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Brrrrr, it’s cold outside.  With these dropping temps and snow days, many of us feel like walking icicles!  It’s been frigid here at the beach and I’m perpetually seeking warm, fluffy socks for my cold toes.  I wanted to share a short list of favorite movies that I find to be comforting on a chilly winter day. These films are perfectly compatible with a thick blanket and hot cup of red zinger tea.  Don’t forget the tray of shortbread cookies.

FAIR WARNING:  These flicks are probably real snoozers for most husbands/ boyfriends. However, while the commonalities offer both deliciously flamboyant interiors and English countryside, they also have family friendly values with a meaningful message…which is rare in the movie world.

BONUS: to give this a practical design spin, I decided to add a few paint colors that match the color story of each movie. These are paint colors I love to work with and recommend for enhancing the mood of your abode.  Here we go!


An artist and aspiring author, this still single 30 year old woman (heaven forbid!), is determined to have her beautifully illustrated Peter Rabbit books published…she swims against the tide, never folding to societal pressures to squelch her dream and settle into marriage just for the sake of doing what’s expected.  A woman after my own heart!


Earthy, classic, traditional.  Warm, woodsy and delightfully English.  Spot of tea, anyone?

  1. Ben Moore Great Barrington Green – HC 122 [pictured]
  2. Ben Moore Suxxex Green – HC 109 [deep olive green that’s classic through and through]
  3. Ben Moore Powell Buff HC-35 [soft neutral proper enough for an English library]
  4. Ben Moore Yarmouth Blue HC-140 [classic light blue similar to the one in Miss Potter’s parlor]

.   .   .   .   .


Who could deny this Jane Austen classic?  Aside from the insanely fabulous costuming, I adore Emma’s playfully warm and slightly mischievous personality.  I cannot get enough of the crackling fire scenes and heart thumping flirtations between her and the dashing Mr. Knightley.  In the end, Emma learns a powerful lesson about meddling and falls madly in love with a man whom she greatly admires.


Saturated blues, butter yellows, fresh greens, pale pink and lovely creams.  The color is brilliant in this movie.

  1. Ben Moore China Blue 2052-60 [not quite Tiffany, but a light blue with some serious pop]
  2. Ben Moore Hancock Green HC-117 [pale and perfectly 18th century green that’s also compatible with any modern day palette]
  3. Ben Moore Love and Happiness 1191 [creamy pale pink]
  4. Ben Moore Kennebunkport Green HC-123 [medium green beautiful enough for walls or even the backs of bookshelves]
  5. Ben Moore Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 [deep butter yellow with a little bit of a kick]

.   .   .   .   .


We watched this one last weekend with the kids.  While I’ll admit to not being much of a fan of  modern kid movies, I was intrigued with the styling of the family’s farm house as well as the message behind both the first and second Nanny McPhee.  Love her “five life lessons” – they’re good for all of us to remember!  The rustic touches juxtaposed with vintage florals and fine china fascinated me…not something I could live with every day, but so fun to see in a movie!

This picnic scene in the field of barley with all the tweeds was perfection.

Who could resist these precious little lads and lassies? And piglets?!?  I’m sold!


The entire movie showed extremes of neutral or brilliant tones and used that as an impetus to guide your range of emotion from one scene to the next.

  1. Ben Moore Richmond Gray HC-96 [a soft neutral as dependable as your favorite pair of broken-in khakis]
  2. Sherwin Williams Wheat Grass 6408 [not for the faint of heart, this is a full bodied gold with yellow/green undertones]
  3. Sherwin Williams Leapfrog 6431 [honest and bold medium green – much brighter than this paint image – I used this once in a client’s playroom and it was brilliant against her modern art collection]

.   .   .   .   .


Loved this out of the box fairy tale with a message of self-love and acceptance.  This one is another style powerhouse, but in a most unexpected way.  Let me just say this; if you love Anthropologie, then you will love the aesthetic of this movie. I marveled at the dark and exaggerated tones.


Moody, rich tones mixed with pervasive pops of coral and red.

  1. Ben Moore North Creek Brown 1001 [pictured]
  2. Ben Moore Whitall Brown HC-69 [clean brown with no grey or green undertones]
  3. Ben Moore Ravishing Red 2008-10 [tangy, bright coral based red]
  4. Sherwin Williams Cocoon 6173 [a rich dark grey with just enough green to keep you guessing]

[first photo from here]

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  1. Donna says:

    What an interesting post, I like how you tied the movies in with some sort of design to keep with the theme of your blog.

    I like that first picture. Reminds me of the Alpaca socks that my friend brought me from Peru. :)

  2. Lizziefitz says:

    Excellent picks! My broad has seen them all . We would add pride and prejudice ( kyra knightley version) , my fair lady and maybe a father of the bride. We have been baking away these cold dreary days.

  3. Tara says:

    Ahhh! we have the same taste in movies! Love all of these! Bonus-they are all kid friendly!!!

  4. Allison says:

    What a fun way to preview a few movies and incoporate some great paint colors. I love Jane Austen so must add Emma on to my list. I also am eyeing some paint colors I am anxious to try out. Those socks looks pretty cozy. Stay warm, Seleta!

  5. sarah says:

    I’m adding Miss Potter to my Netflix cue- it’s the only one I haven’t seen. All great movies!

  6. Julia says:

    This is one of my favorite posts…I even pulled out my Benjamin Moore paint chips to look up the colors!

  7. Seleta says:

    Thanks, everyone! So glad you liked this one – it was a fun change. Julia, I love how you got out your Benjamin Moore deck to read along!!!


  8. Kristi says:

    What a charming and fantastic idea . I loved this post. It was something new and has given me a new perspective on the beauty in movies. Thanks as always!

  9. kayce hughes says:

    Thanks! I love a sweet film and I hadn’t seen all of yours.

  10. jill says:

    Love this post. I would add anything with Colin Firth in it — Love Actually, Bridget Jones Diary and the original tv miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice where he plays Mr. Darcy.

  11. Michele says:

    This was so fun! I like the disclaimer that they might be snoozers to husbands/boyfriends. I don’t think they are at all. I can’t help but love a good chick flick with a happy ending. You’ve chosen some great films and then you’ve taken it to another level by adding coordinating paint colors. Brilliant! I need your help when I repaint my house this summer. Choosing paint colors scares me to death.

  12. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for posting the movie list! I’ve been watching a movie every evening for the past few days. It’s been so cold & rainy here in VA Beach!

  13. Suzie says:

    A wonderfully creative post, Selena. I haven’t seen Penelope yet. I’ll have to get that out next. Stay warm, lovely. Here in Nelson, New Zealand we’re basking in a fabulous summer. Best wishes from this side of the world to yours!

  14. What a fabulous and creative post! Each of these movies is a favorite of mine…but dissecting their color palettes? BRILLIANT!!

  15. Greet says:

    Fabulous post!! I really enjoyed it!

  16. Julie Miltimore says:

    Love your movie picks and colors to dream about. I will add Penelope to my queue! Our family favorite is Finding Neverland. It is such a magical, beautiful movie. If you haven’t seen it I do believe you and the kiddos would love it! Thanks for the Ideas to help us deal with the Winter drearies. Julie

  17. Dina says:

    Love all these films! Just watched Nanny McPhee Returns last night, and I’m 33…and I can’t blame it on the baby! Love the color palettes!

  18. Beth says:

    great spin! love the movie Emma soo much! favorite movie ever. Also, while I was in Seaside for Thanksgiving I think I saw you. Didn’t want to be creepy, so I didn’t say hello ;)

  19. Amy Meier says:

    What a wonderful post! I too loved the home in Nanny McPhee Returns . In fact, I took pictures of my TV screen. The colors were magnificent. Thank you for sharing these other movie inspirations.
    Amy Meier

  20. House of Tilley says:

    OMG! I almost wet myself when I saw you start with Ms. Potter! Not only am I addicted to my BenJM color wheel but I am an avid collector of all things Beatrix Potter! There are all these precious resin accessories for nurseries like little bunnies napping around a lettuce & Mrs. Rabbit buttoning Peter’s coat. All of those colors are calming, and magical…everything I want my kids to grow in. On a side note, I actually painted our beach house in Yarmouth Blue with white trim. It’s breathtaking! The color is so versatile. Keep the ideas flowing!

  21. Andrea says:

    Love this idea. Now if I could only get my little ones to sit still long enough to get through a movie.

  22. Nicole says:

    So fun! Love to color matches — what a clever idea!

  23. What a great entry! I loved reading this. I have Powell Buff and Yarmouth Blue in my home, and I love the way they appear different depending on the time of day. I love looking through the fan decks for what to paint next! Thanks for the other great ideas.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Love your idea to marry the movies with paint chips. We just painted our dining room BM Whitall Brown and every person in our family is in love with it. Any suggestions for a blue for a boy’s room that isn’t big and has a deep red bed frame and dresser? Was thinking BM

  25. What a beautiful necklace and wonderful post as always. You are the best Seleta! I love sophisticated chic!!! I love to be glamorous but not too dressy since we do live at the beach.

  26. Have not seen Penelope yet but one of my husband’s high school friends and classmates wrote it. I met her at the reunion just as they were going into production. So cool

  27. Aunt Kathi says:

    I absolutely love ‘Emma’….

  28. Love the movies you choose. Can’t wait to watch all of them again and see the color palettes you were describing!!

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