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I receive daily emails asking all kinds of questions ranging from the make-up I use to what shoes I was wearing in a post.  I try my best to answer each one but find that I get pretty behind due to the high volume that come in at once.  One of my “to do’s” has been to write a post answering the most frequent questions I receive.  So here goes!

Q:  How do you pronounce your name?

A:  sa – lee – ta

Q: What kind of bike do you have?

A:  my bike is an Amsterdam Electra Classic.  Had it for six years.  Love.  Info on my bike is here.  It looked like a 3-wheel bike in this post, but that was actually the bike trailer I was pulling.

Q:  Where did you get the glitter purse in this post?

A: JCrew’s outlet last Christmas.  It was in this huge stack of clutches on sale.  Wish I would have bought more!

Q:  Where can I get the necklace you wore in this post?

sneak peek

A:  Funny story, this is actually an elastic bracelet that I found dirt cheap on clearance at JCrew a few years ago…I snipped the elastic and it released the whole bracelet into a long necklace.  I’m sure there are more similar if you look around.

Q:  What shade of nail polish are you wearing in this post?

A:  It’s “Chinese New Year” from the Shellac line.  For 30+ years I have avoided putting red polish on my fingernails…I think it was a mental block from being forbidden to wear red on my fingernails growing up.  Guess I eventually convinced myself that red nails don’t look good on me?  Recently I took the dive and have to say I love it.  A twice a month manicure is a little indulgence I give myself to feel more girly since my hands take a serious beating in daily life.

Q:  What brand make-up do you wear?

A:  I posted all about my favorite lipsticks over here and here.  And I posted about the blush I wear here.  In terms of foundation, I don’t wear anything heavy since our climate is so humid year round.  I like Renergie by Lancome.  It’s lightweight yet gives nice coverage and evens out the skin tone.  The color I wear is Clair 20.

Q:  What is your skincare routine?

A:  I’ve had the same routine for years and can’t say enough about keeping it simple and trying to stay natural.  I’m a big believer in cleansing every night and moisturizing well – especially around the delicate eye area!  I posted in detail about the current skincare products I use over here.

q:  have you done botox or any kind of fillers?

Q:  Have you done botox or any kind of fillers?

A:  No.  Something about inserting Botulism into your face seems really scary.  I have fine lines around my eyes and certainly expect to see more “character” appear as my skin matures.  My lines are probably one part genetics and two parts sun exposure.  I was one of the geniuses in the 80’s who slathered my face with baby oil then roasted in the sun, trying my best get as savage tan as the Bain de Soleil model.  All I gained were freckles and major sun damage.  

In my 50’s or 60’s I think I would consider something that helps the skin produce more collagen on its own (does that kind of product or procedure even exist?) but for now I’m sticking with my “lotions and potions.”  As far as maturing goes, I’d rather look my best at every age versus trying to resist aging and end up looking like a wax sculpture of myself.  I like the way Audrey Hepburn remained a classic beauty without trying to permanently look 30 years old.  So chic.

q:  how do you stay in shape after having four children?

Q:  How do you stay in shape after having four children?

A:  I hardly ever sit still!  No seriously, I stay pretty active chasing kids, riding bikes, teaching/taking ballet class, and riding horses.  Horseback riding really builds the arms, core and bootie.  For me riding is my dose of freedom and joy, it’s just a bonus that it burns calories.  There’s nothing like having a true connection with a horse and working together as a team.  Horses are very sensitive creatures as well as tremendous athletes – believe it or not it takes a lot of mental and physical stamina to keep up with them!  Here are my mare, Savez, and I cantering in a flat class last month at the Pensacola show…

savez april '12 show

I’m also the Ballet teacher at Seaside Neighborhood School and have the pleasure of teaching students in our new academic dance program.  Ballet is an incredible discipline that will tone every muscle in your body.  I highly recommend signing up for an Adult Ballet class if you have any nearby.  If you’re not into equines or dance, but would love a quick way to snap into shape, I recommend jumping rope.  I was actually in much better shape when I did that three times a week!  It’s easy and takes only about 20 minutes.  I used to jump rope with my ipod – would jump nonstop for one song then take a one minute break and stretch.  I did this over and over for about 20 minutes.  It really built up my stamina and made me feel great.

Q:  Do you eat a special diet?

A:  I stick with natural foods (versus processed) as much as possible.  I always tell my kids, “if God made it, then it’s healthy to eat.”  When thirsty, I drink water versus fruit juices or soft drinks.  I also try my best to have our family eat something raw and leafy green every day – not always successful, but the effort is there.  Note: raw kale is your friend!  I love making green smoothies and shared how I make them over here.  I admit to having a weakness for sugary snacks such as cookies or cake…ugh, that’s my biggest hurtle to a healthy diet.  Tried to ditch sugar completely earlier this year and only made it about 39 days…then fell off the wagon.  Right now my goal is to limit myself to 10 grams of sugar per day.  Not for weight issues, but to help control my blood sugar in order to avoid that awkward afternoon crash that is so common for women.  Sugar is a whole other topic entirely!

Q:  How do you juggle four kids and blogging?

A:  I put family first then work/blogging after that.  I realize this arrangement doesn’t put me in the league for snazzy titles such as “top designer” or “top 50 blogs in the world” but I firmly believe that family should always come first.  I don’t regret that one bit.  This past year I had some new demands and had to ease off a little from blogging.  As far as raising four children goes, I have an incredible husband who is very involved and we do the whole teamwork thing.  We share the cooking and laundry duties and also give our children JOBS and responsibilities around the house so they feel like they are part of the team.  Do our kids always do this with a smile on their face?  Nope.  My husband and I are big believers that helping children become responsible develops their character, empathy and  appreciation.  I’m not the most popular mom with my kids sometimes, but I’m hoping in the end they’ll appreciate it.

.     .     .     .

Hope this answers some of your questions.  If I’ve missed something or you’d like to know more, just leave your question in the comment section and I’ll answer back there.

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  1. Seleta,

    Both Jordan (my daughter and blog partner ) have that bike. Even though we have custom-made titanium road bikes for our long distance touring, we both love the Amsterdam for our errands. (She lives in Syracuse, NY, and I live in Lexington, KY and it works great in both places). Also, I visited on old folks’ home for horses last week and blogged about it today. I think your daughter would enjoy it. (I am not promoting my blog, just sayin’ she would enjoy it).

  2. Lori H says:

    I have used the Avalon Vit C cleansing milk ever since your post on skin care. I love it!

  3. Annette says:

    Seleta, I love your post and thank you for sharing so many tips! I have wondered about many of these myself. I am also a believer in “growing up” gracefully and as naturally as possible…and want to avoid the plastic survey lips and eyes look that so many women are getting today. I think if we were all meant to have the same lips and eyes we would have been born that way. Audrey Hepburn is a good example. Organic foods are also part of my daily intake now . But seriously….there is no way you have had four children:)

  4. Reichel says:

    Love FAQ posts! I have a question for you! How often do ride a week and at what time in the day? I’m trying to find time to ride more and it’s so hard with a lil’ one around, can’t imagine 4 ;) I only get to ride about once a week right now :(

  5. Seleta says:

    Hi Reichel,

    I ride 3-4 times a week. My daughters both ride as well, so I’m at the barn often helping them tack up for their lessons. This allows me to sneak in a ride with my mare. If I ride alone, it’s usually around 7:30 am or 5:30 pm due to the incredible heat. My husband and I swap off with the kids for our “work outs.”


  6. amber lee says:

    Loved this post! Especially love that you give your children responsibilities around the house. Thanks for the make-up and exercise tips!!

  7. jen says:

    Hi there, you are so gorgeous I was just thinking recently I’d love to know what products you use! I was wondering if you’d purchased the Sisley products you mentioned from the less expensive site you have a link to or not? I always wonder if those sites can be trusted to offer authentic, non-expired goods.

    Thanks for sharing! Love the blog!

  8. Seleta says:

    Jen, thank you for your kind words. I think I recall ordering my eye gel on that site once, and all was okay. Because I only order these items once a year, I just pick them up at the department store.


  9. pve says:

    You are so be-uu-ti-ful.
    Thanks for always sharing so much of your sparkly self.

  10. jen says:

    Thanks! Will give it a try!

  11. Andrea C says:

    Thanks for the foundation tip..my beloved Prescriptives liquid mineral foundation is only available online and I’ve been getting samples at various counters..will def try Lancome.
    PS..does the MAC cremeblush wear well??

  12. Seleta says:

    Andrea, the MAC cremeblush wears very well unless you’re very active out in the elements. I think you’d like it!


  13. Stacey Mills says:

    Hi Seleta,
    Loved this post. I would also love to hear some of your meal plan ideas for a future post. We are on the go and I would be interested to hear a typical day or week for your family.

  14. SO FUN to learn a little something something. Good to hear you’ve given up most sugary things. So much better right? I battled all sorts of health issues and no doctor could figure it out. Last year I ditched most processed foods too and almost all desserts. I sneak every now and then. I can tell you that I feel SO much better. I tell everyone because I want them to give it a try too.

  15. bevy says:

    I agree about the aging gracefully thing, but I’m still doing my best to fight looking old by following a similar routine as yours: cleansing at night, moisturizing, getting as much sleep as possible and drinking lots of water. And as far blogging when you can, good for you. When you’re old, you will not care that you didn’t put out daily blog posts.

  16. Amy says:

    Just love your blog Seleta–thanks for sharing so much! I was just wondering what you thought about someone in their 40s taking riding lessons for the first time. Anything I should know before committing to the lessons? Thanks!

  17. kayce hughes says:

    Loved learning a bit more about you!

  18. Wow. Stumbled upon this blog and only read this post. Found you intriguing, honest, thoughtful, caring, and passionate amount many other traits.
    Keep blogging and being amazing.

  19. Kayla Onufer says:

    Thanks for starting my June off to a great start….always enjoy your reads sweet friend. Missing you tons and hope to see you this summer at the beach!

  20. Seleta says:

    Amy, riding is a great sport for nearly any age adult! It’s all about safety and building rapport with your horse. My advice for starting horseback riding lessons would be to thoroughly check out your instructor and the barn by doing the following:

    1. audit one or more of the instructor’s lessons with another student
    2. meet your horse in advance – request to ride a “school master”
    3. before ever riding, be sure the horse has had at least 15 minutes of groundwork
    4. be certain that your instructor cares more about safety than anything else

    Have fun and please let me know how your first lesson goes!!


  21. sarah says:

    i love your advice about your children, and i appreciate that you are not always popular with them. we aren’t called to be their friends, but their parents. thanks for the encouraging words.

  22. Seleta says:

    Thank you, Sarah. I fully agree! : )


  23. Chris says:


    Love the post and all the information. My children eat super, duper healthy…I make them. And they think I do, but I’m the schmuck mom addicted to sugar who hides in the closet! Ugh. I started lessening sugar intake and upping the raw veggies/fruits and felt SO MUCH BETTER. But sugar habits are hard to break. I clicked on the link of your sugar detox but the screen was blank. Maybe it is my computer??? Just wanted to run it by you in case others are also having trouble.


  24. Allison A, says:

    Love this post Seleta. I am always open to hearing about beauty products, healthy living and family. I think I need to try your eye cream. I have been on the search for a “fabulous” one. My skin is on the dry side and can use any help I can get! Thanks for the recommendation! I agree with you on aging gracefully. I have quite a few girlfriends who have had Botox and a couple who have had facelifts…in their 40s and did not have good results. That whole things scares me. I’ll do what I can to take care of my skin (I also was one who poured on baby oil and baked in the sun) and try my hardest at aging with grace. Each line on my face will add character and tell a story! I keep telling myself this. Off to get your eye cream! I can’t wait to try it!

  25. Donna says:

    Loved this post! I happened to visit Perspicasity yesterday and thought of you, dang it was hot! Bike riding seemed to be the desired mode of transportation. When I was younger, I use to love to ride horses and do ballet…one of these days. Thanks for all the info – I grew up on these beaches and have the age spots and wrinkles to prove it! Ugh, wish I’d have known then how bad it was for me but I too, was determined to get that dark tan even thought I’m so fair that the most I ever got was beige after turning beet red : (

  26. Nanna says:

    First: love that elastic on your wrist :) Such a cute mommy thing. I’ve always got an elastic or two on my wrist and now I saw that it is actually quite stylish!
    I love your blog, Seleta. You’re such a stylish woman and mother and an inspiration to me. Thank you. I agree with you on red nails. I avoided red nails for the longest time, but every now and then I apply some coral and it makes me feel a little pampered and pulled together. I agree with you on botox, too scary. Aging gracefully is the way to go. My latest obsession is pure organic argan oil: Love it on my face, morning and night and nothing else.

  27. Nicole says:

    Great post, Seleta! Think I’ll buy a jump rope. Still wondering about that mean latte you make… ;)

  28. no35style says:

    would love to see how you style your korkease ava shoes!

  29. seleta, you are such an excellent role model. i just wanted to say i look up to you and respect you immensely. thanks for being such a lovely person and fabulous blogger :)

  30. erin says:

    Great post! I can totally relate to the no botulism, aging gracefully part. I completely agree and don’t want to end up with that “cat face” that seems to be so common. Happy summah Seleta!

  31. margie says:


    You gave me the BEST make-up tip of all several years ago. My sister and I cannot do without the pointy pink sponge!!! It really is the best applicator of all…and I am still grateful you clued us in.
    Thank you!

  32. ohhh so true about how us horsey gals have beat-up hands. add in a garden or minimal yardwork and you have man-hands.

    i love a good shellac manicure too. i can barely resist peeling it off though by the second week. does your peel?

    PS – i bet a good red hides alot of barn dirt LOL :)

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