a perfect pause

Wow.  It’s been a wild and wonderful 24 days.  But who’s counting, ha.  Our Seaside Dance Gala over the past weekend was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.  Everyone was raving and the audience was so in tune with the performers.  It was inspirational!  I think what made it so wonderful was the variety of talent (thank you, dance artists and choreographers) combined with the magical Seaside setting.  I can’t wait to share pics of the performances with you.  Stay tuned on that.

ballerina feet


While my dance life has been in the fast lane, so has our family.  We have two kiddos graduating this week (one is graduating from Elementary school and one is moving on to high school, sniff) plus other big events happening with them all.  It’s a very special time in our family.  I want to give 100% to my kiddos and soak up every moment possible.  I also need a little break after working so hard for months on end with our dance series.

I will miss you all, but also look forward to a little chill time to recharge the creative batteries.  Be back mid to late next week!  xoxo

P.S.  The pretty off-white romper I shared with you in this post is now on sale 40% off – I just snagged one!

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3 pretty white things + one big show

A little fashionably late to our Wednesday White party, but better late than never, right?  Lots of good stuff, so here we go!

1.  A pair of perfect espadrilles that look fun and flirty with shorts, skirts, and dresses.  They elongate the leg’s line yet feel comfy enough to wear day to day.  These are surely a summer staple.  You can find them over here.

wed white canvas

2.  Feelin’ the whole off-white umbrella vibe for summer.


Remember this home showing off-white umbrellas i a glorious poolside scene from  this recent post?  Yep, still obsessed.  I found three options for you, in order by price.

Umbrella one for less than $55 here.


Umbrella two for $80 hereYou order frame and umbrella separately here and here


Umbrella three for $125 here.


3.  I’ve had many emails from fellow Southerners asking what my summer basics are.  It’s roasting hot and humid here for at least four months starting in May, so I wear a lot of classic pieces in cotton and linen.  Lots of simple dresses and skirts.  I always incorporate white basics with either stripes, linen, chambray, or gingham.  As I was looking around, I found this super cute romper (want!).  Totally my favorite look – simple and classic with a little graphic element.  I would wear this so much!




I’m currently preparing for our final SEASIDE Dance Month performance, which will be in the SEASIDE Amphitheater this Saturday, May 21st, at 6:00pm.  You can find details/info here.  This dance series has been so beautiful, inspiring, and fun!!!

seaside dance month

Tomorrow we are flying in soloists from around the country (New York City Ballet, Ballet of Canada, Complexions Contemporary Dance, and more) to perform in our show.  It’s going to be AMAZING!!!  Hope to see you there!

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handling it

I think the month of May is one of the craziest months of the year for parents…possibly tied with December.  In the last 14 days my husband and I have managed to juggle a multitude of kiddo events that have come at us like a tsunami.  These aren’t just any events, but important moments for our kids where a parent’s love and presence is important (plays, track meets, soccer games, field trips, auditions, orientations, awards banquets, and more).

treasures patterson maker


Many times these events happen simultaneously, so Peter and I have to divide and conquer.  It’s a joy to experience all of these moments, but it can be maddening on the nerves as I have waves of intense mom guilt when I have to choose one event when two (sometimes three) are happening at once.  I usually try to make it up with a home cooked meal or one-on-one time at night.  The kids are good sports about it all.

This is pretty much my daily mantra.

handle it

There is no “express lane” in the line of parenting.  An abundance of love, strength, sacrifice, and humility is needed when you become a mom or dad.  Every day you roll up your sleeves and do your best.  Sometimes it’s the easiest thing in the world, and sometimes you wonder if you’ll make it to three o’clock.  I find myself filled with gratitude knowing that I get to experience so much adventure with having a big family.  And sometimes I collapse from the wild ride that day (sorry kids, I’m still in yesterday’s sweats and pizza is for dinner).  I try to always soak up the good while balancing those “not so perfect” moments that can leave you feeling completely baffled or fatigued.  Coffee and prayer have become my survival tools of life.  And a saint of a husband.

Today I applaud all parents who are making the most of their experience, loving their kids, and juggling responsibility and adventure with the best of them.  You are giving the most precious gift of all…yourself.

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southern living plants on my porch

Earlier this year, Southern Living Plant Collection contacted me and offered to send over some of their beautiful new blooms for spring.  My first thought was “Who, me?  The girl who accidentally kills plants?!”  I went over in my head all kinds of fake excuses I could use to say no: Florida rain, Swahili lessons, chickens molting, election year, break-dancing workshop, mom deadlines…but nothing was sounding legit.

I thanked them for their offer and politely explained that I may not be the best candidate to share a gardening project, as I have a very active black thumb.  But Jessica in their marketing department wasn’t going to take that for an answer.  She assured me that their plants would be custom selected for the climate I lived in and super easy to plant, even for the humblest of gardeners.  She believed in her plants…and me.  And I’m so glad she did because this was one fun and rewarding project!  We kept things realistic and agreed that starting with planting in pots on the porch would be the safest for a beginner like me.

simply seleta southern living plants1

The plants arrived in nicely labeled Southern Living boxes and were in beautiful condition.  They sent me Mountain Snow Pieris, Yewtopia Plum Yew (I noticed the tag said “disease/pest/drought resistant”, ha), and Jubilation Gardenia.

Each plant had its own label and was custom selected based upon what colors I liked, my gardening skill level (the order probably read: shipping to plant murderer) and the area in which I lived.  Once they arrived, we immediately unboxed and watered them, but the plants had to wait another two weeks before I planted them since my schedule was nuts.  Our hens were most helpful in the whole process.

simply seleta southern living plants boxes

I was so scared that they would die before I had a chance to plant them, but they were super hardy and did exactly what they were supposed to do – grow and live!  Champagne, our oldest hen, was a big supporter too.

simply seleta southern living plants chicken

Soon it was time for the official planting.

simply seleta southern living plant collection

I decided to style a fun sitting area on our porch and loved it!  It felt so cozy and inviting with the potted plants nestled around the grouping.  It was a hit with the family and a perfect spot for a glass of ice-cold lemonade on a sizzling-hot afternoon.  We get a lot of those around here.

simply seleta southern plants4

Only two days after I potted our new gardenias (which smell divine, by the way) they burst with white blooms!  I’ve never seen so many blooms on one little shrub.  In fact, there are so many blooming that I keep snipping the blooms and bringing them inside to freshen up our dining room shelves.

simply seleta gardenias


simply seleta southern living plants3

You can order their plants in stores here.  OR you can order your online here, which was the other thing I really loved about this process. I didn’t have to drag a gaggle of tired kids up and down crowded nursery isles wondering what would survive best in our lighting and climate, then load up all the plants and carry/load/unload home.  Southern Living Plant Collection provides all of that information with a touch of your keyboard – and they also provide cool styling advice, videos, and more so you can tackle your project with confidence.

Favorite feature:  enter your zip code on this page and they tell you what works best in your climate.

simply seleta southern living plants2

I have a few more of their plants to put into bigger pots – and they’re still super healthy and waiting patiently.  Thank you to Southern Living Plant Collection for giving me a little gardening bravery and sharing your beautiful plants!

simoply seleta southern living plants

This post was written in partnership with Southern Living Plant Collection; all opinions expressed are my own.  Thank you for supporting the blog and its wonderful sponsors!

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