wednesday white halloween

How interesting that Halloween falls on Wednesday this year.  Hmmm, this will make for quite an adventurous Thursday morning getting kids to school.

While today is not exactly a day catering to white, I still think there’s a clever white-inspired way to decorate for the Halloween/Autumn season.  First thing that comes to mind?  White pumpkins!  This image is my idea of tasteful Halloween decor.  Love the white pumpkins layered with boxwoods and corn stalks against this shiny black door.  Little pops of white keep the Halloween vibe fresh and cheerful.

wedensday white autumn black

When it comes to Halloween, I’ll take the non-spooky version, please.  No goblins or ghouls, or other creepy characters.  I like to keep it light and airy.  Guess I’m more of a caramel apples and hayride kind of girl?  Love the au naturel stick approach here.

wednesday white apples

We’ll be making some caramel apples in our home a little later on.

Meanwhile, my crystal ball predicts this series of events for today:  By 4:00pm, my brood will have an abundance of sugar racing through their veins.  There will be galloping and animated sounds echoing throughout the house.  Around 5:30pm, I will insist my children take at least three bites of some broccoli-esque dinner which I prepared as an attempt to battle the second surge of sugar from trick or treating.  My efforts will be thwarted by the white sugar devil of course, but the kiddos will be happy and full of spunk until they crash amongst a big pile of crumpled candy wrappers around their pillow ; )

Last but not least, I found these adorable “boo” and “trick or treat” 5 x 7 free printables on pinterest at some crazy hour in the night.  Thought I’d share.  You can print them out right over here.


free printable

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. CArolyn says:

    Happy Haloween to you and yours! Every holiday is a day for celebration! xoxo

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