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Cleaning is a necessary part of my life.  Yep, our family of six faces splats, spills, and other messy surprises daily.  I would never really think to post about cleaning per se, but was recently sent a lovely cleaning set from a company called Branch Basics.  To be completely honest, I loved the look and sound of this line but was nervous to use it because I’ve never had great luck with “natural” products.  Plus I’ve always been a die hard old-fashioned-cleaning-kinda-gal.  I was taught that the most effective cleaning meant rolling up my sleeves and scrubbing down a surface with bleach or other harsh chemicals.  

I agreed to give Branch Basics a try with an open mind.

branch basics4

In a way, I did it as kind of a crazy experiment – I went straight to the most offensive place in my kitchen:  the greasy stove cooktop.  One spray and a few strokes later, the cooktop was practically sparkling.  I sat there scratching my head in amazement…no scrubbing, huffing, or waiting, it just came clean.  “Huh!?”  On to my next conquest.  I handed the spray bottle to my husband to try on our extra dirty counter tops.  Yes we tag-team clean in our home – it’s the only way to get it all done, ha.  In a few seconds of wiping, the counters were shiny and clean.  None of the streaky stuff we usually see after 10 minutes of “polishing.”  We were both kind of shocked.

Conclusion?  I was officially introduced to a whole new world of “green” cleaning that actually works.

branch basics3

Basically, Branch Basics can clean marble, granite and other surfaces like nobody’s business, yet is gentle enough to not destroy our environment.  Didn’t even know this was possible??  I put this solution to the test on some of the grimiest offenders in our home and continue to remain impressed with its cleaning power.

Why and How?

This product is made of coconut oil and plant enzymes.  Translation –  it is biodegradable, non-chemical, and  SAFE for humans.  Yes, you can scrub everything from your bathroom counters, to fresh fruit, to your sweet little baby’s face.  All you have to do is follow directions on how much water to add to the concentrate your buy, then label it.  It’s that easy.  I have their foaming container in my bathroom and use it as a facial cleanser – love it.  

branch basics2

Yes, you can even clean your veggies and fruit with their formula.  Amaze.

branch basics1

Note to mommies:  Branch Basics is 100% baby safe…and also a good product to consider when you are pregnant and cleaning.  There is no “Keep out of the reach of children” label as it is not harmful even if accidentally ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin.

branch basics5

Love their Healthy Living library with tons of free educational info on cleaning and healthy living.  I’m especially intrigued with their article one how to  “test your water.”

The folks at Branch Basics are offering a generous 30% discount off all orders.  I have the large starter kit and love it.  The small starter kit would make an adorable house-warming gift.  Discount ends at midnight on October 25.  

simply seleta discount graphic


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  1. Kelley says:

    What does it smell like? I know that has nothing to do with how well the product works, but I love for my house to smell “clean”.

  2. Stacey Besse says:

    Just ordered mine! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Ellie says:

    Yay, finally a product line that I can use around my tots…without worrying! Thank you for keeping us in the know, Seleta : )

  4. Sophie Grey says:

    Can’t wait to try. Do these products have a fragrance?

  5. Kayden says:

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I just found my new baby wash and laundry detergent – all in one, ha.

  6. Angie R. says:

    You got me, I bought this. My husband has been having really bad problems with his hands and we have been buying $12/bottle soap. The ingredient list is a mile long! I look forward to gaining a ton of space in my cleaning supply cabinet!

  7. Aunt Pat says:

    This a fantastic lead. thank you!

  8. Seleta says:

    Angie – hope this is the answer to your husband’s hands!

    Sophie and Kelley – there is no fragrance, only super clean results : )


  9. Suzanne says:

    Thank you SO much Seleta for sharing this product with us!! I immediately went to their website and was “hooked”! Like you, I have tried numerous “green” or “natural” products that just didn’t work. I am so excited to try this product!!! I love that you can add a drop of essential oil if you would like a scent or you can keep it fragrance free… genius!! Thank you Branch Basics for the generous discount:)

  10. Kimber-Leigh says:

    thank you for sharing seleta! i just purchased and am so excited to try this out. i have recently been discouraged by the “normal” cleaning products, as it makes me nervous to let my children use them. (and yet, want them to learn to clean and take part in chores) i also have had disappointing results with other “green” products…so i have high hopes for this!

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