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Ahhhh, it’s Monday.  We survived the weekend.  I say survive because with children, each weekend presents its own unique blend of adventures.  Some are just plain fun and effortless yet others are downright exhausting.  You can plan away, but you never quite know which you will get.  It’s generally a function of the combination of our activities mixed with the general mood of the house.  May sound crazy, but rearing children at times reminds me of training an energized colt or filly…while many days are good with tremendous progress, others a little more challenging and you feel as if you took five steps back from your goal.  Or you were hit by a Mac truck, ha.  I find it best to always begin and end with love.  While standing your ground.  This feat takes serious endurance….with a clever mix of wit and humor.


Never easy.  But always worth it.

I think the hardest thing for me as a parent is standing my ground.  It’s been a real journey learning how to confidently set boundaries and not feel guilty or cave.  Interestingly enough, this issue also pops up in riding life with my horse, Savez.  Sometimes I have to bust out my tough side and get all crazy with my kids and insist, “no further discussion.”  I usually finish with “you’ll thank me when you’re 30.”  Oh how they love me.

Yes, rearing a family takes grit.  And I’m learning, just like riding with confidence, it’s not the least bit impossible.

Hats off to ALL moms and dads who, day after day, work hard to raise their family.  And to all the moms and dads who raised the generation before them.  Providing love and leadership to your children is such a privilege and gift.  And certainly makes this world a better place.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    What a timely post Seleta! Today we are celebrating the first Family Day Holiday in British Columbia…a much needed break in the dreariness of February. Children are alot like horses and we are so blessed to have both in our lives!

  2. sarah says:

    i love when you write posts like these and also when you instagram pics of your family like you did last night.
    share more about being firm? and balancing it all with love? and still loving your three year old while you’re at it? :)

  3. Ingrid says:

    Funnily I find that lately I sound like my mother when I am talking to the children. Living this picture

  4. From what I can tell from your posts (I’ve been a long, long-time reader), you’re doing it right. We raised two amazing kids who are now adults (daughter is my blog partner), and we agreed before we had them to support each other always so they couldn’t play us one against the other. Consequently, they never did. Also, they knew that “no” meant “no”, and they never argued. Yes, they sulked at times, but they didn’t argue or talk back. They knew they could count on us to be at every activity, and we knew we could count on them. Be patient and hang in there. It will go by faster than you can ever imagine.

  5. Debbi @ the beach says:

    I agree with you. It has been such a gift for my hubby and I to have the opportunity to raise four great children. Two of them are out of college now one is in high school and one in middle school. My oldest son and I were talking awhile back and I told him him what a gift he and his siblings are to us. I think he kind of gets it, but I know he will get it even more when he and his wife have the awesome opportunity themselves:)

  6. Aunt Pat says:

    hang in there. They WILL love you when they are 30, or probably earlier… like tomorrow :) They have one of the coolest moms and dad around. They know it.

  7. Kayla Onufer says:

    Nothing that a little wine doesn’t help with…miss your guts gobs! See you this summer sweets!

  8. Missy says:

    Tears to my eyes…such a beautiful way to describe the challenges of raising children.

  9. I love to read mothers that are so honest about the difficulties of being a parent… Great post!

  10. Cyndi says:

    Hi Seleta! I posted on your November thread ( the one showing your son Pierce) I would love it if you would scroll back and read my post! I wanted to give you a heads up on the current blog page so you would know to go to that page! I posted there because it was the photos of Pierce that I was posting about! Thanks

  11. Seleta says:

    Yes, hello there Cyndi. I tried emailing in response but it bounced back. Try sending me an email on my contact form so we can communicate a little easier : )


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