Okay, so how awesome are all of you for leaving comments in the last post?!  Gahhh.  Thank you for sharing a part of your life and then taking the time to give back to each other so graciously.  What an inspiration you are!  Hopefully those of you who were not able to share still felt a connection and left with inspiration.

Peter and I headed out on a road trip the day after the post.  Our empty nester dream car.   

road trip

While he drove, my heart was so full as I read through the comments.  As I read them aloud, Peter kept saying, “you have the nicest readers.”  And I was all, “yes, they are amazing.”  Each comment that came in made me smile.

So THIS message is for all of you.


And speaking of good, it was a really good weekend.  We decided to turn a business trip into a 48 hour getaway sans kids.  Anyone who is a parent knows that one-on-one time spent with your mate is something to savor.  No fussy evenings, dinner to cook, dishes to clean, or homework to supervise.  For an entire 48 hours.  Ahhhhhh.

The one treat we enjoy is ordering breakfast in our room.  Something about not having to wake up early and cook for a hungry crew feels like the ultimate luxury.  

ritz weekend

Until children entered the picture, I had no concept of how sacred a quiet, relaxing morning could be.  Of course I  cherish our brood, but love an occasional break ; ) 

We managed to sneak out for a night on the town.  Although we were pretty much ready for bed by 10:30pm, ha.  Another tradition we love is dressing up and going somewhere we wouldn’t normally take the kids.  This picture is yellow because of dim hotel lighting, but I don’t care because there is so much happiness here.  It was a great night.

ritz weekend2

As I mentioned before, our trip was very short.  There wasn’t time to go many places, so I had to be strategic.  While Peter was away on business that afternoon, I decided to indulge at Van Michael Salon.  Brows by my darling friend, Nikole (anyone in Atlanta must take advantage of having her near you), and a sassy new cut by senior stylist, Rod.  Highly recommend him!  Have to give both of them credit for helping me feel extra glam for my hot date.


Peter picked me up from the salon and our date officially began.  On our way back to the hotel, we picked up fresh flowers at Whole Foods and a favorite new bubbly at Trader Joe’s.  Blason de Bourgogne.  $9.99 folks – write up about it here.  So fun to enjoy a toast before heading to dinner.  

trader joe's champagne

Despite the short amount of time, we both came back recharged and happy to reunite with our brood.

Advice to ALL couples with or without kidlets:  plan regular getaways – even if it all you can spare is one night.  I think it’s fun to celebrate for no particular reason , reconnect with each other, and let go of day-to-day responsibility and stress.  An essential treat for your relationship.

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  1. pve says:

    So much goodness… nephew is getting married in May and I am creating a little “12 days” book for the bride to be to read before the wedding. I am in hopes that it will serve as a reminder for her to cherish her day and all the days to come. I think newlyweds or “oldieweds” can always use a little inspiration or advice….getaways are always good. With or without the brood.
    Thanks again for all you inspire.

  2. kayce ughes says:

    Love the photos! You look stunning.

  3. Kathryn C says:

    We just had our first (FIRST!!!) kid-free weekend in 7 YEARS!! Oh.My.Gosh! We went out on the town, then out for lunch the next day, and out for dinner, and a luxuriously-relaxing night in front of the fire that night. Late sleep-in, then off to pick them up and enjoy lunch all together. Never knew what we had been missing all these years! Planning on it becoming a (semi) regular occurrence :) Glad you got to enjoy a lovely weekend too.

  4. BethA says:

    Your weekend is inspirational! My hubs and I need to do that! Love your new ‘do, by the way.

  5. nastasha says:

    It is so important for couples to have dates one on one sans kiddies! Such moments to recharge and reconnect are surely the way to keep the flames burning and healthiest perspectives. You look Marvelous and Gorgeous Seleta!

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