I know we're talking about organizing this week, but I'll throw in a commercial break post since I'm still waiting for the SUN to shoot my interior pics for you.


Pippi, our pup, thinks she and Pom Pom are great friends and that he likes to play chase with her.  Pom Pom detests Pippi.  Pom Pom has perpetual anxiety about Pippi.  We're working on that.   


One way to help is called classical conditioning [as taught by my friend and dog trainer, Catherine]. Definition is here.  Below is one of our recent classical
conditioning sessions with Pom Pom and
Pippi.  We're making progress – Pom Pom will now stay within 100 yards
of Pippi [ha ha ha].  He still hisses, swats and spits when Pippi gives him eye contact, but things are slightly improving. 

The good news is the conditioning is working.  The bad news is it only works when I'm the common denominator when they're around each other because I'm the only one doing this exercise with them.  The other members of our family either a) ignore the chase scenes or b) laugh then rescue Pom Pom.  Although I will say a typical chase scene lasts less than 15 seconds because Pom Pom is superman fast and high tails it upstairs where Pippi is not allowed.

So when the three of us are together there is harmony and sharing [when I present a high value snack and say the word "treat"]. 


It goes like this: I present a yummy treat and Pippi sits down and minds her manners – no unruly or threatening behavior.  As soon as she is fully composed, I invite Pom Pom to come closer.  Then each one gets a turn to have a treat.  They are very civilized about this.  There is usually no fussing or jumping in on the other's turn.  There is total patience.


Look how close they'll get without any discord.


But Pom Pom gets a little testy if Pippi gives him too much eye contact.  He's quite threatened by this ever-growing furball who hogs all of his glory and attention.

I'm pretty sure right here he's saying, "back off [beep]!"  It's kind of funny when he slaps Pippi [he has no front claws] because Pippi just sits there and doesn't react.  After he slaps her, I tell Pippi "down" and she lays down.  So Pom Pom ends up thinking that he totally spanked Pippi and she's submitting. Gotta build up the ego, the guy has no claws.


We love them both.  But the dog/cat relationship is kind of complicated in and of itself.  Throw in an overly enthusiastic puppy and an old man cat and it makes quite a colorful combination.  We also feel sort of sorry for Pom Pom because not only has he been dethroned, but has a few disabilities from the time he was hit by a car.  He is blind in one eye and has to adjust his jaw when he meows.

But he's a wild man.  Just look at him bursting at the seams with excitement [not]. 


He's a trooper.  And Pippi is trying really hard too.  I'm proud of them both. So what if they're a little dysfunctional with each other?  Aren't we all?  Ha ha haaaa.


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  1. eringianni says:

    oh pom pom!!! life isn’t easy, first the car, then this… seleta, that is hilarious, the cat slap. it’s so funny the character differences between cats and dogs. i grew up with many of both and we had one cat (also a siamese) who use to plot and scheme against the puppies. he would set up camp on a chair above the dogs and as they played would ambush them with slaps and hisses. it did get better with time and after a few years when the puppies mellowed they ended up cuddled up together. i hope you’re two monkeys have the same bright future ahead!

  2. pve says:

    Really, I think you would make a fabulous “Cat Whisperer”- or a Vet, your love of all creatures connecting runs wild!

  3. lizziefitz says:

    That was hilarious! I loved the play by play. You know if you put that on video of Pom Pom doing the face slap to Pippi : You could win big bucks on America’s funniest videos. That is a lot of Jcrack you could buy. Just imagine the size of the receipt…aahhhh. :)

  4. karen says:

    Too funny! Yes we are all dysfunctional to some extent! Happy Friday Seleta!

  5. Focipresley (Bon) says:

    Ha Ha Ha I’ve tears in my eyes from this post. Thank you for sharing… off to chuckle some more.

  6. Jenna says:

    I know this is a post about your cute {incredibley soft looking} animals….but WHERE DID YOU GET THAT ADORABLE COAT!!???!! SO CUTE! I love the buttons!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jenna, Ill give you three guesses, ha ha haaa. I picked it up earlier this fall at our JCrew Outlet. It was on sale for a steal of a deal. They always have the most adorable coats!

  8. stephanie says:

    ” Gotta build up the ego, the guy has no claws.”
    LOL!!! poor pom-pom!!

  9. susan anneheim mitchell says:

    Love the coat. I have it in black. Regret I didn’t get it in cream too. Love JCrack!

  10. jbhat says:

    Are you 25? You look like you’re 25. I love that coat too.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am soooooooooo not 25. Lets just say if you’re 20, I’m old enough to be your mom. Waaaaaa!

  12. camila says:

    Oh poor pom pom. It’s never easy adding a new animal into the mix.
    This happened at first with my dog, Moo. When my parents got a new puppy he was totally fine the first day. They played together, no fights or growling.
    Cut to the next morning and Moo realizes that the new pup was not a vistor, but an addition to the family and that’s when the fights started on Moo’s end. The new puppy didn’t care. Was always going up to him to play and following him around.
    Things got better on their own and they are now buddies!

  13. aww, cute little pom pom :] jay-z says hi! that conditioning is a good idea. i’m always worried if we ever get a dog jay-z will hate them, so this is good to know about. and i love that pom pom spanks pippi and ‘gets away with it’ hahaha.

  14. Erin says:

    So cute! I just came home a few hours ago from having our kind-hearted old dog, Tucker euthanized. He has been at my feet for 13 years, and seen our family through the loss of our 17 year old son 4 years ago, and so many other sad and happy days. I hugged him and cried into his furry neck. I told him to go to heaven, and give my James a hug, and to stay with him until I come to meet them both. Our little persian cat, Abbey, seems a but lost without him. She (like Pom Pom) swatted at his nose when he got in her way, or when she wanted to lay on his blanket. He would always comply with everything she wanted. I think he loved her. Seeing your sweet post warmed my heart. I love that you work so hard at helping your animals learn to get along. It speaks volumes. And you look lovely too. Seeing your glowing skin makes me happy that I ordered the creams you suggested!

  15. just imagine says:

    toooooooooooooo cute !!!!! I have a pippy toooooo my cats and pippy are happy to pretty much ignore each other’s existence …..I am sure pom pom will come around and she will be the boss…I can see it now !!!

  16. a-m says:

    Oh Pom, Pom darling, life has never really been the same has it. You’re trying, you really are…. and hats off to you Seleta for your moderating techniques! Hugs and kisses from your fans in Australia. A-M xx

  17. Too Funny! I have always been a dog lover but your post on Pom,Pom always make me want to get a cat.

  18. Frances Jackson says:

    How funny! They’ll get on with each other eventually. It just takes a little time. My kitty, Carolina, and big ole goofy dog, Smokey Joe had their ups and downs but after a bit they were even seen to sleep snuggled up on cold winter nights. Of course, Miss Queen Carolina thought she was doing Smokey a BIG favor. You do look 25, sigh, wish I did! Happy weekend!!!!

  19. Paige says:

    How funny! Hope you have a great weekend!

  20. I have that exact coat and get many compliments! Obviously you do too according to your comment list, ha. Gotta love JC outlet!

  21. Lila Ferraro says:

    That’s so funny! My dog, Einstein, was in love with our cat, Cindi! She’d never leave the poor cat alone!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  22. modgirl says:

    hahahah, those two never have a dull moment. Love your glamour shots with pom pom:)

  23. Rachel says:

    Oh Poor Pom Pom, he sounds like he is trying really hard to be good. It all sounds very entertaining at your house!

  24. Lauren says:

    hahahaa too funny. at least pippi doesn’t want to eat him!
    you look beautiful as always!!

  25. I love how kitty looks so annoyed in that last photo. I’ve always said that cats make faces. My husband thought I was ridiculous when I said our cat looked embarrassed. :)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha hahaaaaa!!! Angela, I agree 100% with you! This is totally true. Sometimes Pom Pom tries to show off by jumping onto something tall and awkwardly falls down. And his expression is complete embarrassment.

  27. Joanne says:

    I always love your Pippi/Pom Pom posts! What’s new with you? JJ and I missed you this weekend!

  28. KEB says:

    Seleta, Can you do another beauty post on what foundation/blush you wear? You’re naturally gorgeous, but I’m hoping to gain some tips!!! Thanks in advance :) Love your blog!

  29. Oh my gosh, this reminds me of when I introduced my Baxter (a golden retriever pup) to a cat. He had growled at a stray before, so I knew I needed to introduce him to a cat so that he would respect them and not want to hurt them.
    The woman who owns the dog wash I use has a very patient, old cat, Frank. Frank has claws, but she assured me that he wouldn’t use them on Baxter. Sure enough, when Baxter hit play position and tried to play with Frank, the cat extended a paw, claws in, and popped Baxter on the face half a dozen times. The look on Baxter’s face was priceless.
    Frank and Bax are totally cool now.
    Baxter still growls at strays, but he hasn’t growled at any house cats since. :)

  30. This is too funny! I can only imagine how my old man cat would react to a new animal in the house. He’s so obsessed with me and our little routine that I’m a bit nervous about how he’ll be when his baby (human) brother arrives in a few months. I hope they’ll get along!

  31. nest egg says:

    haha!!! That action shot of the SWAT is the best! All three of your”faces” are so great-
    “Son of b*#$* !!!”- Pompom
    “Uhh, I’m letting this happen.”-you
    “I. am. miserable.”-Pippi
    Love it :)

  32. Jennifer says:

    this post is adorable! I hope Pom Pom comes around with time. Maybe it will help when the puppy stage and all that comes with it is behind you.
    I need to post about our cat-dog relationship. My cat was NOT thrilled when we brought our rambunctious puppy home, but now I think they are actually friends. The cat will curl up to the dog and groom her when she’s quiet and even wrestle with her (for a little while). It’s quite a sight. The dog even “plays” with the cat by dangling things like curling ribbon in front of him to get him to chase her. Very funny.

  33. Willow fan says:

    What a cute post. They are both so adorable! I love your coat …that color makes your eyes pop.

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