fall white

This pretty scene makes me think of the simple beginnings of fall – big candles lit at night, a few good books stacked up to read under a cozy blanket, fancy mugs of hot cocoa, and the promise of crackling fires.  All just weeks away.



I’m more excited than ever for fall to arrive.  It’s always refreshing to welcome a change, be it the weather or maybe even a chapter in life.  Change can be so refreshing and re-energizing to the soul, it’s a great way to set new goals and welcome new experiences.  Fall brings with it so many simple but fun niceties – the vibrant changing color of leaves, cozy sweaters, bonfires, fragrant candles, hot tea, s’mores, pumpkin pie, and as one of my kids said this morning, “anything fluffy and fun to cuddle.” 

When I think of cooler weather, I think of cozy nights bundled up by the fire with a little something warm to sip.  Love having a garden stool at my finger tips so I can rest my drink or favorite book.  Love this classic garden stool found here.


And this one with more modern linesfrom over here is a fave.


What are you most looking forward to this fall?

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3 pretty things

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a tad happy to get back into the school schedule this morning, as weekends can sometimes go nonstop with kid events.  Now that our kids are more active and nocturnal, it’s hard to enjoy adult evening quiet time or many breaks at all on the weekends.  Can anybody else smell the hankering for a getaway?  It’s probably more tiring right now because I’m still not able to walk – but that’s about to change!  I’m off to another doctor’s appointment, so I leave you with some pretty to start your week.

1. THIS room and this designer.  Wow.



2.  The best morning teas for glowing skin over here.  And just in time for fall.  I’m in!



3.  Beautiful message in this post about waiting.  Waiting can be tough.  These words are really meaningful to me right now.



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weekend chill

Yay for the weekend!  Did you have a crazy busy week?  Maybe you’re planning to kick up your heels or get a little more R&R to recharge your batteries.  Always a good idea.


Or maybe you’re planning a pizza party at home.  We did that last night – I picked up all kinds of pizza ingredients and let the kids make their own mini pizzas.  They loved it!  We put out trays and all ate pizza together while watching Peter’s GT football game.  How cute is this tee for a weekend pizza party!


With my limited mobility, I’ve had to be more creative on spending quality time with our kiddos.  We read books on the sofa after homework (or they read and I accidentally fall asleep), sit and chat about their day, or sometimes play games on the floor.  I try to do what each child likes best, and they’re all different.  Earlier this week I grabbed my crutches and drove my youngest daughter to pick out some nail polish to give her and big sister an at-home-mani this weekend.  She picked out the shade, Mademoiselle by Essie, and it’s so pretty!  Great grown-up color too.



Yesterday marked one month of not being able to use my foot since the injury.  I have been learning the art of practicing patience and relaxation these last four weeks – a combination I’ve never quite worked on before.  Whew, life lesson!

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what’s real

Hey there, how about a simple and good post.  First, something beautiful.



Next, something good.  These words really spoke to me today.


You’ve surely seen me share some less-than-perfect life moments on the blog over the last 8 years.  Wow, has it been that long? 

Yep, real is good.  It feels good.  It’s where the authentic happens.  The good stuff.

I crack up when I read occasional emails or comments like “your life is perfect…wow, you’re living the dream…it must be magical to live in paradise.”  I actually laugh.  Sure, any life can magical be at times.  And yes, we are blessed in many ways.  But no life is perfect.  And no person will ever be perfect.  Hey, I’m hobbling around in a cast with laundry and dishes up to my ears.  But my kids are healthy and happy, and my husband loves me.  Our house is probably a little messier than most, but we are together.  Day by day we create family memories that can never be erased.  Precious moments that come and go in a breath, when you really think about it.  We go through our struggles but laugh and stick together.  Some days are amazing and some are hard.  All of this is real and good.

I’ve concluded the best way to enjoy life is to seek the real, not the perfect.  Perfect is shoved in our faces all hours of the day and night – from bloggers to magazines to instagrammers.  It can be a lot of pressure.  But guess what?  It’s the real that matters and enriches your life, not the perfect.

Real is what fills your heart.



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