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It seems this new year has magically appeared before our very eyes. How serendipitous that my first post for 2013 comes to you on Wednesday White.  At the twelfth hour, no less.  Forgive me for not arriving armed with an impressive list of resolutions to share.  But I’ll provide a few pops of white along the way.  I might mention that I have a huge appreciation (or obsession?) for a well designed outdoor bathroom – very practical for an equestrian.


And am equally enticed by a great sink and faucet combo.


The flu hit our house like a Mac truck the day after Christmas, so husband and I have been busy caring for a sick brood.  That would be eight days of shoddy sleep, and a house full of coughing, sniffly, sneezy, weepy little ones.  It’s heartbreaking to see your child sick.  Our youngest daughter has had the hardest time fighting it off and ended up in the Emergency Room yesterday morning.  She’s had some improvement after a breathing treatment and meds, but is still struggling.  It’s the longest she’s ever been sick.  I cannot relax until she’s back to her old self.

Formulating any sensible thoughts in my current foggy-brained state is probably against my better judgement, but let’s give it a shot.

2013 is promising to bring a few changes for our family, and I’m not quite sure where those changes will take us.  I’ll be honest, it’s a bit daunting.  I’d like to think that there’s a modest little white farmhouse waiting for us in those changes, but no sign of one just yet.  It’s on the wish list.



farmhouse by AJF design

With regard to change, I will say I do love adventure.  So I’m trying to tell myself that any changes this year will be adventure in our lives.  But I have to be sure that fear doesn’t creep into the equation.  A slippery devil, fear is.  It can rob you of a calm state in a millisecond.  So I’ve been doing a great deal of reflecting.  One of the most incredible things I read (and keep reading) is this statement:

“Peace is the emotion of faith.”

So true.  And faith is the thread that ties it all neatly together.  Just like a complicated math formula, it seems a little impossible at first.  But once mastered, it is one thing you can rely upon over and over.  It never changes.  I’ll be the first to admit that my fear can creep into a situation and violently twist and contort it so much that I’m suddenly crippled by the imaginary “what if’s” of it all.


But as I sit here listening to the promising chirps of birds perched on our naked tree branches under murky grey skies, I’m reminded that there is always something to bring us joy…something to celebrate.  Even if it’s the tiniest, simplest thing.  I’m learning that the best way to find that joy and peace is having faith and channeling into GOOD.  So this year I’m focusing on doing one, truly good thing every week.  Something that makes me feel complete.  And this year I want to give and connect more with others.  The more we connect and share good, the happier we are.

I truly believe that 2013 will be the year of good.  For us all.

For those of you who are ready to prepare your 2013 list of resolutions, you might enjoy this lovely little printable series I found over here.  It has 12 lines for you to fill in your resolutions – that is one resolution a month.  Very manageable!

Included in this series is this little resolution reminder printable for each month, which I will be using : )

this month

Cheers to 2013.  Back soon with more pretty to start your year!

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  1. Pru says:

    Happy New Year Seleta!
    I hope that the family are soon all better and raring to go on what I am sure will be a wonderful year for you all. The farmhouse with the wreath above the door made me swoon!

  2. pve says:

    happy new year dear and I do hope good health is restored and in order for 2013.
    funny, a clean sink and a pretty faucet sure make a gal and a mom happy.
    love all those images and good things you share so effortlessly.

  3. Nicole says:

    Love the last farmhouse with the sweet little church window. Even more, I love that quote! Just reading it is calming to my soul. You always do such a wonderful job connecting and sharing good that I’m sure this will be the “year of Good” for you and your readers… thanks for being a bright spot to land here in the blogosphere. : )
    Nicole @ progressoverperfectionblog

  4. Happy New Year! I love your theme for the year and may just incorporate it into my resolutions for 2013. I hope your family feels better and cheers to adventure and goodness!

  5. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful post. I hope your family, and especially your littlest one, are back to feeling 100% soon!

  6. kathy says:

    I love your words regarding fear creeping in and twisting it all into what if’s. I find it to be true, as well. Change is inevitable and necessary. I am going to work at developing a greater sense of trust this year. Hope your children are healing and feeling better soon. Blessings to you all in 2013!

    The farmhouse with the wreath above the door is beautiful!

  7. Kelly says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your my resolution/goals printables with your readers! Wishing you all the best in 2013. Cheers!

    p.s. The pictures you shared make we want to retreat to the countryside! Beautiful.

  8. Ginger says:

    Thank you! That quotation about peace will stay with me, too.

  9. Michele says:

    “peace is the emotion of faith” – i love that. wishing your family the most beautiful year yet!

  10. Lisa says:

    Thanks Seleta for a lovely post. Fear is the number one robber of joy for me. I too have to make sure not to dwell on the “what ifs” and concentrate on the good. Don’t you find it hard? I have never worried more than I have lately. As my kids grow more independent I find it so hard to let go. Hoping for some peace in this area this year. I wish you and yours a blessed 2013.

  11. TSB says:

    Such a beautiful post. Change is something that I’ve always resisted before, but over the past 3 years I’ve learned to embrace it. I’m so thankful that I allowed for it in my life as it lead me to greater happiness than I could have ever imagined. I hope the same for you. These pictures are beautfiul. Wishing you a great 2013!

  12. pierre says:

    Greetings from the Mac store at Lenox. This is the year of Good! Thank you for the Wonderful post.

  13. Hope says:

    Hope you all feel better soon, and that Mom and Dad don’t catch the bug!

    Happy New Year to you!

  14. Jennifer says:

    I’ve always thrived on change, but as I get older its amazing how the scary element of change seems to take hold and often take over… I wish you peace as you prepare for and maybe make changes in 2013. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that a sweet little white farmhouse is out there waiting for you – thanks for the inspiring posts Seleta!

  15. Aunt Pat says:

    I love 2013: year of good. Yes.
    Healing thoughts coming your way for those beautiful kids.

  16. Alana says:

    Happy New Year Seleta & family!!
    Hope you are all feeling better soon.
    Love that there may be a farmhouse in your
    future! We are entering a year of change and adventure
    as well and I keep telling myself change is good!
    I feel like when faced with change and adventure we
    can learn so much and really live life as opposed to
    the same old same old :)
    Good Luck!!

  17. Ingrid says:

    Happy new year Seleta I hope your daughter will be well soon. While you may be slightly worried about change I suppose nothing focuses the mind more than when a child is sick it puts thoese decisions into perspective. Good luck for a happy and healthy 2013.

  18. Ingrid says:

    Happy new year Seleta I hope your daughter will be well soon. While you may be slightly worried about change I suppose nothing focuses the mind more than when a child is sick it puts thoese decisions into perspective. Good luck for a happy and healthy 2013 with best wishes from Ireland

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