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I guess yesterday’s post must have really influenced me because I ended up buying this on sale top while out and about.  Maybe it’s a little more cost-effective than flying across the Atlantic and spending a night in an all white room overlooking the coast in Capri?  [dead silence] Orrrrr, maybe the color and texture of this top just flows nicely with my last post. Thanks, JCrew ; )

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 10.14.01 PM

Here is the try on.  I’m a sucker for just about anything swiss dot.  I love white and cream, but can get easily washed out with my coloring.  So I make sure to use a bronzer and lipstick.  Maybe next time I decide to take a pic I’ll have on eye make-up and mascara, ugh.

jcrew top

Size note for those who might order online:  I picked up the extra small, but the length seemed to hit a little short on my hips – I’m 5’5″ and have a longer torso.  I also tried on the small.  It felt almost too maternity-esque and baggy…never a good look for an unpregnant, middle-aged gal.  So I asked the sales associate (who was dressed super cute and like 20 years old) if she thought it was too small and she replied, “no, I like a closer fit in tops like that.”  Another sales associate (in her 50′s) chimed in and said, “oh no, no, go with the bigger one.”  And there I sat.  It was a toss up.  So I went out on a limb and chose the XS hoping it would give me that tailored and oh-so-young fit, ha ha.   

I like this casual, monochromatic, layered look with effortless hair.  But I’m pretty sure it’s one of those looks-great-on-a-model-but-impossible-in-real-life outfits.  I’m confident I’ll nevahh pull off cropped white pants with a black stripe down the side.  But she looks adorable!

jcrew look

Speaking of hair, we’re still in the throws of humidity and heat here in the South.  And we’ve had a monsoon kind of summer.  Here is my hair’s bi-weekly cocktail of products from io Salon that pretty much saves me from looking like an electrocuted rat.  I buy these from my stylist, Sam at io Salon.  If you need any of these you can call and they’ll ship to you.  If you’re in the Atlanta area, I would strongly suggesting giving Sam a try.

salon io products

I know, I know, I’ve talked with you until I’m blue in the face about my frizz-happy hair, but cannot tell you how much I love these products.  If I had to pick just one from the group, I’d go with the one on the far right – Full Again thickening lotion.  It coats my hair and somehow performs miracles when I use it to blow dry.

Earlier I mentioned a bronzer – a critical make-up item to have for those on the fair-complected side. Without blush I look like I’ve been completely starved of nutrition and any exposure to sun.  PALE!!  So I use Nars blush/bronzer trio – which I just learned is no longer unavailable.  But I did find some some slightly overpriced stock here and some a little less expensive here.Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 10.55.42 AM

I did some digging and found a current Nars blush bronzer duo in similar colors that looks promising.  I would go with this cotton candy pink color combination – if you have olive or fair skin like me, stronger pinks look very natural and don’t go too orangey on the skin.   The bronzer lightly applied under the apple of the check, gives the face depth.  Just don’t get too happy applying it or you’ll look like George Hamilton.  I also apply a tad on both sides of the forehead near the hairline.  And I love to use the bronzer on my eyes in combination with eye shadow – a very light application and blend, blend, blend!

nars bronzer duo


wednesday white: capri style

August 28, 2013


While working on my zebra post, I bumped into this gorgeous image that threw me into an uncontrollable rush of design euphoria.


It was then I discovered the very famous hotel, J.K. Place.  They have two locations – one in Florence and one in Capri.  Much to my chagrin, these luxury hotels have been blogged and written about to death.  Ommm, how have I missed this?  Have I been living under a rock?!?  Apparently.

Designed by Italian architect Michele Bonan, obviously a complete design genius, this is white done right if I’ve ever seen it.  I may have found a rival location to my long awaited trip to Paris – husband are you reading?  Maybe if I sold a kidney it would almost cover the rate for five nights.


For my color fans – not to worry, there is plenty of color (used with perfect restraint) in both hotels.  Check out their Capri and Florence locations for yourself – they do not disappoint.  You might want to take a nitroglycerin pill first. 

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 9.51.00 AM

In case you need a pretty place to throw a dinner party, here is the one of the dining rooms in Florence.


And their Capri version.


The views aren’t too shabby either.


I loved reading about all of the famous guests they’ve had throughout the years.  I’m sure you recognize this sister fashion duo.  Funny, their outfits in this shot are from 40+ years ago and are still classic…and happen to match the interior scheme of both hotels.  

jackie+lee capri

Also love that both hotels are an incredible example that using classic design pieces in a space lasts the test of time.  I put together some budget-friendly items to give you the J.K. Place look in your home.

capri on a budget


1.  Target does it again.  This acrylic base cube lamp would be adorable paired with a high end shade.

2.  Also loving this crystal pillar lamp – such a deal!

3.  Love this tufted wingback headboard for a bedroom.  Wingbacks are a classic touch and can be found
everywhere at all price points.  I’ve found many dirt cheap at thrift stores and had them slipcovered in white.  If you’re in a budget pinch, these ready-made slipcovers are less than $40 and look interesting.

4.  Every style maven needs something leopard in her life.  These affordable flats are just the right addition to any wardrobe.

5.  This elegant turkish beach towel doubles as a throw when a chill hits the air.

6.  A leather wrapped cocktail shaker and ice bucket?  It screams sheer luxury.  Adorable on a tray atop a console with a lamp, a snippet of flowers, and your favorite beverages.

7.  I had this IKEA’s nickel-plated floor lampuntil some wise guy in my family decided to swing on it.  Planning to get another soon because I love how sharp it is in person.

8.  These IKEA frames are perfect for a grouping of vintage black and white prints of sailboats.  I would choose several in different sizes.

9.  A classic  x-bench priced just right.

.    .    .    .

I’m still smitten and really hope to visit the Capri location someday – even if it’s just for wine and dinner! Has anyone ever traveled to Capri?

[images courtesy of J.K. Place and Lonny]

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  1. Lindsey A. says:

    I love JK Place! We stayed at JK in Florence on our honeymoon. I think I drove my (new at the time) husband crazy running around the hotel capturing photos. I dream of going to the Capri location one day. Oh, and I recently heard they are opening one in Rome or maybe have done so already. Definitely a must see when in Italy!!!

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