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Why does Target continue to taunt me with their adorable home good items?  I swear every week I see something new that’s hard to resist.  It’s like they have a workshop of design elves cranking out products left and right while we sleep.  Like this swanky little brass and wood bar cart that just came out.


bar cart

They, the evil, cracked out, design-pusher elves, styled it for you here – of course with links to all items on the cart.  I mean, come on.  When I think about my relationship with Target I realize it’s the poster child of dysfunction.  They’re always waving something new and pretty in my face – and I can’t say seem to say no.  Stop it.  Stop it right now, Target. But please keep going, I love it.  See what I mean?  Psycho.  How am I supposed to focus on responsible things such as grocery shopping, meal planning, and saving for the future (yawn) when there is a bar cart missing in my life?  Rationally, I know that I don’t need this.  Not one little bit.  But more than likely I’ll pull the trigger and feel a tinge of resentment flooded with joy.  Can someone explain this phenomenon?  And yes, I am one of the .005% of designers who do not actually own a bar cart. 

Let’s forget the fact that I don’t have time to entertain, much less indulge in an evening cocktail, yet I still fantasize about moments like this…

bar cart5

bar cart3

Maybe I could use a bar cart for serving pink lemonade when our childrens’ friends come over?  #whatkidwouldcareaboutthis #purchasejustification

bar cart4


Just to show you my sickness is healthy and thriving with other discount retailers, I put together some more affordable goodies that have recently caught my eye.

bar cart2


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

1.  Adorable sunburst mirror.

2.  This decanter with gold dots is presh – would also make a perfect hostess gift.

3.  This gold mirror top accent table would be cute above a headboard, chest, console, or ahem, bar cart.

4.  These marble print trays look promising.  Note:  I also have a tray problem.

5.  Saying yes to this dotty jewlery box on sale.  But kind of annoyed with the shipping cost.  

6.  The other marble print tray.

7.  Sassy little square pouf on sale.

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  1. antiquechase says:

    I bought the target bar cart and oh lordy it’s a keeper!!!!

  2. BethA says:

    Oh, I know JUST how you feel! I have the same problem when I go to Target. I can always find things that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without! Maybe we need to start a 12-step group. Hello, my name is Beth and I can’t leave Target empty-handed.

  3. Kathi White says:

    Tarjet…. Is my fav! They continually amaze me, too. Really like the bar cart and omg, the bamboo from lulu is divine. But, the simplicity of the featured one really appeals to me the most to work throughout the house, etc.

  4. Dawn says:

    I just saw this in person an hour or so ago. Target had an assembled cart on one of their end caps – I was excited for a moment, thinking it was on clearance. It wasn’t. I still may have to buy it.

    It’s kind of tall and that was my hesitation. It isn’t side table height, so I’d have to figure out where it could go if not next to some seating – or ignore its height.

    But it’s really very pretty.

  5. Dawn says:

    Oh – my husband and I call Target “The Home Of The $100 Toothpaste.” You go in for toothpaste, and a hundred bucks later….

  6. liza says:

    this is perfect.

  7. amy says:

    walking into target is dangerous. walking into target sans children is budget suicide. but i’ll still do it.

    every. time.

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