make a big difference in a room and ensures fall and winter days in your home will be enjoyed to the fullest.  Love this inspiration room.


Here are a few of my favorite budget-minded ingredients to easily turn your home into a stylish, relaxing, and warm environment for all to enjoy.

simply seleta cozy entertaining

  1.  Live greens – I particularly love topiaries because they add a fun element.  You can find these in nurseries and home improvement stores everywhere.
  2. Clearance pillow – oh I have to have a few of these buffalo check guys.  They’re in store only.  Love!  If you need some shipped, these buffalo check pillow forms are less expensive and custom made.
  3. Faux fur throw – soft, perfect, and just the right price.
  4. Clearance bench – a wonderful, versatile piece.  Great to throw in your entry or in a blank space in your living room.  How about in front of the fire?  So perfect for adding in casual seating for guests.
  5. Velvet pillows –  always cozy.  And I love this neutral, classic color!  You can easily move these around the house too, from living room to master bedroom.
  6. Acrylic folding table – how cute is this for styling a mini drink station or even some candles!
  7. Voluspa candles – I am a total freak over Voluspa candles.  They’re everywhere, but I usually pick mine up at Anthro.  I love the Baltic Amber, Crisp Champagne.  And in that order.  These burn so well and quickly fill up their frangrance in a room.  Hint:  if you’ve burned a food item or your house needs a cleaning tweak, THESE are the perfect solution to mask all of those probs in a fast way.

Hope this gives you some ideas for holiday entertaining!

Next week is wild one for our family.  We have tons going on, and I’m trying to breathe deeply and not worry about how we’ll make it all happen.  That being said, I’m not sure how much I’ll get to post, so have a little patience with me : )  Tonight we’re hosting a birthday sleepover party at our house.  I’m on my way out the door to run around like a crazy person gathering last minute birthday items.  Tomorrow I leave at 4:00am to take one of our kids to their out-of-town sports event.  Starbucks isn’t even open that early!  Meanwhile, Peter will manage the sleepover crew and later run others to their rehearsals and practices.  Funny, I thought we were out of the woods when we had babies who slept through the night, but I’m learning that parenthood can be a pervasive “survival of the fittest” marathon.  Anyone with me on that?

Note: While thinking about our upcoming schedule, I may or may not have started stress-eating fistfuls of Honey BBQ Fritos as I was writing this post.  Inappropriate coping skills much?!

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wednesday white honor

Taking some time off to enjoy a rare day of no school or crazy schedules.  Another day of freedom, thanks to our soldiers who protect and fight for the independence we all know and enjoy every day.

howard gang boat

On land and water, we always fly our flag.

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7 tips for hosting a lovely thanksgiving dinner

Wow, it’s starting to really sink in that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I’m encouraging our family to truly focus on the joy of the Thanksgiving season and not get sucked into the Christmas marketing by all the stores.  We are such a rush, rush, rush culture.  What happened to enjoying Thanksgiving?  I like the idea of savoring one holiday at a time.  Otherwise it can get pretty overwhelming and totally deplete you of holiday joy.  Love this eclectic Thanksgiving table setting via Country Living.

thanksgiving country living

I’ve hosted many big meals over the years.  And learned a lot of good things along the way…some the easy way, others the hard way.  Thought I would share my tried and true tips to on how best to enjoy hosting Thanksgiving in your home:

1.  Make a list of your style goals.  I’m more stylist than chef, so this part is always my favorite!  I  like to first decide on the dinner aesthetic then make a list of what items I need.  This way I don’t get distracted when out shopping.  Like when I’m on the hunt for neutral accessories and suddenly fall in love with cute, brightly colored plaid plates in the home goods isle at Target….guilty!  That’s why I make myself always operate off a list.  Otherwise, I derail my own plan and end up with a weird mix of random things.

2.  Involve your guests.  Whether it’s having your Aunt help serve the coffee, or your cousin coming two days before Thanksgiving to prepare her famous apple pies and homemade dressing (ahem, Lolly are you reading?  She’s the masterful baker in our fam, see below).  Cooking together is so fun and creates memories that last forever in your family.  This is always the most special part of our Thanksgiving!  One year I was so excited about all of us cooking together that I found some fun matching aprons and had them monogrammed.  We all felt so fancy.  And we still use them when we join together to cook our Thanksgiving meal.

simply seleta pies

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