life update + smiles

Anyone still here?

Last week was wild plus my daughter and I were training for our big horse show in Pensacola which was this past weekend.  Savez and I were doing a lot of this together…


Although I admit to not being the best blogger in April, I have to say our family had a great month and enjoyed so many new adventures together, which makes me happy.  I definitely owe you some pictures…promise I’m working on it!  In the midst of it all our Anniversary was last week.  We weren’t able to celebrate because the day before our car completely died and Peter had to drive it to Atlanta to be repaired (no one within five hours of here works on Land Rovers).  This was comical because the car wouldn’t start unless it was jumped.  So Peter threw some jumper cables in the car with him and headed for Atlanta.  He had to bum a jump somewhere in Dothan when he stopped for gas.  I stayed here and ran the circus.  We both laughed about the situation and ended up texting each other from different cities the morning of our Anniversary.   Somehow he made it back by midnight with flowers and a card in hand.  Talk about a knight in shining armor.  Love my man so much.

You would die if you saw where I am typing right now…I’m in the middle of unpacking and took a quick break to write this post so I’m perched on the edge of our unmade bed using the ironing board as my desktop.  Classy!  So much to do after our busy month.  Gotta multi-task like  a pro.  I’m going to apply the advice I give my kids when they have a lot to do:

  1. Step back and take three deep breaths
  2. Smile
  3. Do one small thing at a time

Smiling is the most important part of those three steps.  Did you know that smiling actually releases endorphins and serotonin which elevates your mood? It even lowers your blood pressure and boosts your immune system.  Proof is here.

I leave you today with this delicious scene from my friend, Doug’s pinterest page…it really makes me smile.  I spy field boots!

dutch door


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  1. amber lee says:

    Can’t wait to see pics from your show. Nice equitation on your jump.

  2. CArolyn says:

    So glad to know that all is ok and that you were just busy. I actually clicked on your blog to send a get well message! Life is fun no matter the speed and you are so right about smiling, it creates an aura around you that is contagious. :)

  3. pve says:

    I must admit I was worried….but knew that you had to be up to something fun and fabulous.
    Wow, how you must smile when you are riding….and happy and healthy anniversary to you and your knight and your circus. Seriously, you are the best ring leader I know! :)

  4. Nancy Powell says:

    I know you’re happy if it involves your kids and horses! Its a great life , so glad all is well.

  5. Seleta says:

    You’re so right, Nancy! I can never get enough horse time with my family, just love it.

    PvE, you have such a way with words! Thanks for always making me smile.

    Carolyn, sorry I spooked you…will be better next time ; )

    Amber Lee, thank you! I love working on Eq.


  6. Katie says:

    Happy to hear things are good, and that your just enjoying life…XoXo

  7. Aunt Pat says:

    Happy Anniversary–what year is this?
    I still remember the beautiful wedding on a lovely spring day full of Cloud 9s and lots of love.

  8. Nicole says:

    Seleta, Glad all is well! You were missed in blog land while you were away, but I loved every sentiment about your return. Except the part about the broken down Land Rover. I drive one, too. Fortunately, with a service dealer nearby. ;) Love your smiles! Nicole

  9. Annette says:

    Great three step program:) I’m applying it today:):):)

  10. Peter says:

    Thank you for the sweet comments my love. Happy Anniversary! Yes….I read the post and loved it. You are a treasure.

  11. Monica says:

    So glad your back! I was a tad worried and now relieved to hear and see that you were part taking in something you love. The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy for our family and I will definitely be placing those 3 step program points up on our family black board. We are going to be needing a lot of smiles and laughter around here. Thank you for your sincere encouragement Seleta

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