style session: thanksgiving table 3 ways

It’s time for our annual style session with Tracery Interiors.  This has become a fun tradition to do with friend Paige, Tracery owner and Interior Designer.  Each year we style a Thanksgiving table together using only one table and set of dishes…then show you how to change up the look using different accessories.  Today’s style session took place in the elegant Tracery Interiors design studio.

This year we came up with a fun idea:  Paige and I would each post one of the three styles on our respective blogs today.  “Wait, that’s only two styles,” you say.  You’re right!  The third style is an all white table setting.  We’re saving it for Wednesday White, so check back on my blog then to see the all white look.

On with our style session.  And I have to tell you I fell in LOVE with this look!


1. Inexpensive target dishes, which I adore.  Recently blogged all about them here.
Screen shot 2012-09-19 at 4.11.31 PM
2. Target silverware
3. Crate & Barrel wine glasses
4. Everything else from Tracery Interiors ; )



In lieu of using a traditional table runner, Paige and I dotted around mercury votives filled with freshly planted succulents for a punch of color on the table.  The varying textures in the votives mixed with the smooth green leaves of the plants create visual harmony and interest.  Note the hint of mercury in the accessory grouping on the buffet behind the table.  


These mercury votives are about my favorite little things in the world. I have a small collection in my home and love how they go with everything and exude a soft lightwhen a candle is lit inside. (I actually took home two more after the photo session!)  We decided to try putting succulents inside and I went crazy when I saw them…the green is so pretty against the shiny neutral surface.

Note:  the votives are only $11-$13 each and can be pre-wrapped and shipped your way.  Contact Tracery Interiors if you’d like one or some ; )

simply seleta table2

How precious would these votives and succulents be as a parting favor for ANY dinner party or gathering?  I’m thinking Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve party, bridal shower, Mother’s Day, and on and on…

simply seleta table3

 THANKSGIVING TABLE LOOK #2:  BOLD & CHIC    [click here to see]

This look blew me out of the water.  It was so fun to create!  If you love pops of seasonal color anchored with modern touches, then you MUST see.  Go check out look #2 right over here at Tracery Interior’s blog.  Paige will tell you allllll about it.


This is our all-white look.  Be sure to check back here on Wednesday White to see that version of our Thanksgiving table.



1.  Be creative.  When it comes to styling, find a new use for something you already have in your home.  In this case, we used our trusty Tracery mercury votives…but used them in a whole new way!  We fell in love with them all over again!

simply seleta table

2.  Incorporate texture.   I probably say this too much, but texture is key when working with a monochromatic scheme.  As you can see on our table, we used simple dishes and essentially no color, but brought in texture with an inexpensive piece of cream toned burlap.  No hemming or sewing, just cut down to a size so it could drape across the table.

3.  Work with mother nature.  Again, sounding like a broken record because I say this all the time.  But it’s amazing the greenery you can borrow from the outside to awaken the inside of your home.  Big leaves placed in simple vases can add drama to a simple setting.  Long stemmed branches with a colorful flower placed in the middle can anchor the center of a table.  You’d be surprised how many  beautiful, yet unconventional things mother nature can provide…and all found in your back yard!

.   .   .   .

You can check out our previous Thanksgiving Style Sessions from last year over here and and the year before that right here, which includes a helpful step-by-step tutorial on styling your table.  And don’t forget to take a peek at today’s “Bold & Chic” Thanksgiving table over at Tracery Interiors blog.  I’m headed over there to peek at it right now!

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  1. Aunt Pat says:

    I love them both, really love the mercury votives. Love the place cards in the stems – great idea.

  2. Preston says:

    I love your tablescapes. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving Seleta.

  3. Ashley says:

    Love the votives with the greenery. Great table settings. We have 30 for our feast and will use your settings for ideas.

  4. Suzette says:

    Seleta I’m checking out our yard tomorrow to look for some table texture. Lovvvve Tracery.

  5. Janet says:

    I’m really inspired by your white table setting with mercury votives. This is a very clean look that really inspires. I’m going to try!

  6. Audrey says:

    Where do you get time for so much design inspiration?! Happy TDay.

  7. Annette says:

    I’m a new reader and hooked on your blog. I will check out Tracery on my next trip to Rosemary Beach. Thank you Seleta for all you share with us.

  8. Aunt Kathi says:

    So simple and gorgeous. You know I love green with white and silver. :)

  9. pve says:

    so pretty. I am setting my tables today and will share some photos soon.
    Enjoy your sparkly table. love the succulents.

  10. Table looks terrific! Nothing beats bringing Nature indoors for a tablescape! Looking forward to meeting with Paige at Tracery in the New Year as we are gutting our 30a house and I will need her inspiration and help for certain! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. jane says:

    I did the succulents in mercury glass votives (from Michael’s) for our Thanksgiving tables–we had 30 people at 5 tables in my mom’s sunroom. It looked completely amazing and they made great favors at the end of the night. Thank you, Seleta and Tracery!

  12. […] remember a few years ago when friend Paige and I styled a Thanksgiving table 3 different ways Post here.  One way we used an all white color palette, with succulents in mercury votives as our living […]

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  1. […] remember a few years ago when friend Paige and I styled a Thanksgiving table 3 different ways Post here.  One way we used an all white color palette, with succulents in mercury votives as our living […]

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