happy hello

Yesterday was such a Monday and offered much more than I thought I could bare.  But somehow I managed to find some laughter in there…it’s good to laugh.

I like this quote.

This is very true.

I like this secretary with its powdery blue inside.  It’s beautiful.  And the blue is oh-so-subtle.  It’s nice to find the subtle beauty in something…

Pretty things and pretty thoughts are everywhere.  You just have to be willing to see and hear them…because sometimes it’s more of a whisper than a shout.  I had to remind myself that yesterday.

Sending happy thoughts to you for a good day.  xoxo

[source for poster unknown]

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  1. kristy says:

    can you share where that darling pink coat is from?

  2. Seleta says:

    Hi Kristy! The pink jacket is from JCrew – it’s a pic from one of their previous collections. Probably 2-3 years old! ; )


  3. this post just made my tuesday! i am loving those darling monograms, the outside table, the secretary, the pink pink pink… oh, such a happy little lunchtime desk break. thank you!

  4. Nicole says:

    What a perfect quote! Do you happen to have its source?

  5. Lauren says:

    those monograms are divine! where are they from??

  6. pve says:

    Amen in finding pretty – even on the ugliest of days!

  7. Be Inspired says:

    I am so happy I found your blog! Can I just say, I’m in love! Finding the beauty in everyday is what always keeps me smiling!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Love this thought….and those monograms. Yum!

  9. martha says:

    Love the outside table setting!

  10. Allison says:

    I needed that quote today! That is a wonderful quote and I need to put that up on my bathroom mirror as a good daily reminder. So very true! Hope you had a good day today, Seleta!

  11. designchic says:

    Love the quote, and the outdoor table…fabulous!!

  12. Lizziefitz says:

    Seleta, I feel like I am 100 this week . I will pray for you snd yours. Please pray for us if you can? Big hugs!!!

  13. Lindsay says:

    Love your blog Seleta! I am an Atlantan whose parents live in your neck of the woods!

    Any idea where to get that Every day… print? It would look so good in a friend’s nursery!

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