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On a recent sunny October afternoon, I took a walk in Seaside from school over to see my friend, Stacy’s new boutique, Mercantile.  After teaching most of the day, I was ready for a mini break before going home to my own rowdy brood.  As I walked over to Mercantile, the sun beat down on my gauzy black ballet cover-up…I looked at the weather on my phone and it said something absurd like 89 degrees.  A little bead of sweat trickled down my forehead as I walked only half a block down our cobblestone streets.  I wished for Fall to make its grand entrance.    

The second I entered Mercantile, there was a cool vibe of  hipster meets Anthro with a Western flair.  Not your average store ; )  I was instantly drawn to their of one-of-a-kind sweaters, silk scarves, leather and pearl jewels, and rustic home accessories.  After cruising around a few minutes, I fell in love with this pair of boots.  I snuck into a fitting room and tried them on with a dress I wouldn’t normally pick for myself.  It was a fun moment getting in touch with my inner-bohemian.  Hmmm, did I really have one?  Wasn’t sure about that.  The classic lines and buckles on these boots gave me the dose of security that I needed to wear with something a little less traditional.

mercantile boots

The dress was a fun departure from my usual proper and preppy style.  No, I haven’t bought it quite yet.  Working up my courage!

Fun sign in the dressing room, ha ha.  Love it  ; )  ; )



Here’s a better shot of the boots.  No doubt these babies were coming home with me.

mercantile boot

Last week we finally experienced temperatures under 80.  Hallelujah.  And yes, I wore my boots ALLLLLL week.

HOW THE BOOTS FIT:  at first when I tried them on I was a little discouraged because they felt too snug.  I started to ask for a half size larger, but Mercantile owner and friend, Bryan, explained to me that the quality of this particular leather allows the boots to mold to your feet.  As an equestrian, I knew it was the case for riding boots, but didn’t know it also applied to fashion boots?  Unlike riding boots (which are a very painful break-in) these pups felt like a comfy pair of socks within 10 minutes of walking around.  Not kidding.  Now they’re my favorite shoes.

I would put these boots at a mid-high price point, but it’s worth it because the style will last forever.  The leather feels like butter.  My new philosophy on shopping is buy fewer things of higher quality.  These boots fit the bill.

Love that everything in Mercantile is eco-friendly and practically all of their products are made in the U.S.A. Check out this fun memo board in the store – it’s made of scrap wood and was designed by Mercantile owner, Stacy.  LOVE.  Mercantile also has a pinterest page right here.


Owners Bryan and Stacy launched Mercantile’s website today.  Yay!  As a way to celebrate, they’re offering Simply Seleta readers a 20% off coupon for any products on their new site for anything you want to buy.  Code is seleta.  Go check out Mercantile right here and see what you find.

Have fun shopping!

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  1. Annette says:

    Awesome boots. Heading over to check out the web site. Thank you Seleta.

  2. Karen Yatsko says:

    Very stylish to wear boots with the dress! Looks great! I will check out their website!

  3. Kathi White says:


  4. Ingrif says:

    Boots are gorgeous. I really like the dress also sometimes it is nice to buy something outside our comfort zone.

  5. Allison A. says:

    The boots are fabulous! I think the dress is fun on you. I’m the same way and don’t veer too much out of my comfort zone with clothing….although…the older I’m getting I am trying to try new styles. That dress looks super comfy. You look gorgeous in everything Seleta. I think you should get the dress!

  6. Nicole says:

    LOVE those boots! I was looking for new dark brown pair and these are amazing! Love the dress on you, too. Thanks for hooking us up with a discount. :)

  7. susan says:

    Love the boots. They look great on you. But….do you think I may be “over the hill” for them?

  8. Preston says:

    I love these boots and the dress is adorable. I need these!

  9. Seleta says:


    These would look gorgeous on you. I don’t see them as trendy in the least. And NO you are not over the hill…more like a classic beauty!


  10. Zoe says:

    These boots are going in my Christmas wish list – stat!

  11. Colette says:

    I like that these boots are classic but have a little bit of edge. Thank you for introducing me to Mercantile.

  12. Preston says:

    I love these boots and the dress if adorable. I need some of these in my fall wardrobe.

  13. Aunt Pat says:

    beautiful boots. Yay for fall weather, too!

  14. jana says:

    Go back and get that dress! Gorgeous and everybody needs a boho-chic moment.

  15. Love the boots and that dress! You look fabulous, as always :)

  16. Susan B. says:

    We are Pritchett fans and Mercantile Fans too! My now UA daughter has worked for them for some time, and attended Seaside school as well! Everything they touch just seems to work! They are a creative duo & hard working! The dress and boots were adorable on you! Go for the inner bohemian!

  17. Donna says:

    I visited the store and it’s adorable! Thanks so much for the coupon – I sure used it!


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