On Saturday we left for a spring break vacation to the horse capital of the world for some exciting adventures.  We drove six hours with our four children, two horses, cat and dog.  Yes, I’m serious.  I drove one car with two kids and Pippi and pulled a trailer holding our kayaks and fishing poles.  Peter drove our other car with two kids and Pom Pom and pulled our two horses in the trailer.  I was pretty scared to travel this far with so many creatures and kiddos, but it was pretty fun.  Could NOT have done this without my husband.   Here we are at a rest stop…

roadtrip rest

I had plans to do a post, but haven’t had a chance to even get on my computer until now.  Unplugging has been therapeutic.

We rented an adorable cabin on a lake and split up for a brief period; my oldest daughter and I attended an amazing natural horsemanship clinic together – we spent 40 solid hours with our horses in five days.  It was very intense, educational and  life-changing.  While we were away at the clinic, Peter kayaked, hiked and swam with our other three and had great adventures of their own.

Last night we all reunited to finish our vacation as family.

Here’s a sneak peek from the horsey side of our trip.  This is our pony, Marlee, jumping on command.  That little body in the purple breeches you see is my daughter (who’s only ten) politely asking him to jump the barrels.  He did it willingly and snuggled her afterward.  He loves playing this game with her.  And is obviously an over-achiever when it comes to jumping ; )  He’s only 13.2 hands and is jumping about 4 feet, ha ha!  This week has been wonderful for their relationship.

marlee jumping on line

Savez and I have had an amazing time at the clinic as well.  Lots of playtime on the ground together and riding in the saddle either bridle-less or with a very loose rein.  In my hands is a rope around her neck versus reins.  Savez and I both found riding this way to be very challenging; although Marlee and my daughter did not.  Interesting!  I learned that riding this way is great for a horse’s “emotional fitness”  and improves communication between the horse and their human.  We built a lot of trust in each other this week and have an even stronger bond.


It’s so beautiful here and everyone’s had a blast.  I’ll be back next week with pics to share pics from our week.  Have a wonderful weekend!  xo

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  1. Nancy Powell says:

    What a beautiful story! I remember trailering for the first few was so scary! It looks like you all had a magnificent spring break! good job!

  2. kayce hughes says:

    Sounds wonderful!

  3. What an incredible place to spend time with your family! I could use a little un-plugging myself! xo

  4. pve says:

    you go girl! I am impressed with all your get-up-and-go go go!

  5. Katie says:

    Can’t wait to hear and see more about your spring break! Ps. Love me new hat…XoXo

  6. CArolyn says:

    You were missed . Glad to know that you were having such a wonderful time with all your family and pets. What an adventure had by all!

  7. Aunt Pat says:

    this is so sweet. love the Marlee story.

  8. LLH Designs says:

    I love reading your horse riding snippets! I rode with a rope and no reins fearlessly when I was about your daughter’s age, but not sure I could do that now. Oh, to be a child!


  9. Kristen says:

    Ohh, I’ve been WAITING to hear all about that NH clinic! How amazing. Your two Eq-kids are beautiful and it’s amazing you and your daughter can share in the love together! I strive to ride my OTTB bridless, we are totally bit less and love it but yet to get to bridle-less. I have a Parelli instructor coming to us at the end of April, and I can NOT wait. It is so powerful working on that bond. What fun to kayak too!! :) xoxo
    PS I’m in love with Marlee-wonderPONEEs are the very best. He will be her forever love.

  10. Seleta says:

    That’s great, Kristen! And you can’t beat 148 bucks per pendant.


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