the winner + a personal thought

Our winner was hand-picked by the glassbaby team.  There were so many amazing comments that it was difficult for them to choose.  After much deliberation, they chose Ralyan, commenter #6.  Congrats, Raylan!!

I think a set of linen, pollen or cashmere glassbabies would be lovely perched in the middle of a summer diningscape such as this.

On a personal note:  I was so thankful to read your comments.  If you haven’t read them, I’d suggest you take a few minutes and do so here, as they will change your life perspective.  I’d like to thank each one of you for taking the time to share your heart and a little piece of your life.  May sound crazy, but it was a good reminder for me to read how one person’s continued acts of selflessness can greatly impact another’s life.  I sometimes make the mistake of getting influenced by the world’s view of success (material gain, status in a job, public recognition, etc.) and feel a little down about not being on some fast track with tangible success.  Oh I can dress myself down like nobody else and wish I were a better writer, stylist, designer, organizer…better this, that and the other.  The ego is a dangerous thing, isn’t it?  Then I wake up and realize that serving and caring for my family is not only a privilege, but ultimately the greatest accomplishment I could ever have in life.  It may not always be glamorous, but it’s a priceless and irreplaceable gift to share.

All things material come and go.  This is a fact.  But sharing a part of yourself and helping others is a powerful gift to give, because the results last forever.  Thank you again, kind friends, for your sweet reminder.

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  1. Allison A, says:

    Congratulations to Raylan! I completely agree with your thoughts Seleta. I read all of the comments and each one was so touching. Several brought tears to my eyes. I shared in my comment about my father and how that has really changed my outlook on life. It really opened my eyes to what love really is and what is truly important in life. Wishing you a wonderful day Seleta!

  2. dori says:

    Thank you! Your life is so inspiring to me. Thank you for saying the things you do and sharing such a wonderful perspective. How great to know and cherish the things that truly are lasting and important.

  3. and this is exactly why your blog is one of the few that i read…thank you for the reminders and for the substance that you provide via this wonderful blog! i am new to this career and life as an adult thing and your posts help me remember what truly matters and is a sweet spot in my days!

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