pretty organizing [part one]

We are about to launch straight into the busy holiday season.  Are you ready?  I always feel like I should throw on a helmet or buckle my seatbelt to prepare.  This year I’ve been trying to organize around my house in mini sessions versus taking one big unrealistic project.  So as I started to collect some ideas for styling high traffic spots in our home, I wanted to share them with you.


Right now our household is juggling what feels like countless after school activities.  It’s the first time ALL four of our children have had an activity in the same season, so we’re trying to make it to horseback riding, cross country, soccer, and art lessons.  Each child only has one activity, but that is still a lot!  I wish I could clone myself.  


1)  Dinner planning + prepping

2)  General organization with school, soccer and horse equipment being thrown everywhere.


Let’s tackle food first.  I spotted something brilliant.  A DIY magnetic meal planner!  This project would take only minutes.  The idea is to print out these cute free labels onto magnetic paper and cut them down to size.  Then you label them.  Hello, so easy and practical.  Free labels are right here.

Love this concept.  Not sure about your world, but our daily schedule tends to fluctuate and I feel like this easy menu mixing and matching flows much better with life.  It’s not so rigid!  If we find out about a cross country race or soccer practice at the last minute, I can change around our dinner plan in two seconds flat.  Actually one of the kids can do it for me.  Good reading practice for our kindergardener : )

I couldn’t find that exact calendar, but did find this cheapie at walmart that looks very similar.  15 bucks and you’re organized with meal planning.  Not so bad.  Calendar here.  I bet Target has some good ones too.

Next we have the whole “get your piles organized” topic.  Again, I fight this battle every day and don’t always win.  But I’m trying to work on ways to compartmentalize all of our crap our items and have it in easy to store spots.  Here’s a lovely nook that has colors which flow well off the magnetic meal planner board.

Look at the ribbon sewn onto simple duck fabric.  Although I would ditch the clips and just sew the panels directly onto rings.

More organizing nooks.  Just looking at all of these helps me visualize what we can do in our tight cubby space.

Getting inspired yet?

This next one is great.  It’s fairly easy to install a board and peg hanging system in between two door frames.  All you need is paint and wood.  Love the simplicity and practicality of this look. 

Maybe this will inspire some weekend organizing projects around your abode.  I’m working on some of my own and plan to share the results as soon as I’m done.  Happy Friday!!

[photos from Better Homes and Gardens]

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  1. Lori H says:

    Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas, Seleta!

  2. Laura says:

    Seleta ~ Thanks so much for posting these great ideas…right up my alley! I have been looking for something exactly like the meal board labels to organize meals for our triplets once they start eating real food. Now, I just wish I had those built ins for all of the girls coats/shoes, etc.

  3. pve says:

    i have a binder and an entry closet, baskets for gloves, hats, coats hung on hangers and I love having things out of site. sunday, i try to cook and plan meals for the week. now that we are only 3, we use less but i always need greens, and fresh produce for salads, smoothies and sauteed veggies.

  4. Peter says:

    Patricia, what produce do you put in smoothies?

  5. We have been trying to sort out our coat storage but I don’t think it will look as pretty as the photos ever! I find that I am more keen to organise and sort in September and October before the following months get crazy.

  6. I’m going to pass this on to my daughter/blog partner. We just worked on her entry organization on my recent visit/work session at her place.

  7. Nicole says:

    I just recently bought that same calendar at Target to help the hubby visualize his business schedule among our personal schedules. If I’m not mistaken, it only cost $10. Unfortunately, it does not come with stuff to mount it on your refrigerator, but that can be easily remedied with non-permanent sticky hanging stuff or magnets with adhesive backs.

    And thank you for the pretty, organized spaces! How I wish I had enough room to do any of those!

  8. TEREZA says:

    Love all these tremendous ideas.
    There is nothing compared to a well organized home, it balances our lives.
    Hugs from Brasil

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