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This week I’ve been reorganizing and cleaning out my closet.  It’s been quite a process but feels really good to narrow down the excess a little more.  Here is a dream closet I’ve had in my files for a while.  I’d like to work toward making my wardrobe far more edited and someday my closet this stylish.

How many of us have seen this picture and lusted after this space?

What if I told you that you could create a space very similar to this for only $250?  Lights, walls, accessories and all.  Well you can!  I did some digging and put together an inspiration board with all of your resources numbered and listed below.  Enjoy!

1.  You could spray paint this classic chandelier black and give it the exact same look as the inspiration room. $99.  Here.

2.  This stripey ottoman could be the perfect spot to toss your purse or paint your toes. $69.  Here.

3.  Forget wallpaper – stencil your heart out for only $25 and achieve the same look.  Here.  And here’s a nice chocolate brown for painting your pattern – Benjamin Moore’s Mink 2112-10.

4.  I adore these chic little storage boxes in dark coffee trim.  $12.  Right here.

5.  This custom made hat box clearly has the Hermes attitude without the price.  Comes in all sizes $22-$52.  Here.

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  1. Baylor Love says:

    LOVE! Love the hat box. I wish my wardrobe was that special. We just handed over 6 bags to Goodwill, and while it feels wonderful to purge, it really feels so sinful to have so much more than I need.

  2. Roberts J says:

    Great ideas Seleta!

  3. Tim Gunn says:

    Very Practical yet chic. Bravo.

  4. Peter says:

    A custom closet Is on the to do list.

  5. sarah says:

    so honestly….what would you wear if you only had 6 options and didn’t have time to do laundry? i would love an edited closet, but i have to keep around enough stuff to make it through two weeks at least…

  6. Seleta says:

    Good point Sarah! I like to think of this closet as a conceptual design of what a nicely edited closet could be; it’s certainly not literal with its contents. Right now I probably have enough to take me through about 11 months and that’s a ludicrous amount of clothes….would like to get it down to about 3 months, ha ha.


  7. ellen says:

    Sarah, it’s likely that the closet has three other walls with contents, if not one other wall. There are also dressers and armoires that could be in the mix. As a New Yorker, I appreciate wisely used space in a small closet without sacrificing style. Thanks Seleta for putting a similar closet together.

  8. Kim says:

    Seleta! Can you do some posts and show more of your clothes and favorite outfits? I love seeing how you put things together. Maybe even a write-up on your favorite accessories, jewels, shoes, bags, etc. would be great. Even a post on how you add color to outfits. I love your style and always look forward to fashion posts. :-)
    – Kim

  9. Allison says:

    We’re just getting ready to do our closet re-do. Our closet is so small and skinny right now. I guess closets weren’t as big back when our house was built as they are now. Your post gives me lots of food for thought. A chandelier is on my list!

  10. I agree with Sarah. It’s lovely but so impractical. No trousers? And where are the knickers and socks. I only like the images that could be translated into real life. Although it is very pretty. Have a great weekend Seleta.

  11. You did a good job of matching up your finds to the magazine. I revealed my new closet here:
    Looks as if I need to do some accessorizing (to the closet – not me!)

  12. rachel says:

    I love it!! i agree w/ Kim. Can you please put together some of your favorite fashion?? I love your style.

  13. Joanne says:

    Wow! What a great compilation! This is definitely going into my SAVE folder…thanks for sharing such great ideas as usual…can’t wait to use that stencil!

  14. sarah says:

    thanks for your response. if you ever decide to edit your closet, i hope you’ll put things for sale here on your blog. we would all love to own some second hand seleta wear!

  15. Love the match-ups! I know I’m old when I’ve enjoyed trellis designs 2 different times in my life…. I pray I’m around for three and four…if the Lord doesn’t return before then!

  16. Lori H says:

    Seleta, I love this kind of post! Thanks for the budget suggestions. I’d love a peek at your closet :)

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