I was moved by something yesterday.  A thank you.  A courteous, genuine, email expressing thanks for simply being mentioned on this little blog.  Yes, friends, Tom Scheerer is not only one of the most influential designers of our time, but a perfect gentleman.  He didn’t have to send me a note.  He’s probably one of the busiest people out there – I’m guessing he has several assistants and a schedule that would bring most of us to our knees.  But he took the time to write a lovely note that included a thanks.  And I was moved.  Moved by the simple act of expressing kindness and gratitude.

tom scheerer
[Tom Scheerer]

This type of courtesy gives me hope in our fast-paced, never-have-any-time-for-notes world.  And it makes me think about character.  I agree with the quote that describes character as how one treats others when no one is looking…or better yet doing something kind just for the sake of kindness – not credit.  Imagine that.

Expressing thanks anytime a nicety happens was always ingrained in me as I grew up.  And it shocks me to see how rarely gratitude is expressed these days.  We live in a society of entitlement and “me, me, me” first.  As a parent who tries to encourage humility and gratitude in our kids, I feel like I swim against our culture’s stream of self-focused values every day.  So to see someone who still takes the time to express thanks is quite moving.  And speaks volumes about his character.

In honor of the gentleman in our world, yes these jewels still exist, here are a few sparkly things that may bring you a smile.


– This rugged yet chic handmade leather toiletry bag is perfect – and it’s monogrammed!

– My husband swears by his favorite hat – he has the cream with green inside.  He wore it when hiking in Alaska.  He likes that it has a lifetime warranty.  I like that it’s chic.

– I’m told Fear Your Strengths is a great read.  It’s on my list.  Basically the authors assessed the habits/traits of thousands of successful senior executives to discover the four fundamental leadership qualities.  Readers identify their own leadership leanings and learn how to prevent their positive traits from compromising their effectiveness.

– If you’ve got a red meat kinda guy, I read that this is the perfect cocktail to pair with prime beef.

– The coolest gym bag I’ve seen in a while.

I’m starting my weekend inspired.  TGIF.

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  1. Bruce Barone says:

    I have been thinking a lot about the importance of saying/writing Thank You.

    I have been mailing Artifact Uprising photo books to customers and prospects. Most have written to say Thank You.

    But as few, and I am simple befuddled by this, have never said anything.

    I don’t give to get. But Thank You goes a long way for me.

  2. Kelly H. says:

    I have been thinking about this very same thing. Yesterday, I went to pick up my dry cleaning and the girl working there told me I had been her nicest customer all day and that I really made her day. All I had even done was said “Hi there!” when I walked in and then said “Thanks very much!” when I was leaving. How sad is that?! That’s the best customer of the day?

    A good reminder to slow down, be kind and use our manners. They are priceless.

  3. so nice! there really is nothing like a little thank you note!

  4. karen sunday says:

    I think you have a super classy blog look forward to every post, I sent a letter to thank a judge for the kindness and huge chance he gave someone very close to me and he sent a very nice response to thank me for my letter I could not believe he replied, talk about a gentlemen! being grateful is always in style! thanks, Karen

  5. BethA says:

    Amen! We’ve all gotten in such a hurry — over meaningless things — that we’ve forgotten the important things like thankfulness and gratitude.

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