color: part one

The school year started with a bang.  Our four kids are in three different schools plus my teaching schedule begins at 8:30am.  Mornings are colorful to say the least.  Speaking of which, my new little fifth grader came home in tears because she had to memorize all the states and their capitals.  Being my offspring, I knew she needed something both pretty and interesting to capture her interest in learning something new.  So I found this amazing free printable DIY jigsaw map.   Right here.

My creative learner loved all the fun colors!  And I have to say, I’m impressed with the detail in the design.

You can print this out or if you’re extra crafty, make it into a puzzle…we’re attempting to make it into a puzzle.  Note:  I am literally the worst do-it-yourselfer out there.  First of all, I can’t focus on a project unless I have a super clean space…which is insane because our home is always full of non stop action.  So I have to make sure the kitchen is all clean and sparkly before I begin any D.I.Y. venture.  After I get into the busy portion of the project I become easily distracted – the purr sound of an email, birds fluttering at the feeder, the dog barking at the UPS guy, you name it.  I’m not great with tiny details if they take more than 30 minutes, ha ha.

But I’m committed to finishing this project for my child even if it kills me!

Of course you can make these adorable little flags to embellish your map, but I can’t even go there.  By the time I worked on the second toothpick flag I’d be distracting myself with random things like pinning pictures of farmhouse gates or googling recipes on how to make the perfect finger sandwich.  How I wish I were good at finishing projects!!!  Maybe it’s a sickness?

Switching gears to a big girl color topic, I loved this informative colorscope chart from paper source which links your favorite color to your personality traits.  Couldn’t find  a color description that said “big A.D.D. hot mess.”  I  loved several colors on the chart, but narrowed it down to chartreuse, which is a hue I’m drawn to for design accessories and paper goods.

Next I’ll share with you my favorite color to work with in my wardrobe.  Think you can guess it?  You might be surprised.  Check out the colorscope – feel free to share with us which is your fave!

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  1. Katharina says:

    Thanks for sharing! It seems to be a great idea to make such a map! Please make a picture of your map! I would like it to see ;)
    My favorite color changes from season to season. This summer I was tend to buy a lot in bright pink which fuchsia in the colorscope and now I just want to have as much as possible in intense dark green which is missing here…
    I thought you faves are dark blue, green in all variations and yellow:)

  2. Kate says:

    So fun!! You seriously have the BEST printables, love the colors! Now if I could only make friends with my impossible printer, I could have them too;).

  3. Hope says:

    I thought you said, “Colon-scope” Eeewwww!!!!!! Much happier to adjust my vision and see it was Color-scope!

    There are also songs about the states capitals you can find on Youtube. My son liked that. Well, he tolerated that.

    Good luck on your C-O-L-O-R – full morning schedule!

  4. pve says:

    I need this map now! I love it and my colorscope is cement.

  5. pve says:

    I need this map now! I love it and my colorscope is cement.

  6. natalie says:

    we learned our states and capitals as children using a united states placemat and m&m’s. we would work on a few a night after dinner, with the m&m covering up the name of the capital on the mat. if we got it right we could eat the m&m :) fond memories of childhood and it involves states and capitals! haha!

  7. tina odisho says:

    In the fith grade we had to learn the states in alpha order – there’s a little song they made out of it, I’m sure you can look it up on youtube- I tought my 7 year old and she caught on VERY quickly – we’re at the N’s which can get a little confusing – good luck!

  8. Nicole says:

    Love how you are seeking a solution for your fifth grader that fits her personality! I always say, “know thyself” and I’m trying to teach my sons to live by that motto as well. I’ll have to check my colorscope… yours seems to fit you quite well!
    And don’t get me started on needing to clean before tackling any sort of project – I’m the same way about messes. OCD has its positives and its negatives. ;)

  9. I have always LOVED chartreuse. Much of my home has chartreuse and my business colors are chocolate and chartreuse. Of course I am use Paper Source’s stationary with the perfect shade of my favorite color. I also early on did a story on my blog about this unique shade. You may get a kick out of it.



  10. Emily says:

    There is a great App called Stack the States and my 7 year old learned the States and capitals thru it.

  11. Brenna says:

    This is going to sound crazy, but I learned the states and capitals from the cartoon show, “Animaniacs.” (It’s still on YouTube, with more than 5 million hits, so I’m clearly not the only one.) It was a fun and really easy way to remember them. Best of luck to your new fifth grader!

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