Here’s one for all of you mod moms.  It’s a  new spin on toy chest that happens to be a simple DIY project.

I’m officially in love…

Can’t say that I’ve ever seen such a practical, sleek and simple toy chest.  What child doesn’t have a big collection of cars or blocks?  This is a genius way to store them in style while playing at the same time.  Hard to find something that is:  a) good looking b) affordable and c) entertaining for the child. What I love best is that this project actually looks doable!  You don’t feel the need to have  a degree in astrophysics to understand the directions.  Just a drill, some paint, four IKEA boxes and some plywood.

The how-to is right here.

My apologies to all innocent bystander handy-type husbands who have just added one more thing to their honey-do list.  Somewhere my poor guy is probably picking up his drill and saying, “#%*! there she goes again.”

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  1. Andrea says:

    What a wonderful storage idea!. Yes, my husband will have a few choice words for you tonight!

  2. blake says:

    Your son loves this idea. Hint hint.

  3. Seleta says:

    Andrea, you made me laugh out loud!!!


  4. Aunt Kathi says:

    So neat!

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