In our neighborhood, many homes have built-in bunks.  This feature
is popular because lots of families like to pair up and rent one home together for
their beach vaca.  For kids, a bunk room is just an added bonus of togetherness with friends!  So
builders and architects get quite creative with adding bunks just about
everywhere you can imagine. 

And speaking of architecture…I’d like to share a snazzy built-in bunk set from colleague + friend  Geoff Chick.  He designs many of the homes in our area. He and wife, Shawn are our neighbors and have two super precious tots.

Here Geoff designed bunks in a nook in a hallway of his home. Love the distressed wood.  The lights on the wall really add to the warmth and coziness of the space.  And, yes, it’s even better to see in person. 
I’m hoping Geoff sends me more photos of his home to share with you [hint hint] .  The kitchen is spectacular. We’ll also have to take a peak at his other house he’s currently building when it’s finished by early summer.  He and wife Shawn are a dream design team with incredible taste.



[Designed by Geoff Chick]

Moving on to a different kind of bunk set in our neighborhood.  Not sure who designed this, but I thought the fact that they squeezed in three was interesting.  As a designer, I’m intrigued with the creative use of vertical space.  As a mom, I’m fearful that that top one is crazy dangerous. [at least for a young child]

Here’s another bunk that is at a more reasonable height for a little one.  This set is from a absolutely precious cottage in our neighborhood that sold over the summer.  Really like how they used that small space for a built-in dresser.


And this is a set of four bunks from our neighboring Rosemary Beach.  Not wild about the bedding, but the bunk arrangement is an interesting concept.  I think it would feel super cozy to sleep in one of those nooks.  And what a great place to read a book before going to bed.


Transitioning to show houses…

Next set is an Idea House  also from nearby Rosemary Beach.  One we’ve all seen but is worthy of showing again.  The use of color has such impact that it really compels the eye.  But what makes this brilliant, in my opinion, is the staggered bunk effect, the interesting carved circles and  the all white woodworking.  You could easily change the color scheme on this grouping with just a few touches.  To me that’s smart long-term design. This grouping is classic with a modern twist. 


[Designer: Phillip Sides]

And who says you can’t have four beds in a small room?  Check out this grouping with built-in desks. The colors and quilting are too country for my taste, but this concept is outstanding.  Not one square inch was overlooked for functionality.  I love love love these cleverly built in desks.  Again, white on white woodworking is such a basic look that can never be wrong.


[Photo: Tria Giovan; Designer: Barry Dixon]

Here’s a nautical take on bunks.  Look carefully…this room sleeps six, not four.  Excellent use of storage with all the drawers.


[Photo: William Waldron; Designer: Diamond-Baratta designers]

Bunk rooms are a little outside the box for everyday life, but I think a great feature to consider in your home.  I say it’s definitely worth the investment + consideration.  Most carpenters can build a simple set of bunks, even if you just show them a picture.  Sometimes bunk rooms are a great feature to consider if you are house shopping and find that the bedrooms don’t match up to your number of children.  By adding a bunk room, you can increase the number of beds and maybe dedicate another bedroom to a playroom. 

We decided to custom build a set of four bunks in our oldest’s room and it’s been fun.  Even though each child has their own bedroom, they still like to sleep in the bunkroom together on the weekends.  It’s brought them closer together as a group and they’ve learn how to share a sleep space and cooperate in bed making.  Always a good thing!


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  1. allysha says:

    I love the idea of build in bunk beds. Those top ones take the cake ~ the whole room is lovely.

  2. mrs. french says:

    I usually don’t care for bunks, but I am completely loving the built in ones. Especially the second set from the bottem! LOVE!

  3. Tricia says:

    Love these bunk beds! So creative,beautiful and colorful!

  4. Love all these examples of built-in bunks. Hopefully some distant day when I have grandchildren I can have a bunk-room!

  5. suzanne says:

    Love the bunk beds… and am so happy we have found each others blogs- keep em’ coming-

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