a few easy dresses

Wow, your comments yesterday were just amazing.  You blew me out of the water!  I had no idea what many of you enjoyed about the blog, it was so helpful to read your feedback!  I know that sounds ridiculous that I didn’t really know, but sometimes blogging is like having a one way conversation.  You share all kinds of information, but don’t get verbal cues after you’ve talked and talked and talked.  So thank you for your individual responses!  Each comment was like opening up my mailbox and seeing a handwritten, thoughtful letter.  I read each comment at least once…many gave me flutters in my chest.

I’m all inspired now.  I planned to share a little more about my journey to The Berkshires and Boston (getting there, I promise) but I first wanted to tell you about this dress I picked up on the clearance rack at Anthro during my short time in Boston.  Until I looked this morning and it was sold out.  It wasn’t last night!  Whatttt?!!  Well, I don’t want to waste a rare picture with my husband, so here’s the dress ; )

anthro dress1

Sidenote:  I know it seems cheesy that I went to a “chain” store when I was in such an amazing city, but we were walking around after dinner and had very little time.  Plus, the Anthro on Newbury is charming and really big – two stories.  Nothing like the ones we have in Atlanta.  Annnnd, I’m an Anthro junkie.  But you already knew that.

Okay, so re-do my entire post.  I combed the internet late last night and this morning for replacement dresses.  Here’s a cute blue maxi I found at Tar-jay…I would layer this guy with a fun jacket (if you’re in a city with temps cooler than ours…it’s hot as Hades around here) or wear out to dinner with a fun necklace.  This is one of those good basics to have.  And 29 bucks, it’s practically disposable.

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 7.52.01 AM


I also ran into this cutie, which is nothing like my Anthro dress, but it’s so adorable!  It ties in the back, which you can leave flowy or wrapped.  Love.  I’ve never bought anything on this site, but the dress looked promising.

black and white maxi dress

Did I mention I have a stripe problem?  Here’s another I’ve been thinking about, but a totally different look.  What I call an around-the-town dress.  I haven’t tried this one on, but do love the look and price.  Thinking about getting this one.  $36.  Link to dress here.

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 10.54.59 PM

Seems like this would be a cute dress for that summer to fall transition period.  Which, for those of us in the deep South, is like the next three months.  How I envy you lucky ducks who live a little farther North!  

I have to run sew on ribbons and elastic for my new pointe shoes…class begins shortly.  Have a wonderful weekend!!  Thanks again for all the sweet comments yesterday.  Hugs to you all!

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on my heart

Hey guys!  Since my return from Massachusetts, we’ve been going nonstop.  I had every intention of posting last week, but each day brings on its own set of adventures.  Which brings me to today’s topic:  my blog.  This is a completely unfiltered post, but I’ll sprinkle in some pretty white.

white2 photo via

I’ve written my blog for more than seven years now (whew) and it’s been a joyful and educational journey.  I’ve met some amazing people, interfaced with great companies, and cultivated wonderful friendships as a result of blogging.  It’s a rewarding gift to receive in exchange for years of hard work!  Blogging is fun and work all wrapped up in one pretty (and sometimes not-so-pretty) package.  Many times writing is as easy as blinking; other times it’s as hard as running through quick sand with a bag of bricks strapped to your back.  While juggling knives.  With three kids sick at home.

Over the last few years, blogs have really changed.  It’s become a big business.  Content, sponsors, and photographs are all so professional, in fact many posts are now shot by professionals!  I see moms with mega design careers juggling four and five kids posting about their gorgeous homes that are on the cover of magazines…they make it look so easy!   It blows my mind.  I have blog friends who are those people and they truly amaze me : )  I am NOT one of those people.  And that’s okay.


At times I look at my blog compared to others and feel like a loser.  In fact, there are times I’ve nearly deafened my husband talking about how my blog isn’t “good enough” and that I should probably quit.  He always disagrees and tells me what makes my blog great is that it’s from the heart.  And I secretly think that he’s just saying that because he’s the sweetest man alive and I’m his wife.

There are so many great lessons in life, I’m convinced we never stop learning.  Maybe this comparison topic hits home with you too.  I’m reminded that we are all different.  And even though I’m a grown up, sometimes I have to apply the same advice I give my kids: “Never give up.  Always be yourself.”  And I always go back to one of my favorite quotes.

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 10.34.11 AM

I’m not sure where I fit into the general blogging picture, but I wanted to let you know that I’m going to keep doing this blog the way that suits our family and my life as a full time mom.  I don’t have housekeepers, personal assistants, chefs, or nannies, but I do have a passion for writing and think it’s best if I stay true to all of you and keep writing from my heart.  Maybe one day I’m talking about a dress I love, while another I’m daydreaming about a white farmhouse and sharing mom thoughts.  Not sure what “blog category” that fits into, haha.  But hey, it’s real.  And it’s me.

Thanks for sticking around.  And for letting me get this off my chest!

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New England vacay

Hello from The Berkshires!  I’m here on a girl trip with my friend Daryl (both our first time visiting this part of Massachusetts) and totally loving this area.  It is so exciting to be surrounded by the very landscape and architecture that I lust after and blog about day after day, year after year.  Why can’t Florida builders get with the program and design cute houses like they do in this part of the country??!  I’m serious.  Literally every house here has classic style and character.  Case in point – getting out of my car today I see this.  And like 42 other houses down the street equally adorable.


The weather is AMAZING.  Sunny and warm with a cool breeze.  I didn’t even know that was possible in July?  Our first day we squeezed in the Norman Rockwell museum, Chesterwood, Stockbridge Botanical Gardens, and the Berkshire Theatre for a play.  All wonderful experiences.

Funny, when you’re not rushing through the day, frantically cooking, or driving kids around like a maniac,  you have time to breathe and relax.  To reflect.  You rediscover things about yourself.  I guess because you actually have time to think.  Here are a few of my not-so-serious rediscoveries so far.

1.   I truly love and crave big trees, rolling hills, and endless acres of green.   While walking the grounds of both Chesterwood and the botanical gardens, I was reminded of this.  It’s views like these that rejuvenate my soul.

daniel chester french porch

2.  I’m obsessed with picnics.  Every time I’ve driven past a field with big trees or an open green space on this trip, I say, “oh what a perfect spot for a picnic!”  And then I imagine what all I’d put in the picnic and how I would style it for that particular setting.  Actually, the perfect picnic would involve a fun group traveling by horse, all donned in our English riding habits and tack.  Oh so Downton, I know.  I wonder if there is a place one can do that?

photo by Nick Briggs

I could also deal with going on a picnic bareback Cinderella style.


Found this book and think it’s adorable for any picnic enthusiast.

picnics book

3.  I’m a HUGE nighttime snacker.  We’re staying at a charming Bed and Breakfast.  While breakfast here is amazing, the kitchen is understandably closed in the evenings.  So no after-dinner snacking.  Insert wide-eyed emoji here.  Upon realizing this around 10pm our first night here I thought, “holy &%#@ if I don’t get something to eat, I am going to climb these perfectly upholstered damask walls.”  That’s when it dawned on me I have a bad habit of nighttime snacking.  I did manage to find some orange herbal tea and brewed a cup, which actually helped.  If I only had this kind of discipline at home, I could wear a bikini again!  #lifegoals

A few more days left exploring this magical area then my next stop is Boston, where I’ll join up with my hubby for some city fun.  Can’t wait!  I’m planning to return to blogging later next week.

Happy early weekend!

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birthday white

Today is my birthday and as I sit and reflect over the last year I feel gratitude.  Gratitude for it all – the good and the bad; the highs and the lows; the salty and the sweet.  Of course I always LOVE the good, fun, endearing, and sweet moments of life.  I soak up every second I can.  And I don’t exactly feel “happy” during the trying times.  Do any of us really?  I’m usually in the one in the corner having a  brat fit (in my head) or looking at the sky with clinched fists whining “whyyyyy?!”  So no, I’m not all earth, love, and happiness during the tough times.  Haha.  But each year I realize more and more that there are valuable lessons in every experience.  And it’s a blessing to be alive and experience all aspects of life.  We’re all in this together : )

I’m one of those people who believes birthdays should be celebrated with great enthusiasm – everyone should feel like a prince or princess on their special day.  Yes, feel free to wear that special dress, preppy bow tie…or crown!  Here’s some birthday white for us all to enjoy.

birthday white

birthday white2

Closet perfection?  Yes, please.

birthday white3

White hydrangeas.  Pure delight.

birthday white4

I’ve received such sweet messages all morning, and loved this one in particular from my artiste friend, Patricia.  She always says it best.

“Wishing you a Beautiful Birthday, an all white cake with white candles and strings of pearls hung from the ceiling and white ballet tulle skirts worn by all those you love, dancing all around you….and a few animals too.”


Thank you, Patricia!  You know me well : )  Anyone else celebrating a July birthday?

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