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It’s the weekend and I’m so excited to relax after a crazy busy week!


I leave you with this thought…read it a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.


Love.  So.  Much.


This thought is so simple yet so meaningful.  Fill your heart with what’s important…okay, that part’s easy.  Be done with all the rest.  Hmmm.  A little trickier.  But a critical step to take in order to enjoy what you’ve filled in your heart.  Have you ever had something in your life that robs you of joy but somehow you don’t have the courage to let it go?  I have.  It seems like we hang on to these things because of fear – maybe fear of disappointing someone, fear of failure, or something along those lines.  It’s sad but true how much random nonsense can slowly creep into, or in some cases pile into, our daily lives.  Kicking up our heels and soaking up the important stuff is way healthier…and fun.


This week I finished a work-related deadline that was really eating away at me and causing stress.  I didn’t realize how much stress until it was over.  Right after I finished, there was a feeling of such relief – it felt so good to lighten my load.  I sat by myself and thought for a long time.  Something was stirring inside me.  So I made a list of what important things filled my heart.  Then started to make a list of a few things that in the big picture were NOT filling my heart, ie: be done with all the rest.  Things that kept me busy, but dragged me down.  I’ll be honest, that part scared me a little.  I had to get past the imagined feeling that it is failure to let certain things go.  Had to tell myself it was okay to let go.  Yep, I had to consciously accept that it was going to be okay!  Sometimes I have to ask myself “what’s the worst case here” if I do ______.  I realized it’s wasn’t like I going to spontaneously burst into flames or something.  

After my reclaimed freedom, I felt a hundred pounds lighter.  More joy.  Less worry.  Yesterday I spent the day with one of my kids doing things we don’t normally do.  We went out for a long lunch with friends.  We ate an ice cream cone (with sprinkles of course) in the middle of the day.  We skipped in the rain – totally fun by the way.  We put on our pajamas at 6 o’clock because we wanted to chill after a big week.  It felt so good to relax and be done with all the rest.


I challenge you to ask yourself this weekend what’s most important to fill your heart.  And be done with all the rest.  It takes a little guts, but I’ll tell you it feels good!  Maybe say “no” to that extra project that will add stress and probably shave off a few years of your life.  And say “yes” to more time with the special someone (or someones) in your life.  If you’re down with that plan, then here’s your assignment.


Think really hard and make a list of what is important (gives you joy, expresses your creativity, makes you feel alive), then make a list of what drags you down (isn’t part of your goals, robs you of joy).  If you need help with the whole pro/con thought process, I like this concise but effective list that quickly walks you through it.  And if you like something more simple, this free printable list is darling.  It’s stylishly printed in pantone’s color of the year ; )  You can print it out over here.  



Cheers to filling your heart with what’s important.  And for being done with all the rest.

xo  Seleta

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  1. pve says:

    just what I thought I was doing when someone else told me they felt left out… this could not have come at a more important time. i needed this.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks Seleta- that quote is a keeper! What a wonderful reminder of taking time to enjoy what is important.

  3. mypatsyann says:

    You have spoken straight to me today, with exactly what I needed to read. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write that post. God bless you and multiply your time and energy!

  4. Aunt Pat says:

    Cheers! a hug to everyone!!

  5. Sbether says:

    Thank you so much for posting this Seleta, it has really ministered to me during a difficult week. It’s amazing how we allow things and situations to rob us of our joy, and manage at the same time to forget all of the blessings that are right there in front of our faces. I will choose to love, and forget the rest. May you be blessed too, Seleta for your encouraging words!

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