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Some pretty white and truths of life.  Just like a pretty kitchen, life get can messy; it takes patience and time each day to keep it in order and clean up all the little accidents that happen along the way.  The end result is always rewarding.

wednesday white

But getting to that end result isn’t always easy.

I can tell you I’ve had moments in my life that felt overwhelming; even trials that lasted long and felt so much bigger than me that I wasn’t sure I’d make it.  But I did : )  I was talking with a good friend today and we were each sharing about a personal situation that’s a challenge for us.  We like to share (and sometimes rant) then ask each other what our “one joy” we will do for ourself that day.  Have you ever tried this?  It’s wonderful and actually something that’s manageable to do in your day.  Just plan out or write down one simple joy you can plan for your day.  Maybe it’s as simple as getting a Starbucks one morning or taking a hot bubble bath after a long day.  My friend was so sweet, she said her one joy today was going to be putting together a gift basket for a friend who had just experienced a loss.  It’s amazing how much giving to another can make us feel good, isn’t it?  

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from a difficult time and plan one simple joy for our day.

Another thing that helps keep me hopeful during challenging times is knowing that there is a bigger plan at work in my life.  Sometimes this is hard (or impossible) to see when you’re right in the thick of it.  You usually don’t see it until it’s all over.  I’ve found that the trial is usually something that helps me develop a skill or strength I’ll need later.  It’s comforting to know that God is the master of this plan and that He loves each one of us, despite our shortcomings.  That being said, I ran across this scripture and wanted to share it with you today, in case you’re having a tough week or maybe feel overwhelmed about a situation in your life right now.

god has more in store for you

Know it.  Believe it.  Live it.

Go find your one joy today!

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white kitchen faves + affordable resources

Hey there, rainy Monday.  Is your week already off to a wild start?  Mine sure is.  It seems the craziness of my schedule doesn’t end, hence last week’s sparseness in posts.  In fact, I wrote today’s post in the wee hours of the morning, and when I clicked save, my computer screen said “connection problem” and everything was erased.  Waaaaa!

Sometimes a pretty white kitchen solves all the problems of life.  At least on this blog it does ; )  It’s a little bit like Mr. Rogers Land of Make Believe over here: you can leave your worries at the door, grab a cup of coffee, and loose yourself in pure design fantasy and happiness.  Here are a few of my white kitchen faves via Lonny, along with some budget friendly resources and ideas I’ve added for you.

This first one you’ve seen a multitude of times here on the blog.  I can’t help it, it’s just too wonderful with the open shelving, ceiling high subway tile, and luscious stacks of white.


If you’d like to duplicate this look, IKEA makes an easy-to-use open shelving, which comes in different sizes.  By easy-to-use, I mean it’s not one of their quintessential “assemble yourself” projects that makes you want to pour a scotch, throw the whole project through the window, and laugh with pleasure as it breaks into a hundred pieces.  Not that I would know anything about that feeling when assembling IKEA pieces.  Shelves over here.

ikea open shelving Read More »

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5 tips for styling a sectional

I  have a love hate relationship with sectionals.  While the designer in me hates most of them, the mom in me loves the comfort they offer a large family.  I may have mentioned before that my family once held me at gunpoint and forced me to keep a sectional.  Okay, maybe not the gunpoint part, but I was forced.  I’m talking about the sectional in our bay house.  When we first previewed the house before renting, we were allowed to walk through each room and decide which pieces of the owner’s furniture we wanted to keep or send to storage.  As we walked through the home, we agreed that many pieces would go, like the pink floral sofa and an interesting (euphemism) tapestry hanging from a 15 ft wall.  Then we made it into the family room.  There was a large, brown, blob-of-a-sectional that monopolized what felt like 75% of the huge family room.  The first thing I said was, “well, this will have to go.”  Because I was envisioning an aesthetic more like this.

living room scene

Or this.

phoebe howard southern living

I turned and looked at my family, waiting for nods of agreement.  But no.  Ohhhh no.  Instead there were glares followed by audible gasps resisting my suggestion to ditch the brown blob.  You would have thought I was trying to sell my children to a sweatshop.  The family teamed up and demanded we keep it (as opposed to sending it to the owner’s storage unit).  I looked at Peter and was like “are  you kidding me, this thing is #@!$ brown, shapeless, and huge!”  Peter was like, “no, no, no, it’s not brown.  It’s Ralph Lauren tweed and sooooo comfortable.”  He is the optimist in our relationship.  I knew then I lost the battle.  I didn’t want to be the ogre who ruined everyone’s joy over comfortably snuggling on the sofa together during movie nights.  So I laughed and knew we would have fun memories with our new sectional.  You win some, you lose some, right?

These days I’ve seen such well-crafted sectionals that my opinion is slowly changing.  In fact, I would probably do a sectional again!  So if you find yourself jumping off the sectional high dive in designing your family room, I put together some helpful design tips on how best to work with one.


1.  Go with a monochromatic scheme and small pops of color.  A monochromatic scheme is visually calming and helps the room not look too crowded when housing a larger piece of furniture.  When it comes to adding pillows on your sectionals, the key is organization in patterns – keep it simple.  You don’t want to have tons of patterns or it will look busy and overwhelm the room.

Let’s start with my fave, which I recently spotted on Emily’s blog (love her because she is REAL and has incredible style – you should follow).  This is not a sectional, but you can imagine it as one unit.  Notice how the ocean paintings pick up the same accent color as the accent pillows on the sectional.  Photo is by Laurey Glenn, who I’ve worked with before on a shoot and is super talented.

sectional fave

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open shelves in the kitchen

I love open shelving as an alternative to upper cabinets in a kitchen.  It’s such a simple and clean look.  Here are a few different styles of open shelving, all white and beautiful!  Would love to try this in a future kitchen someday.  This first kitchen has more of a country farmhouse look, with a nostalgic aesthetic.  I love the idea of using small jars to keep cutlery organized.

wednesday white beauty

This next kitchen has a more mod vibe, which I like.  Love the subway tiles brought all the way to the ceiling.

wednesday white beauty2

And this kitchen is a combo of both looks.

wednesday white beauty3

I had more planned for today, but my horse has a painful leg issue and I’m trying to get him in to see the vet ASAP.  Hope you enjoy your day!

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