it’s here!

I am excited to share with you that our family and home are in this month’s Christmas Issue of Southern Living Magazine.  Emails have been pouring in to my inbox for the last week – thank you all who have shared such kind words and enthusiasm about our home and family.  An extra big thanks to Kristen Jones Connell up in the Southern Living offices of New York for Fed Exing our copies before it hit the stands.

It may not surprise you that Pom Pom has a significant presence in our spread.  Matter of fact, he stepped in this shot I took this morning all on his own.  NOT kidding.  This cat loves the camera. Vanity much??? 

southern living


Our article is loaded with eight pages of beautiful styling ideas and unexpected colors for Christmas.  It also shares a little about our family and life here at the beach.

Aside from us, I have to say this Southern Living issue is absolutely AMAZING.  Like any good Southern girl, I have always adored Southern Living, but this issue blew me away with its variety and packed images of inspiration.  They show at least four beautiful homes all decked out for Christmas – each a completely different style.  So if you’re looking for fabulous Christmas decorating ideas or yummy recipes, hurry and go pick up your copy!  It’s the kind of issue that requires wrapping up in a cozy blanket with a hot cup of tea or cocoa for full enjoyment.


I absolutely LOVED the team Southern Living Home Editor, Jennifer Kopf put together.  Of course Jen produced the shoot, and she assigned Liz Demos to do all the magical styling and photographer Helen Norman do create even more magic with her wonderful photography (we also had Helen’s awesome assistant who was the only man on set, ha ha).  These were three seriously talented women, which is evident in the pictures.  The coolest part is they were not only skilled at their craft, but they were so nice and fun to be around.  It felt like hanging with friends (who happened to have super-hero talent).  They each deserve a post of their own!


I’ll be back later with behind the scenes shots from our shoot.  You can imagine it was fun, fast and frenetic with four kids and two pets on the set.

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  1. I saw the feature over Thanksgiving weekend Seleta! Even though I’m a Cali girl, I love Southern Living so I subscribe. I told my husband, hey look there’s Seleta’s beautiful home and her children too! I loved the shot of your girls on the stairs. Congrats on the beautiful magazine spread, your home looks so stunning!!

  2. Suzanne says:

    I can’t wait to find the magazine, I’m dying to see the article! Congrats!

  3. cousinerin says:

    SELETA!!! This is SO exciting! I cannot wait to see your issue!!

    Congrats & LOVE to the fam!

  4. How exciting!!! I can’t get to the grocery fast enough to get my copy!! Merry Christmas to you and yours. XOXO

  5. Lizziefitz says:

    I am so excited for you! It must be a dream come true to grace the pages of Southern Living. You , your family and your home exude style. Congratulations!

  6. MiMi says:

    Loved the article! Put my white slipcovers back on……moving an accent chair up from the cabin…love my fresher new whiter Christmas decor. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Lori H says:

    Congratulations Seleta! I was so excited to see your article over the holiday weekend. You are awesome.

  8. Jenni says:

    The article was lovely as were the photographs and article about your family! Thank you for your blog that always brightens my day! Congrats on the article !

  9. Cecile says:

    Congratulations Seleta! I was so excited this weekend when my issue of Southern Living arrived. The article on you, your family and your home is gorgeous. I started my Christmas decorating immediately after reading the magazine from cover to cover. Thank you for always being an inspiration!

  10. Grace says:

    Beautiful! I always thought the house in your ‘about’ section was your family’s home – I love the first image of your beach cottage! Congratulations!

  11. Loved getting my copy last week and reading the article. SO fun to see a blog friend in a magazine! xo- Brooke

  12. Atta boy, Pom Pom :) You have to know your best angles! I’m excited to check out this issue, congrats!

  13. Carey says:

    Thrilled for you my friend! Can’t wait to read it tonight. Xoxo Carey

  14. pve says:

    Wow, I want my very own sparkly copy! I cannot wait to see what goodness you have to share.

  15. Cindy says:

    I was at my inlaws when I opened my Southern Living, and let out a yelp! “There’s Seleta” I screamed. My husband had to explain about blogging to my family. He said she has all these “friends” and people she is online with…made me chuckle. Seriously, the spread is one of the best to be featured in SL. Congrats to the entire family!

  16. celia says:

    So exciting!!!! Can’t wait to see how fab it turned out and what outfit you decided to wear! Congrats!!

  17. bevy says:

    I just bought my copy today! Your home is so lovely. So many great details, I can’t keep up.

    One odd question: where did you find that ceiling fan? I know it’s barely showing on the page featuring your den, but it still caught my eye. I live in Texas and homes just cannot exist here without a ceiling fan in most rooms. And while fans have improved on their style, I haven’t seen one like yours. Please share if you can.

  18. Amy SJ says:

    Southern Living is not available in Australia. It would be great if you could post some of the magazine pages on your blog for your overseas fans to read!

  19. SO AWESOME! I’m going to go get my issue tomorrow! Wishing for Gods beautiful blessings to come to you and your family this Christmas! xoxo Pam

  20. susan anneheim says:

    You have the best style and taste. Of course Southern Living would love to have you and your beautiful family and home grace their pages!! Maybe someday I will hire you to do my own home on the beach! Congratulations Seleta!

  21. Tara Larsen says:

    While looking through my new copy of SL I came across your beautiful home spread..and said, wait a minute..this is familiar..especially after recognizing Pom Pom who was our friendly kitty visitor while we rented your carriage home a while back. Congrats on the publication..happy holidays to you and your family!

  22. saw it over the holiday weekend and I must say it was terrific! congratulations! donna

  23. Congratulations – it is a beautiful article and your home is lovely!!!

  24. Very exciting. Looking forward to it!

  25. Jennifer says:

    I love my Southern Living magazine and was so excited to see your home featured. It’s fantastic!

    I like am a little OCD on details….are you still in a rental? Is the home featured your home or the rental? If yours, what did you do with the tenants?

  26. Melissa says:

    I CAN’T believe it’s been a year?!… I remember you blogging abt the photo shoot last year. I was so anxious to see it all right THEN and now here you are. A year has whizzed by. I can’t wait to go get a copy and some inspiration!!
    Also thank you for the awesome Thanksgiving style sessions. Those are always something I look fwd to and greatly appreciate. xoxo to you and the cute little people in your home!

  27. Aunt Pat says:

    i’ll have to go looking to see if Barnes & Noble carries SL… doubtful, but one can dream.


  28. Libbi says:

    AWESOME – had to go to 3 different stores to locate a Southern Living magazine-in Southeast Missouri???? Found it and was able to enjoy this afternoon….awesome inspiration!

  29. That is wonderful- and an honor. I love Southern Living Magazine and espeically holiday issues. Congratulations and well deserved! Simply lovely.

  30. oh..and I just shared on twitter @gosimplysavvy.

  31. Jessica says:

    The article was fabulous! I was so excited to read it and see pics of your lovely home. I remember you blogging about moving around the same time. Is this your current or former home? Lovely!

  32. Kristel says:

    I read the article about your home a few days ago, and I have to admit, I love your house. Your kids look adorable by the way.

  33. Allison A, says:

    Congratulations, Seleta! I look forward to picking up the magazine tomorrow. How fun to be featured for you and your family….and not to forget sweet Pom Pom!

  34. Michele says:

    This is so neat! What an honor!

  35. Joy says:

    OMG….love your house and style! My favorite was the “upstairs bunk room”….absolutely love the colors….I’m trying to mimic in my house!
    Thanks for the inspiration…you have beautiful children.
    Your blog is one of my favorites!

  36. Congratulations Seleta, I had been checking their website but couldn’t see the article, I hope it pops up soon. From the comments though, it looks like a great article. xx

  37. JuliaW says:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for ages. Just bought the SL issue yesterday, then recognized your beautiful home! I adore all the colors you’ve used; I almost gasped when I saw the teal coral chair! As another mother of 4 (mine are all male!) I love how family-friendly, but awesomely chic you’ve crafted your home to be. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  38. Missye says:

    I was reading through my issue over the Thanksgiving weekend and thought, “I know her from somewhere!” LOL!! Gorgeous describes it all!! Congrats! And happy holidays!

  39. They finally put copies out on the newsstand the other day and I immediately scooped up my copy! What fun to have your home and family featured in such a great issue and so well deserved! Your home is gorgeous as is your family. Love that Pom Pom and Pippi got in on the act, too! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it in your upcoming post. xo

  40. I was so excited to see your beautiful home in this month’s issue! You have fabulous taste and I was so happy to see more of your beautiful home :)

  41. sarah says:

    saw it at my mother in law’s at thanksgiving. i told my husband “look, it’s seleta.” how fun to see your beautiful house. i love the turquoise in every room.

  42. Grace Happens says:

    How wonderful! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Oh, I have to get one tomorrow! I can’t wait to see your Merry adobe!

  44. I was so excited to open my issue and see your beautiful home and family. Congratulations! I’ll go back to read it over again for sure!

  45. Nicole says:

    Congratulations, Seleta! I grabbed a copy of the magazine soon after reading your post and loved the article and pictures of your beautifully styled home and family. I’ll be making a few of the ideas come to life in my home this holiday season!

  46. Pink Wallpaper says:

    Was so excited to see y’all in SL!! Loved your home and seeing your beautiful kiddos in the mag!! Hope y’all have a merry christmas! xo- Shannon

  47. Lauren says:

    I cannot wait for my copy to arrive oh my goodness!!! Eeeeeeeekkk. Huge hug and so glad it was such ana amazing experience.

  48. Jen says:

    Congrats!!! You deserve a great feature like this one.

  49. Lauren says:

    I was so excited to pick up this issue, but I have yet to find Southern Living in New York City!! What the heck?! I’m having my mother send one up from Texas.

  50. Tena says:

    It is GORGEOUS! Congratulations.

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