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Greetings from a very chilly morning at the beach.  Loving this cool, crisp air lately.  Thought I’d warm you up with a few of my recent favorite design pics on insta.  Click on each image to be taken to their instagram account. 

I’ve got a long day ahead, and it started before sunrise, so I’m going to try and really pace myself.  Cheers to a good coffee and a health dose of Ashwagandha.

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pretty white

Feels like forever since I’ve done a Wednesday white post.  Today we enjoy a little parade of white homes and a bonus goodie I found for you.  This item is perfect for a spring design project and so pretty!  Nothing better than kicking back with some classic architectural beauty and some daydreaming to get you through the rest of your week.

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monday motivation

Be bold and know you can do it, step by step.  Getting there may be a challenge, but rest assured there are wonderful things in store for you!

Happy Monday!


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3 things i love

Today’s topic is all about small supplements that can make a big difference in your health.  I’m really excited to share these with you because they have made a positive change in my life and will hopefully help you too.  Nothing is sponsored, this is all from my personal research and experience.

Like many of you, I enjoy exercise as a physical challenge and way to unwind from work and daily life.  Today’s “3 things I love” have each helped me increase my stamina and strength during intense ballet training.  I’ve had to manage some tricky challenges that have popped up with my foot since I’m still building back strength and mobility, and these items have been key to staying strong and injury free.  You don’t have to like ballet or be a ballerina to benefit from this list – this post is for anyone who’s looking to support and/or improve their health and athleticism. Maybe you’re starting a new type of work-out, training for an upcoming event, or just trying to get in better shape.   This post is to help you achieve your fitness goals a little easier – whatever they may be.

 ballerina Courtney Lavine 

I’ve learned so much over the past few years that I could practically write a book, but will keep it to my top three for today.  Here we go!

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