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We’ve had our cousins in town from Austin, Texas.  It’s been such a fun week!  Boating, beach lounging, shopping, and all the activities you can imagine doing while visiting our area.  We’re still “on vacation” so I’ll try to share more pics next week.

On Wednesday, we took the boat out for a fun day at Crab Island – a unique part of the Emerald Coast which leads into a portion of the bay that’s shallow and clear.   We even boated to dinner at our very favorite sushi place, Harbor Docks.  Our cousin, Lolly captured the cutest shot of Peter leading all the girls to one of the small beaches after dinner.   

family beachtime1

Peter has never named his boat…I think the name “Sea Mistress” would be fitting.  He loves his boat about as much as I love my horse ; )

family beachtime2

Beach time with family makes me feel so happy.  And it’s like I get to see our surroundings in a whole new way.  Are you planning to travel soon?  Here’s a list of beach fashion inspiration I put together for your summer vacay…


  1. Lovvvvvve this packing list (complete with outfit pictures) by perspicasity.  Especially the red coral necklace, which is well-priced.  I want it ALL!!
  2. Check out this brilliant sun hat DIY.  Had no idea pom pom trim could be so chic!? [photo via]  sun hat DIY
  3. This $21 embroidered cover up is perfect for a little sass at the beach.
  4. A simple maxi for summer is essential.  I adore this charcoal wrap maxi, or this $27 cream strapless maxi or this $80 cream with straps.  If you like pattern, I’ve tried on this blue ocean maxi and love.  It’s super comfy and you can’t go wrong with the pattern, price, or color.
  5. A statement necklace is a wonderful wardrobe staple.  I would wear any simple dress, tee, or maxi with this killer crystal industrial necklace.  The whole jewelry line is over here.  necklace
  6. This budget friendly beach tote would be adorable monogrammed.
  7. And of course, this is my favorite all around beach/boat/barn hat.  It’s preppy fab and goes with everything.  I’ve had mine for 7 years!

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 10.15.47 AM

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  1. ellen says:

    OOOOOOH…thanks for the shopping tips. I’m on it. Love the caribbean clear blue water!

  2. Annalise says:

    Beautiful water and prettiest sandy beaches ever. What fun. Love your fashion tips!!!!! Thanks Seleta.

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