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While in Atlanta for work, I squeezed in a long overdue haircut with my stylist, Sam of IO Salon.  If you haven’t met Sam or heard me sing his praises for helping me always look my best and reducing my frizz (so I don’t look like I stepped right out of a Whitesnake video), then check out this previous post.  Sam doing his magic on me…


No matter where I live, I always come back to Sam.  Hands down he has the best cutting/styling techniques and always surprises me with products I’ve never heard of that literally change my hair.  Remember this dramatic story about how my hair was falling out and Sam saved me?  Yep, he pretty much had me for life after that, ha.  Last week he outdid himself and introduced me to yet another miraculous product for my hair.

Behold my new hair product bestie…


It’s a line by Australian based company, Kevin Murphy.  Never heard of this line…but apparently they’re a big deal and do hair at all the runway shows and Fashion Week.  Oh and Vogue covers such as these.


Hair fact: Kevin Murphy is the stylist who invented “beach hair.”


After my cut and blow out with Sam yesterday, I basically did not recognize my hair.  It wasn’t frizzy or dull, it was actually shiny and bouncy…and felt thicker.  It was obvious this stuff was the bomb, but I had to know more.  I’m one of those annoying clients who always wants to know the “whys” behind everything.

So Sam and I had another one of our hair product 101 conversations:

Me:  “Thank you for finding this line.  I know I love it, but as a professional, what makes you love it?  There are about 10 billion hair products out there…I’m curious, what makes you choose this one?  

Sam:  “I love the longevity of the wear – it’s superior to other products.”

Me:  “Layman’s terms please.”

Sam:  “Well the product lasts for days and the hair isn’t misshapen, oily or flat after sleeping on it.  You can shampoo and style and keep the look for as long as three days and still look amazing.  The product actually absorbs into the hair versus laying on top of it, so first of all it’s weightless.  This nourishes the hair and gives a shine that is amazing.”

Me:  “Yes, my hair is never this shiny.  Is there some special chemical in this line that makes my hair act so bouncy and happy?”

Sam:  “Their product has a lot of lavender water in it, which volumizes the hair.  There is also a lot of skin care product in this line because the hair needs the same type of nourishing as the skin.  

Me:  “Ohhh.  And you said Kevin Murphy has done something like 21 Vogue photo covers.  What makes Vogue choose him for the shoots?”

Sam: “On high profile photo shoots they need hair to last up to 16 hours for the array of different looks.  With other products, they have to shampoo and style all over again for each new look…with this line they found they could just move on to the next look without having to shampoo, blow out, etc. all over again.  Time is money on shoots.”

Me:  “Good enough for Vogue and you?  I’m in.”

.    .    .    .    .

My converted hair after Sam’s cut and products.  It doesn’t look like pine straw anymore.



The products Sam used on my hair, which I happily took home:

1.  Body guard leave in conditioner


2.  Staying Alive

staying alive

3.  Antigravity gel, which is amazeballs and pictured in beginning of post.

For all you Georgia gals, you can pick up all of these products (and more) at Sam’s Salon IO in Roswell.  For the full effect, you can experience one of Sam’s cuts and go into spring feeling like a whole new girl.  Give him a ring at (770) 643-1471.

One more awesome thing: in addition to running his own business, Sam has recently been invited to be a part of the extended design team of Kevin Murphy.  Yay, Sam!!  Told you he was good ; )

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  1. Holly says:

    Is it the combo of both that allows your hair to work for up to 3 days or is it just one of them? Thanks! Your hair looks great by the way!

  2. Seleta says:

    Holly, I think it is any of the style products (used with heat to activate and set the style) that help it last. I’m really happy with the Anti Gravity gel for keeping my locks smooth and texturized.


  3. Lizziefitz says:

    More is more! Only when it comes to pics.. Please post a full head shot so I can copy you& bring to my hairdresser . Thank you for always clueing us in on your finds:))))))

  4. margaret says:

    The antigravity does wonders with limp fine hair, too. Most products just weigh down my hair and make it look very flat. My style lasts much longer after using KM antigravity. It doesn’t last for more than one day, but that is the nature of my straight, baby fine hair.

  5. Kates says:

    Ohhh nice! What type of hair do you have? Mine is long, fine, and thin. However I seem to have a ton of hair, because when I curl it , it seems to come out of now where. Anyways did your stylist say that it works on almost all hair types?

  6. jana says:

    Your hair is beautiful. I am a shine fanatic but have to steer away from anything”volumizing”. I have volume for days…heavy sigh.

  7. Tiffany says:

    What is the magical product that saved your thinning hair? I’ve got the same problem!

  8. elaine sauer says:

    More pics! And being in the beauty industry for 24 years; I can tell you Sam is right about the KM brand! You are truly in good hands. And what a coup for Sam to be partnering with KM for talent and design in the US. Love your color too.

  9. Laura says:

    Dear Seleta, I follow your blog, FB & Pins ….I am so glad you wrote about your hair. It always looks great to me. My hair has caused me so many issues since turning 40. It’s always flat, oily yet, dry scalp! How? And now now matter what conditioner I use, I seem to have this matted knot at the back of my hair after showering.
    I am in Toronto, do you think your awesome Sam might be available for a phone consult or email? I need help.
    PS. you are so very inspiring!

  10. Crissy says:

    Oh, I am quite familiar with the puffy straw hair….. thanks for sharing… will have to try and search out these products here in Europe. Congrats on your fabulous hair! :)

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I love this line, too! My stylist carries it and it’s wonderful!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    My stylist carries this line as well. It’s wonderful!!!

  13. Michelle says:

    A sleeping bag! For a winter camping trip with my future husband. Romantic, huh?

  14. Monica says:

    Hi Seleta, I too have a problem with thinning hair which I read on your blog a while back Your hair looks fantastic and so healthy. Would love to know what product saved your hair though?

  15. Seleta says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the nice comments. For those of you who asked about a hair thinning product, just call Sam’s salon and they can direct you. I don’t have the name but they do : )


  16. Jill says:

    Have you ever considered getting the Keratin treatment? I have thick somewhat frizzy/wavy hair and Keratin is hands down the best “beauty” money I spend. It lasts for about 6 months and even at the beach or the rainiest of days my frizzy bushy hair stays smooth. And, I use minimal styling products and drying time is cut in half.

  17. Thank you for this! My hair is falling out like crazy.

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