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One of my long term goals is to settle into a home where I can have a pretty yard and flower garden.  Someday!  Meanwhile, I’m doing my best this spring to pot small plants here and there.  Here is some garden goodness to start your week.


I have an obsession with pea gravel.  It seems so quaint and adds such a classic vibe to a garden area or path.  Not sure what it’s like living with it day-to-day?  High maintenance?  Easy?  I imagine my young ones would play with the gravel or bring it inside for their trucks and Breyer horse farm set-ups.  Maybe I’ll ask Peter for pea gravel and a path for my birthday.  He wouldn’t know what to say.

This garden and design by Douglas VanderHorn is heart-stopping gorgeous.


I love how all of the main shrubs in the pic below are sculpted to give the area a more tailored feel.  And who could argue with hydrangeas growing in a big basket!  Last spring I planted the beautiful hydrangeas my children gave me for Mother’s Day and they slowly died in the ground despite my tending to them every other day.  Ugh!  #blackthumb


Sidenote:  Our oldest daughter took a gardening class at her school this year and learned all about growing vegetables.  She absolutely loved it!  Seaside Neighborhood School has a garden with raised beds where the students grow beautiful collards, broccoli, kale, and carrots with the gardening teacher.  Here’s my girl on the day the gardening class hosted a parent tour.

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 7.52.57 AM

I’m toying with the idea of planting raised beds this spring, plus I’ll have a little helper with me who can share her knowledge.  Seems fairly doable?  Of course this is coming from the girl who can hardly manage to keep a succulent alive.  This raised garden is UNBELIEVABLE.  There’s that pea gravel again.


And this beauty.  Article on the how-to of this garden here.


Every gardener needs pretty tools.  Love these little dandies with their mint accent.


Another lovely raised garden.


What a beautiful saying.  How cute would this be framed in a potting shed!


So tell me, what are some good plants or veggies grow in a humid, hot, Florida climate…with a beginner gardener who is slightly errrrr, unskilled in the basic nurturing of plants?  I think I will need fairly hardy (or independent/survivalist) plants.  Any advice from green thumbs appreciated!

[photos via here and here]

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a taste of real

As I take a moment to breathe from a frantic and action-packed week, I’m reminded to carve out time to decompress.  We live in a world filled with distractions: mass electronics, materialism, self-promotion.  I find that I’m usually the most stressed when I get sucked into any of these three categories.  On the contrary, I’m happiest when I engage in the simple luxuries nature has to offer.  Yes, nature provides us with luxuries:  a sunset walk, a ride on my horse, evening stroll with our family, bike ride on a quiet path, even caring for our crazy chickens.  


Visiting a handsome friend at the barn.  I have such a crush on him ; )


Family stroll with one of our chickens ; )


Lately I’ve tried to take a few moments each day to turn off all electronics, quieten my thoughts, and just listen to the  birds outside.  They are so joyful!  It’s amazing how many songs they sing if you really take time to listen.


How we busy ourselves.  How we worry about material things.  How we stress about deadlines.  I  include myself in this.  The right house, the right schools, the right clothes, the right job, the right __________ (fill in the blank).  Did you know you can go crazy worrying about all of these things?  It’s toxic to our souls.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy pretty things, but balance is key.


Nature, however, is boundless in beauty.  It offers us rest and inspiration.  I see it as one of God’s gifts to us.


Taking a moment to breathe and reflect.



I close this week with a homework assignment.  Find one simple activity to do over the weekend that reconnects you with nature and your authentic self.  Maybe it’s reading your book on the porch swing, or writing in a journal on a blanket under the trees, or bundling up for a chilly walk to peek at the buds popping up on the trees.  Even if it’s just 30 minutes.  30 minutes of pure stillness and focus on nature, with no electronic distractions.  Such a great way to charge our soul, which in turn channels boundless creativity that can be applied in all areas of our life.   The more we do this, the more creative and happy we are.


Happy reconnecting!

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rebel pooch + pillow

I ran recently ran across a look called corded poodles and fell madly in love.  They aren’t born this way, it’s a technique of twisting locks of fur in a pattern, called cording.   Book on how to do it here.  Apparently it takes an expert and hours each day of pure maintenance and helping the hair grow in cords.  Have you ever seen one in person?  I lovvvvve this so much I can’t even tell you.  Our pooch, Pippi, is lucky her hair isn’t the right texture and length for me to make her a corded doodle.



I adore everything about this – the playful sass, the wildness, the unexpected.  Oh and those long, regal snouts.  I just want to face dive and bear hug every last one of them!  They look like a pack of rebel Afghan hounds, hahaha.



The closest design item I could find that captures the vibe of these precious pooches was this corded pillow.  A conservative version, of course.  This would be lovely tossed on a conservative wingback or sofa.

shaggy dog pillow

Happy Wednesday white!

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