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I could hardly wait for Wednesday because I wanted to introduce you to our friend’s darling pony, “Wrapped In Sterling.”  Here is my little equestrian showing him at the Pensacola show this past weekend.  They were a winning pair and brought home blue ribbons.


It was so cute because when we came back from the show my daughter asked me, “Mom, did I smile when I jumped?”   That picture was all she needed.  She’s all smiles when riding.  That child practically came out riding.  I’m so grateful that she found her passion at such an early age.  She LIVES for horses.  Doesn’t matter if it’s barefoot and bareback or all dressed up at a show, she just wants to be with horses.  Actually she’ll tell you her favorite kind of riding is zipping around bareback with a fistful of mane and a twig of hay hanging out of her mouth.  I love that!

She’s an amazing little rider.  Here she is stepping up his trot.  By the way it was 90 degrees during these shots.  Not the friendliest riding conditions in long sleeves, a coat, gloves and velvet hat.  The kids were real troopers.



He looks like a fairy tale pony doesn’t he?  The best part is he is just as sweet as he is handsome…and very talented.


And here is Wrapped in Sterling’s mommy, Ella.  They also showed this weekend and won both of their lead line classes.  Look how precious they are together!


Ella has a six month old little sister, who also has an equestrian future.  Looks like their fairy tale pony will have a life filled with sweet little girls, plenty of carrots, and lots of love.  A happily ever after perfect for two princesses and their pony.


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  1. Kristel says:

    Your daughter is just too adorable, I’m sure you are a proud momma of such a talented little girl.

  2. mom22 says:

    You’re daughter is like a mini-me. She looks just like you. Thanks for the freebie. Lists aren’t silly, just ask a Virgo. We live for them!!!

  3. CArolyn says:

    I have to ask…don’t you get hot in the jacket, helmet, etc. and the Florida sun?
    Wonderful little girls!!!

  4. Nancy Powell says:

    Congratulations to the smashing duo! My daughter had a gray Connemara that looked like “Sterling” and was quite the jumper. I know how proud you feel, and what a wonderful life you are having with horses. Love your posts!

  5. Kathy says:

    Beautiful pony and beautiful girls!

  6. Molly Marler says:

    Was recommended to you by my girlfriend Miranda (via Pinterest, I believe!), and have been reading for an hour. What a gorgeous blog/family/woman/life! We’re living the beach life in SoCal (former ATL girl myself), and my 6 year old also rides; we just experienced her first show last weekend and I can’t wait to get to the level where your daughter is! So lovely. Look forward to following your beautiful adventures! xo

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