I’ve been chomping at the bit for a perfect moment to enjoy the bold new design book, Tom Scheerer Decorates.  Scheerer is one of my all time design heros, so I knew this wasn’t exactly a casual bedtime read or quickly-flip-through-and-look book.  Oh no, this experience had to be savored in just the right way and therefore, required the following ingredients:

  1. freshly brewed cup of coffee (in favorite mug)
  2. quiet house
  3. comfy spot
  4. no email, text, chicken cluck, or phone call interruptions

Do you know what a rarity this combination is in my life?  Husband and I decided to use our super tag team powers so I could enjoy this rare and cherished moment.  I packed lunches, braided hair like a maniac, and tended to the hens all before coffee.  Then husband whisked away with all the kids for school earlier than usual.   

And this was perfection.

tom sheerer decorates

First of all the book is big, but not crazy huge, so you can comfortably hold it while enjoying all the details of every room.  Page after page was pure inspiration.  Could I pick a favorite room?  A favorite home?  Nope.  Impossible.  Each space is loaded with Scheerer’s signature style of tradition peppered with texture, comfort, color, and an element of surprise.  I did perk up whenever I spotted any of his work poised near a body of water.  Such as this home in Maine which I’ve been intrigued with for years.  Finally got to read all about it and see more of the home.  It does not disappoint.

tom sheerer decorates3

Also loved this home in Harbour Island, Bahamas.  The clients live in London most of the year, and the husband is from a French family known for its maisons extraordinaires.  This home is a must see.  Although you may faint from inhaling the fumes of design perfection.

tom sheerer decorates2

Everything about this book inspires – I plan to go over it again and again.  It’s a wonderful addition to my growing design book collection.  I highly recommend grabbing a copy.  You can find it here.  Thanks to Meghan at The Vendome Press, who kindly sent this to me as a gift : )

[photography by Francesco Lagnese]

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  1. Evie says:

    Seleta I enjoyed reading about Tom Scheerer’s book Decorates. As a Londoner, I enjoy his style and the influences he has from the British island colonies.

  2. Allison A. says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! It looks beautiful …packed full of inspiration. Glad you were able to have a few moments to yourself to enjoy it Seleta!

  3. Aunt Pat says:

    I needed a little escapism today :)

  4. Devon says:

    Does anyone know the name of the wallpaper he used in the bedroom photo? It’s lovely and I’d love to use it for one of my projects!

    And, Seleta, I agree with you. It’s so nice to receive a thank you in this day and age. A reminder to all of us to pause and remember what is important in life.

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