wednesday white: the porch

It’s been pouring rain all day.  You know, it’s taken me seven years to realize Florida gets a ton of rain.  Each time it rains days on end I brush it off and say to myself, “oh, this is just a fluke.”  A friend of mine told me last week that an environmental expert recently visited our town and was explaining exactly how much rain Florida gets.  It was an astronomical number!  I did a little research on my own and learned that we are the 5th rainiest state in the country.  Then why did they title it the sunshine state?  

Porches are a great space to have if you live in a rainy climate.  You can enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors and the creature comforts of design no matter what mood mother nature might be in.  And what’s a porch without pretty pops of white…


Love the combo of outdoor curtains and a fireplace above.  Adding panels to your porch is a great way to get that “finished” look.  I have used these panel cheapies by IKEA on so many projects.  $27 for the pair.  It’s a great way to add a soft touch without spending much at all.  The grommets keep things looking simple and mod.

Designer tip:  If the panels hang higher than 96″, I like to double up by putting two panels side by side (versus one panel hanging alone) so it doesn’t look too flimsy.  So you would use four panels total versus only two.

ikea panels

Okay, so this gorgeous outdoor space is technically not an enclosed porch, but you get the idea.  White pops in flowers and furniture frames are perfection with the light blue scheme and green surroundings.  The navy piping keeps the light blue from looking too “sweet.”  Nicely done.


I love love love working with navy blue.  It’s a classic neutral great to use in almost any space.  For a similar effect, I would go with this fabulous navy and white pouf on a porch in a millisecond.  Two side by side in front of a porch sofa would be dandy.  Was wanting to save my current target pouf obsession for another post, but just can’t help myself.

target pouf

Love this crisp, white space.  Look at all the texture and pattern going on here, yet there aren’t loads of color to overwhelm the eye.  Clever design.


And this porch is so delicious with the black shutters, painted floors and painted ceiling.  Love it all.


I like this garden stool cutie for 50 beans.   You could probably find something almost identical if you checked out Homegoods, T.J. Maxx, etc.  Then you avoid shipping costs.

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 12.21.56 PM



Remember, a porch is just like any other room in your house – it needs to offer comfort, practicality, and aesthetics.  I think of the porch as a place to enjoy nature while also enjoying the perks of indoors.  Here are a few of my current favorite accessories for designing this space.

preppy porch essentials

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  1. nastasha says:

    Love the porch images. I must redo my porch after reading your blog and will add the perfection and simplicity you shared! Love the neutrals with blues and the sofa with navy piping.

  2. pve says:

    all of the sudden, the raindrops were forgotten and images of sunshine and porches popped in my head,

  3. Elizabeth says:

    So pretty!! I got our garden stool at Big Lots last year. $20! Looks just like this one

  4. Nicole says:

    This post is killing me as I look outdoors on a sea of snow. At least it’s white! Cannot wait to spend time outdoors enjoying a well-styled space! Great picks, Seleta.

    And don’t get me started on all the darling poofs at Target right now…

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