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I feel random today.  Let’s roll with it.

We are one big animal loving family.  My dreamer of a husband and I always say someday we’ll have a farm. Who knows if that will ever happen. Although we came close with four kids and two pets. We like to go visit my friend’s farm in Georgia whenever we get the chance. To me, farms mean fun because there’s no wearing make-up (okay, maybe some lipgloss) and no modern day things such as typing on computers or texting. Just real, enriching togetherness while hangin’ with happy creatures and our brood.

It’s true.  I like chickens.  Especially ones with fancy poofs on their head.

So do our kids…

Who am I kidding, they prefer the bunnies….

Or the chicken eggs.

My husband likes chickens too.  Well, not really, getting this picture was like pulling teeth. But he smiled anyway.

He didn’t seem to mind the baby pig.

Although the pig is a little rowdy on a leash.

It’s amazing to watch kids care for animals. I think it’s a good thing…builds compassion.

Being together like this allows opportunities to help each other out and enjoy time together in a simple, true way.  Good stuff.

I know a lot of you will ask where we took these fun pics.  We were at my friend’s crazy awesome farm in Georgia. She is a talented graphic artist who became a farmer/art teacher years ago.  She has a big red barn right smack in the middle of her farm where she teaches art to the kids during their visit.  All of her animals are happy and a little bit spoiled (in a good way). And they are all great with kids.  So is she.  It’s a great place to go have an unforgettable time.  Or a great place to have your child’s birthday party or go to day camp in the summer.  If you’re interested in learning more about her, email me and I’ll get you in touch!

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  1. pve says:

    My Dad grew up on farm and loved it. Lots of hard work by day but good sleeping at night and then up early with the chickens.

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Seleta! I absolutely love your blog. I love the picture of your littlest one holding the egg, so cute! You have a beautiful family. Take care!

  3. beth says:

    such fun!

  4. Lori H says:

    Adorable pictures Seleta! My grandfather was a farmer and when I was growing up we (and all our cousins) would visit frequently. Every batch of baby animals had to be named of course. I like the idea of chickens and their eggs, but as children we were all scared of the farm chickens as they would fluff themselves bigger and come right at us. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  5. Great post! My mother grew up on a farm, and she was always getting in trouble because she would bring the sheep inside the house at night. She didn’t think they should sleep outside! Something tells me you may have similar conversations with your kids – they seem to love the animals. I completely agree with you about them teaching children (and adults) compassion.

  6. J is a Bird says:

    Don’t you love it when you can get such great pics of the kids. Mine move so fast, it’s almost impossible sometimes. And what is it with chickens lately? My husband wants a chicken coop in our backyard now. Never mind we live in urban Los Angeles!


  7. pam says:

    love these photos select! and omg, the pig on a leash… priceless. pam

  8. I’m indifferent on the chickens … but your family is beyond beautiful!

  9. Allison says:

    I’ve not been around a farm much but it looks like fun. Hard work, too! My mom used to spend her summers growing up on her great grandmother’s farm in Minnesota . She would share lots of stories with us about the animals and how they’d get up at 4am to take care of all of the chores. Your kids are adorable and beuatiful. I love the photo of your littlest one carrying the bucket. Fun post, Seleta!

  10. Leanne says:

    Such beautiful photos of your family. Gorgeous one of you with the chicken. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Tara says:

    How Cute! The children looked like they had a great time and they seem comfortable around the animals, I think that is great!

  12. Pierre says:

    Wonderful pictures. What blue eyes you all have.

  13. Amanda M. says:

    WOW. Amazing. These pics are beautiful!

  14. rebecca says:

    Fact: I am scared of chickens. I’m convinced they want to claw at me and peck my eyes out. I scrolled down to the super cute bunnies with your lovely kids.

  15. Emily Z says:

    I picked up fairy cupcake toppers by MeriMeri at TJ Maxx. I thought of you and the story you did earlier about the princess cupcake toppers by the same company. My TJ Maxx also had the halloween toppers and the dinosaur toppers. I brought the fairy toppers home with me :) My little girl is turning one in November, and while I wasn’t planning on a fairy theme, I thought they were pretty, cute and girly and would fit in perfectly with her birthday! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. Lara says:

    I’ve been working on the hub to get chickens for our acreage…what good is land without chickens? Especially ones with big, poofy things on their heads :) Your kids (grown-ups too) look like they had a blast with all of the barnyard hoopla.

    Ya know…you could still be a fashion-lovin’ diva on a farm…you’d be so fabulous in wellies carrying a pitchfork!

    Happy fall, Seleta!

  17. Mary Frances says:

    The farm looks wonderful…but your children are absolutely gorgeous…of course so are you and your sweet husband! This post makes all the Gap and Baby Gap catalogues envious…they should have such gorgeous families model for them!!

  18. The Art Barn, maybe? We had Liam’s birthday there last year!!! We love farmer Sue!!

    Seleta, you know where I live, too. Do you know my girlfriend who lives on the golf course has free range chickens here?! Can you believe it? I was gonna post about her chicken coup today–she has a chandelier in it!

    Fun post…Julie

  19. LOL – those are some fancy poofs!! I would actually love to raise a couple hens for eggs, but our city doesn’t allow it. Love the pictures – thanks for sharing!!

  20. LindsB says:

    Those are some pretty fancy chickens, I love their big poofy heads!

  21. Sara Jane says:

    That baby pig melts my heart and makes me long for my country Georgia upbringing.

  22. Julie Miltimore says:

    Love your farm post. I miss our little farm. We had chickens and our favorite variety were the Polish Crested. They are so pretty and sweet. We moved to a development but managed to sneek a little chicken in our back yard! It’s so fun to hear her little sounds and the gift of an egg every other day :) So great that your kiddos can enjoy the animals! Such a beautiful family! Julie

  23. paula says:

    what a fun way to build memories. I have always said I want chickens and goats, ha.

  24. Aunt Kathi says:

    That brings back great memories of when we lived on an acreage and had animals and a real garden. I had my own little flower garden that I spent time in everyday. You all are so good to expose your children to the fun things outside the metro and suburban neighborhoods. The photos were wonderful. :)

  25. Laura says:

    Adorable photos!!! Especially the baby bunnies!!!!!

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