It’s Friday!  Or at least I think it is?  It’s been a wild week here in Florida.  On Wednesday I was scheduled to leave for a much-anticipated girl’s trip to Atlanta with one of my besties, who was flying in from Colorado.  We all know what happened to poor Atlanta.  So the trip was out.  By Wednesday morning over here, we had a dusting of snow on the ground and iced-over roads and bridges – all closed.  In this part of Florida, you have to cross bridges to get anywhere.  Our main interstate, I-10, was shut down.  The kids were SO excited to see snow in our parts, but it wasn’t quite what they were expecting.  Our eight-year-old ran outside first thing in the morning and came back in screaming, “Mom, Mom, look at my snowball!”  That bag on his hip is our binoculars bag – he always carries a bag of some type to save the treasures he finds outside.  Love him.

florida snowball

It has been chilly – 20 degrees on the water is bitter cold.  Pippi came in after a romp and was shivering.  We fixed that.  Remember the fabulous Pizitz blanket I blogged about?  Ta-da!  Seven years of use and still going.  #wortheverypenny


And speaking of kids, they have been out of school for three days…that’s tha-reeeeee days.  Last week they were out two days for MLK and a teacher work day (I was the teacher at work and Peter was stay-at-home dad).  So our routine has been slightly off.  Every two days it’s like the weekend for the kids.  They’re all like “parrrrrr-tay!”  Peter and I are like “whaaaaa?”  It has been an adventure, friends.  And by adventure, I mean the dishes are piled up and I feel kind of like Goldie Hawn in this scene from Overboard…



That has to be one of my favorite all time movies.  It is just perfection.

And I cracked up the past few days as I thought of my last post promising to share with you outfit ideas from a few of my latest purchases.  Because my outfits that last three days have totally felt like this – minus the dead chicken accessory.


Cheers to good laughs, recharging our batteries, and Friday.  I think I see a date night in our immediate future!

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  1. Joanne says:

    OMG I love it…. For a second I thought maybe one of your chicken’s had to sacrifice itself because you could not get to the store. Thank you for the clarification and I can SO SEE Peter dunking you in the water, and that being your response ;) You crack me up! JCS

  2. pve says:

    you still have energy for date night? geez.

  3. CArolyn says:

    That is one of my favorite movies, too! Never get tired of watching to. Glad you’re back, I have been dogging your site daily for the fashion promise. Will be patient.

  4. BethA says:

    Our weather here in Houston has been weird. Two ice days — one last week, one this week. And today it’s 71 degrees. What a roller-coaster. Of course, we got off EASY compared to folks farther east, such as Atlanta. Here’s to a GREAT weekend for Southerners everywhere! Hope everyone is home, and warm and dry!

  5. Nicole says:

    Date night sounds great! I think our kids have had at least one wind chill day every week since returning to school after Christmas break! We no longer call them snow days, it’s just plain coooold. We’re getting used to it… especially since the alternative is to go all Goldie Hawn catatonic. ;) Happy weekend, Seleta!

  6. Dawn says:

    Oh yeah. Up here at the northernmost tip of the “South” it has been fa-reezing. I will never complain about fifty degree weather again. The kids… I don’t even know how many days they’ve had closed school or two hour days or teacher workdays at this point. A lot. Come, spring.

    I love that throw and am losing the resolve not to buy it rapidly.

  7. Andrea C says:

    Who can forget “spaghettio surprise”? Love that movie!

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