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Do you ever go on Ruthie Sommers' new website and stare, analyze and marvel at all of her brilliant design work?  Ya, me neither. And I was never the type to continue clicking and checking throughout this past year to see if she had updated her website and portfolio…nor was I a borderline obsessive design freak trying to find her originally published design book on like 20 different websites.  Cause that would be ca-razy.  

Okay, since we're going down "that" path. 

She is totally the cool girl I would have wanted to sit next to in class.  You know the one, she wears all the right things but somehow makes it look thrown together and effortless…maybe a loosely buttoned pinstripe oxford, vintage pearls and distressed jeans with tussled hair.  She says all the right things yet doesn't try too hard. Her interiors are the same way.  Love.  Them.

She can go from bright, bold and kid friendly…


To soft and chic.


Picture 45

Picture 38

I love that she says she loves EVERY color…and clearly works with EVERY color. I love that she packed up and moved to Paris for a while to paint [ugh, such a cool girl thing].  I love that she's got this whole Chinoiserie thing down pat.


Picture 44 

What is it about her interiors?  

They are so compelling.  So distinct.  So right.

Picture 40
She's a girl with Southern roots [holla] who knows how to rock out traditional pieces without making the room feel too…snooty.


Look at the color combination here…so unexpected yet so divine. 

Picture 42 

None other than Ruthie Sommers can paint all the walls in a small kitchen ink blue and make it look totally fierce.  My heart still dies a little every time I see this picture…even though it has been ALL over every single person's design blog…don't care still love it.  


If you haven't seen her updated site, go do so right here.  And be sure and read "her version" on her biography page, it's so real and refreshing…which truly sums her up and is probably one of the reasons I think she is the ultimate cool girl.


[all photos courtesy of ruthie chapman sommers interiors]

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  1. Bryn says:

    She is one of my favorite designers! I have a quote from her on my desktop that keeps me inspired everyday.

  2. Karena says:

    She I divine!! I adore her designs! Thanks for sharing Seleta!
    Art by Karena

  3. Julie says:

    Even her name is the ultimate “cool girl” name. She can do NO wrong! Thanks for the heads up on the website.

  4. sloan says:

    ruthie is definitely one of my very very faves – love her! and that new ‘first person’ bio?! please! now i’ve fallen even more in love with her …thx for the post ;-)

  5. Marie says:

    Love the couch. Such a Domino icon.

  6. Nancy says:

    I was just perusing my super duper old copy of Domino that has Ruthie and that fabulous couch on the cover last night. What a nice surprise to see more of her work today. Thank you!

  7. Tara says:

    Love Ruthie! So glad you reminded me to check out her site. She is the ultimate cool girl I must agree.

  8. pve says:

    I think that her cool factor is that she is a super editor – just keying in on certain elements that give zest in a fresh way. I love that her touches are just right. Love her new site. fresh!

  9. beth says:

    I’m actually speechless. Those first two images alone had me. Just beautiful – thanks for the reminder about the new site!

  10. AND I love the lariat and the fact that she doesnt’ polish her nails.

  11. I’m so on it! I remember the first time I ever saw her —- it was on some hgtv interior design show years ago and she painted her brother’s apartment this dark blue and popped it all with white. It was a watershed moment for me. I’ve been looking for updates ever since. I’ll join you in singing her praises!

  12. Sara Jane says:

    I think having a name like Ruthie, Celerie or Seleta predisposes you to be cool.
    Beautiful stuff, thanks!

  13. Lila Ferraro says:

    All beautiful interiors, but the bathrooms are what makes me drool. The drapery, the tubs, the accessories,….sigh. Love is not strong enough a word!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  14. Marija says:

    You said it! Can I tell you, I have that coral sconce, two of them, and it’s sitting in a closet because it never looked nearly as cool as it did at Ruthie’s house. She’s got style…

  15. kathysue says:

    Seleta, I am in line with you on this one. She has the touch that is for sure. Love her use of color and the way she will add certaine pieces in a room that just grab your attention and make you look further to study why it is Oh so RIGHT!! Great post, Kathysue

  16. lauren says:

    hahaha seleta loved the way you wrote this!
    totally agree on every count. very cool girl. effortless, fun, perfection. LOVE her style
    she’s AMAZING

  17. Willow Fan says:

    Love! Oh, how I miss Domino.

  18. I SEE those grey doors next to the fireplace…just the thing I’ve been thinking of doing to the doors in our dining room. Just may do it.

  19. Cricket says:

    I hope my childten stay asleep a while longer so I can enjoy! So, very wonderful.

  20. right there with you!

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