farmhouse white

It is super chilly this morning, which I love!  Today’s white is inspired by the daydream of a snowy white farmhouse.  Funny, many of you are living this and probably thinking “ugh, no more snow – give me toes in the sand!”  Meanwhile I’m romanticizing the whole idea of having a snow day.

farmhouse winter white

Love this chunky off-white cotton throwBarnes and Nobles of all places.  This is a great year-round throw.

cotton throw

And a room like this?  I’ll take it.

farmhouse winter white2

Thanks for the gracious comments and emails from yesterday’s post, it’s nice to connect on a personal level.  I’m a big believer that we’re here on this earth to lift each other up.  I think we can all agree that there’ s way too much judgmentalism, hate, and unnecessary competition in our culture today.  It’s much more rewarding to build someone up than tear them down – that’s one thing we really emphasize with our kids.

Happy Wednesday!

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turning negative into positive

I unplugged for a few days after our trip and it was really, really nice.  Highly recommend!


Since I had a little downtime, I wanted to share with you a long term goal I’ve been working on for a while:  turning negative thoughts into positive statements.

We all have our share of hardships and challenges, whether it’s something pesky during the day or a big hurdle that is facing us at a particular stage in life.  I’ve learned that how we deal with these challenges can truly change our overall experience, and most importantly our perception of that experience.  This is something that I had to learn as an adult, and believe me, took a lot of time and practice.  Somehow along the way I was conditioned into thinking that if I didn’t expect something great, I wouldn’t be disappointed.  I would work hard and aim for something, but not necessarily expect it to happen.  If it happened, it was simply a bonus.  This type of thinking felt safe to me because it was familiar, and in many ways it was self preservation.  But I have learned that you have to go about things in a totally opposite way –  expect greatness and it will come!  I think where we get hung up is when it doesn’t happen in a time frame we want.  That’s where faith and positive thinking comes in.

How to switch negative thoughts into positive statements:  simply replace a negative thought/statement with the green alternate statement either in your mind or aloud.

Here are 5 commons statements we may find ourselves saying when frustrated.  The key is to rephrase our inner dialogue and the way we speak to not only ourselves, but others.  The positive changes come after that.  I promise!

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classic bedroom inspiration

Hey guys, I’m working on getting together all of my fabrics and pricing.  I have to do some traveling this week, so hang in there.  I promise I’ll be listing some of my items very soon.  Meanwhile, here is some simple bedroom inspiration by Change & Co. to jump start your week.



I’m currently obsessed with swing arm wall lamps.  If you like the look above, I found these wall lamps for $39 a pop.  Plug-in is always good if you have a rental situation…or if you’re like me and constantly change things around.


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friday faves

The sun is finally shining and I’m so glad it’s the weekend.  We had another busy night helping the kids with hours of homework.  I don’t remember having that amount of homework at such a young age?  Sometimes the homework they send home seems like such overkill.  The kids are tired, people – give them a break at least one night a week.  Anyway, TGIF!  Here are a few goodies.

1. This perfect little cottage.  I can’t even handle all of the architectural precision and cuteness packed into one tiny space.  If I could shrink down our tribe and all of our “stuff” to fit into this wee abode, I would do it in a snap.  Although a few kids would probably have to sleep in an orderly stack. 



2.  These pillows in my favorite paisley by Peter Fasano.  Could eat them with a spoon.

peter fasano pillows

I’ve been eyeing this pattern a lot lately, but refuse to buy anything until I sell some of my hoarded fabric – I have so many bolts of linen prints that it’s nuts.  In fact, it’s so crazy that I’m surprised my husband hasn’t secretly signed me up to be on the show hoarders (for a legit fabric problem).  Thinking about listing some of my things on the blog next week if anyone is interested.  I have some lovely pillow forms, interlined drapery panels, and popular prints that are still on their bolts.

3.  Love, love, love this Seaside candle.  It has the perfect hint of mango to make any room smell divine.  It’s not at all one of those “beachy sun tan lotion” or “sweet-smelling” candles – it’s more of a fresh fragrance with a dash of something sweet.  And it’s a nice reminder of beachy days ahead when you’re up to your eyeballs in snow.

seaside candle


Finally, some advice I think we could all use.


Happy weekend!

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