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After a full month of running around like a crazy person, I’m finally taking a quiet moment to sip coffee while enjoying cozy holiday tunes…just bought these mugs and love them!  Do you spy my super fancy, high-end coffee maker in the background?  Ha.  

coffee mug

I can never seem to commit to one single pattern on any dishes, so I love that these mugs are white and therefore versatile.  The raised dot adds a monochromatic pattern that lends a nice graphic quality to any table setting.  Full disclosure:  I watched these mugs for months before I committed to buy.  Wanted to make sure I really loved their look and wasn’t just infatuated.  #weirdo


Today I’m wrapping some gifts while the kids play.  Earlier this week I set up a make-ship wrapping station.  Caddy from Macbeth Collection, paper, letters, and chalkboard tags from Target,  bells from dollar store.   

wrap it up2a

This pic from anthro is my source of inspiration.  Love that they used pattern in the ribbons versus the paper.

wrap it up1

I found some GREAT free printable gift tags for we non-Martha mortals who are still wrapping.  Here are my top three picks.

1.  Elegant and simple:  you can’t go wrong with these free printable tags offered in nine different styles.  These would be great against a big pattern wrapping paper.

wrap it up3

2.  Fun and kid friendly:  Love all of these hand illustrated pretties.  Yes, there is even a super cute “Elf” tag for your kiddos!  Free download and more adorable styles over here.

wrap it up4

3.  Artsy charm:  I totally DYING over these animal tags hand painted by this talented Seattle blogger and artiste.

wrap it up6

Look how pretty! And she has a set of tags that are exclusively blue designs as well.  Both free printables over here.

wrap it up5

I usually wrap gifts the night before Christmas and end up in a state of exhaustion by staying up into the wee hours.  This year decided I to turn over a new leaf, and make it fun by taking my wrapping in sessions ahead of time.

I’ll  pop in a few more times over the holiday.  Cheers to pretty wrapping!

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  1. Missi says:

    My mom just bought the ramekins in the same pattern as your mugs. They are really cute. I also wanted to tell you that I loved your craft idea for the girls. I asked my son if he’d like to do the same but in boy colored/themed paper. I think I’ll have a craft day over our long school break. And one last thing, when I showed my son the craft idea he noticed your house. He said that “house is awesome.” Merry Christmas!

  2. Seleta says:

    Great idea, Missi! So glad your son will have a fun project to do with you. Thank you for your compliment : )

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Andrea C says:

    So Seleta’s picks always cost me $$ lol..have that bone inlay tray from Tracery..now those mugs..I have had them in my shopping cart so many times!! Do they keep your coffee hot?
    I have slightly oversized latte cups from Wisteria (a few years back) and coffee is cold before it’s even half drank…thanks for your opinion..Merry Christmas!

  4. Seleta says:

    Hi Andrea,

    So far so good on the target mugs, but as far as keeping coffee warm, I still favor my seaside mugs!
    I don’t see it on the seaside site right now, so if you order one you might have to call them.



  5. Cammy says:

    Great tips! Enjoy your wrapping party.

  6. BethA says:

    I’m doing things backwards from my usual. Typically, we have the decorating done shortly after Thanksgiving, and the wrapping gets done in a panic on Christmas Eve. This year, I’ve got all the packages wrapped, and the tree has been done for awhile, but the garlands and knick-knack stuff are all still being worked on. In my dreams, next year it will ALL be done by December 1. Where there’s breath, there’s hope, right?? Ha!

    PS — LOVE your nail polish!

  7. carolyn says:

    Ha. I just bought that mug yesterday after breaking yet another mug of ours. I have the ramekin/bowl too and love them. They look much more fancy than they are. You need a Nespresso. :) (It’s the only ‘fancy’ thing I own!)

  8. Katharina says:

    Thank you Seleta for the links to the free printable tags. I just printed some :) Wishing you and your family wonderful Christmas days.

  9. Ingrid says:

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas. Hope you have a fun filled day.

  10. Lisa says:

    Like you, I can’t commit to just one set of dishes. I love collecting different china that can be mixed with my basic white set. Those mugs look great-must check them out at Target.
    Happy Christmas to you!

  11. CArolyn says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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