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Hi.  Sorry I went AWOL, I needed to take a mental break for a few days.  Do you ever get burned out or tired?  I do.  It seems to happen to me about this time every year.  A friend of mine was telling me that is the definition of spring fever.  I didn't realize that – I always thought spring fever was the anticipation of warm weather.  All I know is the best way for me to recharge is to step away from the computer and soak up my family and refect on what matters most.  Today was a great day for that.  Sunny skies and a crisp breeze…happy faces and no deadlines. 


Now I'm charged up and ready to share some of my organization success with you this week.  

These pics inspired my organizing.  I can assure you my space won't be this styled, but the effort for order will be there.  While I was breaking out in a sweat climbing over piles of toys, clothes and complete nonsense items trinkets last week, I realized that too much stuff is totally overwhelming.  And it finally dawned on me that: 

a) kids don't need that many toys.  It can actually be a distraction to quality imaginative play – which is critical for their social and cognitive development.  See an article about that written by one of my heroes here.   

b) our kids don't play with half of the toys they own – they are usually more intrigued with crazy things like the items on my coffee table, scissors, pens, kitchen items or anything of high value that I love (ha!).

c) less is better and far more manageable for all.




I'm feeling very optimistic about my new philosophy of "less is more." 

Less is more sane.  Less is more manageable.  Less is more fun!

[scanned images from real simple]

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  1. Teresa says:

    I just love John Rosemond He lives in the town next to me and does speaking engagements around town all of the time. I don’t have children, but when I was a teacher I would read him all of the time. He is GREAT!

  2. Donna says:

    Oh yes, I definitely love this train of thought…my kids are the same! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. Kelly says:

    Great post! You are so right, they do not need all the toys out there!! As long as we have art materials, bikes and balls mine are happy.
    We miss guys on Sunday but I know its hard because we all have busy days and not many mornings to enjoy and relax :)

  4. Kim says:

    I agree too and we live with a less is more attitude most of the time too. I am curious if you have a source for the clear frames above the bed in the last image. I don;t have that issue of Real Simple but I would love those for one of my boys rooms.

  5. Amanda says:

    I love the photos that you posted! I dream of living spaces like this in my home! Less is definitely more, although it’s not always an easy goal to stick to!

  6. Julie says:

    Great Post! I just love spring and all the clearing of clutter that goes with it! I agree “Less is definitely More”!

  7. Geli says:

    Yes, kids develop their creativity with things they can build out
    of nothing. My daughter used to roam around the neighborhood,
    building forts with her friends, and finding all kinds of things to play with, she wasn’t into toys at all – unfortunately one time she brought home a barbie suitcase full of snails *yikes* I agree with
    “less is more” but I am not into organizing yet. We have a saying
    that probably loses in translation but it goes like this: “Only fools
    want organization, the genius knows his way around chaos!”

  8. Shelly says:

    HUGE fan of less is more! I wish I could always adhere to that philosophy though. I am however pretty good about the “not a lot of toys” idea. We only really add to the lot at Christmas and birthdays. That way we don’t accumulate too much STUFF!

  9. rachel says:

    We missed you, glad your back in blogland.
    I am trying to control the amount of toys my son has but it gets out of hand with all his grandparents and family buying things all the time. I find that they play with the toys in the winter and then don’t look at them all spring and summer, when they are busy outdoors. We are in the middle of moving and half the toys are packed away, and I find we still have more than enough. I think I’ll give some away instead of filling up all our new closets.

  10. pve says:

    I feel your pain of less is more. I think “editing” is key!
    Wonderful images as always!

  11. Beth says:

    John Rosemond is one of my heros too! I joined his site in January, so I could email him questions and read all the old articles, letters to parents, etc. Great post!

  12. Melanie says:

    I love these photos, you can actually tell that people and children live here and enjoy it.

  13. paula says:

    we live with the less is more mentality. Many of my friends can’t believe how few toys my kiddos have, but what they do have they play with all the time and they never even ask for more. I love it.

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