deja vu giveaway!

My daughter, Blair, and I would like to share with you some new Deja Vu necklaces we love.  We thought necklaces would be versatile for summertime.  As a bonus, we’re giving away ALL three featured necklaces pictured in this post!


We snapped a few photos this morning to show you how they look in person.


1.  This little turquoise tassel number I’m wearing has become my summer go-to accessory.  It’s the perfect touch of color.  It also comes in pink, which is darling.


2.  Blair snatched this coral and navy necklace the second she saw it.  That’s one of the nice part of Deja Vu jewelry – it is multigenerational, haha.  She paired it with her new summer dress.


3.  Another favorite bauble is this pearl tassel necklace, which instantly transforms an outfit from drab to chic.  You could put it with the plainest tee and skirt and suddenly the outfit pops.  Looks great against black (very Chanel), stripes, cream, or with a splash of color.

dejavu pearl

It’s such an easy piece to wear with anything.  I wore it this week with a black and white tunic that I’ve had forever.   


We had to include Chapeau, who has practically taken over my instagram feed with her shenanigans.  She is also one of the official Deja Vu “models” –  you can see her on their home page and in their bird nest box video.  I’m not kidding, this chicken loves posing for the camera.  By-the-way, note the ALIVE plants on my porch…we’re going on 4 weeks!! 



Today we’re giving away ALL THREE of these beautiful necklaces to one lucky lady:  The turquoise or  pink tassel necklace, the coral and navy necklace 2, and pearl tassel necklace.  These are great summer pieces!  You can check out all the other sassy Deja Vu jewelry over here.  So many baubles to choose from, all great prices.


Leave a comment answering this question:  Which animal has been your favorite pet and why?  I would have to say my horse, Savez, who has been such a gift in my life.  Although our chickens are a close second – their craziness always keeps us entertained!  One comment/entry per person.  Email entries to me do not qualify.  Winner announced on Tuesday, July 1st.

Thanks to sponsor, Deja Vu for hosting such a fun giveaway!

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  1. Lesley says:

    I would have to say our current dog, Brody, would have to be my favorite pet because he has been my children’s first dog and has taught them how much joy and love a pet can bring to a family. I would also have to rate the horse I had in middle school/high school as second on my list. The bond you develop with your horse is pretty special. Hopefully, I’ll get to experience that again one day! I love reading the posts about your horse for now, though!

  2. Andrea says:

    Seleta……your view from your dock is amazing! we are in your “neck” of the woods this week….Cape San Blas and enjoying the beautiful gulf of Mexico. How lucky you are to live in this area. My favorite pet has to be my Yorkie, Maggie, who was with us for 15 years (quite a long life for a Yorkie). She was my shadow. I still miss her today!

  3. Lori H says:

    Our cute Westie, Hobbes (as in “Calvin and ..”). He makes me laugh every day!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hello! My favorite animal has been my boxer puppy, Eve. My husband and I were married on New Years Eve and she has been such a joy to us. She has truly taught us both how to be more selfless, and her little face makes us smile every day. Best of luck to everyone in the contest!

  5. christine says:

    Our goldendoodle Oliver is my absolute favorite. Although he is quite the big sissy, he is the most loyal and loving dog ever!

  6. Teresa S. says:

    Well I have only had one dog and one cat… So I guess our cat!

  7. catherine s. says:

    My dog, Cassidy, will always be my favorite pet! She was the most loyal and sweetest dog ever.

  8. Shawnie says:

    Our Rottweiler, Raven, was a favorite. He’s been gone for many, many years now, but still think of him.

  9. kathy says:

    We brought our dog, Harley, to Mississippi when we moved there from Oklahoma many years ago. He was my little brother’s closest companion. He went missing a few weeks later. We never knew what had happened. My brother and I went to the animal shelter and found another dog, but I think he never really got over losing Harley.

  10. Nancy says:

    I loved our Saint Bernard, Barnaby! He was so protective of me and since we lived way out in the country, I felt very protected when he was around!

  11. Kates says:

    I have tie between my childhood black lab named Max and my current black lab mix Rock. Max was fiercely loyal to my and my sisters growing up. Where ever we were he would be there playing with us. He protected us and loved us so loyally until he could no longer. Rock my fur baby is also very loyal and exceptionally lovable! He thinks he is a lab dog at 115 lbs and loves playing and protecting my girls. He is by far the happiest and mellowest dog I have ever own. Although he is protective, he will melt in your hand at a simple belly scratch! I have loved both dogs equally and even though Max is long gone and Rock is very much here I could never choose I love them both so.

  12. Lauren says:

    As a huge animal lover who was blessed with parents who let her own everything from dogs to guinea pigs (which my mom would make figure skating costumes for – no joke), this is a very tough call as they’ve all had a special place in my heart. However, I’d have to say that my previous horse, Bruno, is the one I think about fondly the most. Not only was he the most talented I’ve ever ridden who helped me achieve goals beyond my wildest dreams in the show pen, but he was a total goofball when he wasn’t giving me one amazing ride after another. I still smile when I think about the way he’d nod his head up and down with his tongue hanging out whenever I curry combed him. Miss you, big guy!

  13. Carlotta says:

    Loved my german shephard Uno, the most

  14. Andrea Dunn says:

    The best pet hands down is my little Gabby (Maltese/Terrier Mix). I saw her online on our local humane society website. I begged and begged for her. We waited a month! She was still there. It was meant to be. She’s the best little dog a girl could ask for. She the most caring, sweet, loyal dog I have ever seen. BTW, she’s a total beach babe. She loves 30a!

  15. Sally Brandt says:

    My sweet yorkie…Eli

  16. Vickie mcKinley says:

    My grey and white cat, Charley, is my favorite pet. She is so smart and funny! She loves to chase squirrels in our backyard.

  17. Ginger says:

    I would have to say my favorite pet was the black lab we got when I was in 1st grade. She was the sweetest girl, named Tinker (short for Lady Tinkerbell), and was so gentle and patient with us all. She would sit quiet and still as I dressed her up with my pearl beads, a tiara and a feather boa (to the chagrin of my dad, seeing a hunting dog dressed like that!). She passed away at 15 years when I was away at college, but the picture of her dressed in the pearl beads and tiara still hangs on the family refrigerator!

  18. Ingrid says:

    My dog rocky is my favourite because his welcome to me at the door is just so special the excitement , the joy and the kisses. Also when life has had its tough moments which it has had recently he just knows when to cuddle beside me or sit on my lap such unconditional love.

  19. Kristen MGH says:

    It would be Tanner my boyfriend turned husband’s cat. It was not just any cat but a special breed that he had waited over a year to get.

  20. Karen says:

    Buddy, the best dog ever, passed on June 6. RIP Buddy. Love you and miss you.

  21. BethA says:

    Our bulldog, Clementine, is my all-time favorite pet. She was our first “baby”, and when our real baby was born, Clemmie mothered her as sweetly as could be, alerting me if Catherine was crying. When Catherine got a little older, Clemmie allowed Catherine to dress her like a baby doll — something Clemmie NEVER allowed anyone else to do! Oh, gosh, I still miss that darlin’ dog!

  22. Tricia Carter says:

    What a great give away. My dog Harley and my current dog Hannah Grace have been my favorite pet/animal/family member. They’ve been devoted loving fun and loyal through and through. Their love and affection have and are shown to me and everyone they know – qualities your want in your best friend – which these dogs have been.

  23. Aunt Pat says:

    We have had some amazing cats (HugaBunch, Oreo) and dogs (Corky, Chu Chi), but our current cat Kiki (named by my grandson Henri) is amazing. She is a bunny hunter, but also a healer. When Craig had hip surgery, she would sleep right next to his hip until it healed. Before he had gall bladder surgery, she would sleep on his belly. The minute it was gone, she moved on. Whenever I am ill, she sleeps right next to me or right at my feet. She loves people of all kinds.

  24. Holly Parrish says:

    My dog, Paco! He is half Bassett, half Heinz 57 so needless to say, he looks like a wooly stuffed sausage, but I swear he always knows what I’m thinking and feeling. He is so sweet!

  25. melissa tichy says:

    I would say our dog lucy is my favorite pet…….she is a handful for sure, but so good with our girls, the best when you are sick (she won’t leave the bed) and so happy to see us when we come home….

  26. Hilary says:

    I had a horse growing up, Bonnie, a retired race horse we saved from being put down. She was the sweetest animal I have ever meet. She had been so abused when she was taught to race she was so timid of doing anything wrong but was the gentlest being. When I went out of state to college we donated her to a camp for disabled children as she would never hurt a fly and lived her days out helping kids learn to love horses. Every child should get the chance to ride!

  27. Shannon says:

    We had two dogs growing up, one named Longfellow and the other came to us named Barney. Our kids and I have wanted chickens for a while…we just have to convince my husband…being the Chicago boy that he is, this is not an easy task!

  28. Margo says:

    My favorite animal was a cat that I had for 14 years. She was a tuxedo cat. I got her from an animal shelter when she was wee. She had gotten tangled in a car motor and had to have her tail removed…that made me want her even more. I named her CiaoBella and she was so great very loyal…she loved my children when they were born-we all still miss her. She lived a happy life and died of old age in my daughter’s lap with my son and I in the room. We still miss the gal!

  29. Julie Earnest says:

    My favorite pet was a mixed-breed dog named Clyde. He was my dog as a child. I loved him.

  30. Caroline says:

    My favorite pet is an angora/lion head 8 month old rabbit who is the newest addition to our family. She has a delightfully “dominant” personality as she chases our black lab and our 16 year old kitty – I love that she is wild at heart — a prey animal to so many, but loves to be cuddled and rubbed like a dog, but all on her own terms… “Bunnicula” , my 10 year old son’s rabbit – adores me – and I feel connected now to a creature a bit on the wild side… and her affection is a gift!

  31. Cindy says:

    I would have to say my favorite pet was our golden retriever, Tanner! He was a big teddy bear! He always looked like he was smiling! He was a good friend, still miss him!

  32. Joy says:

    Oh memories…hands down my favorite pet was our mutt dog named “Charlie.” We rescued her from the pound and she thought she was human! She could eat corn on the cob like a person…one paw on each end and rolled the cob forward after nawing across row by row. How we loved her!
    Your daughter is beautiful, just like you!

  33. Connie Gorman says:

    Maysie, my rag doll cat, age 14, is the love of my life! (Don’t tell my husband!). She has been at my side while our three girls have grown up and headed off to college. She maintained her sense of humor and was good buddies with our gregarious boxer, Spanky, and even showed her despair when he died young by refusing her food for days. Her crystal blue eyes melt your heart. Maysie, my “forever” cat. Connie Gorman

  34. Angie R. says:

    Without a doubt, my cat Meenew. I lost her last year to cancer, and I feel her loss everyday. Working in the garden has lost some joy for me because she’s not with me. I miss her snuggles and antics alike.

  35. Tara F says:

    Surprisingly, my favorite pet was a Grey bunny my daughter named Strawberry. Her silly antics kept us entertained for years. She became Momma Strawberry when our Grey kitty came to live with us. Strawberry and her kitty son Sherman were nearly inseparable until she died. They were so cute!

  36. Tricia White says:

    My dog, Max! A mini daschund!

  37. grace says:

    Our feret, Sasha!

  38. Meredith G. says:

    I’ve only had one pet in my life, which is an adorable little Pomeranian named Sophie. She is all black and full of energy. She’s very spunky, but so sweet. She was so gently with my children when they were little. :)

  39. Heather says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would say our two miniature schnauzers, Stella and Abby are my favorite pets but, our new horse, Willow has been absolutely wonderful for our family as well. I would have to say it is a tie. :-)

  40. What an awesome giveaway! My favorite animal is my current Chocolate lab, Ruthie. She goes to bed early, sleeps late, eats anything I feed her, never talks back, is always happy to see me and will cuddle any time. I can’t say as much for my little human children. ;)

  41. Jessica says:

    My favorite pet was my grandparent’s dog Max. I’m pretty sure he was a mutt,and my grandfather loved to hate him, but my sister and I loved to play with him!

  42. Seleta Yearian says:

    From one Seleta to another my favorite pet is Gracie my 9 year old golden lab. She is my fav because she is my only pet. Sure did love my cat Ella who lived to age 19 and my brother and sister black labs Oliver who lived to age 13 and Daly who lived to age 10. Hope I win the pretty necklaces! If not, I’ll just have to come shop for them at déjà vu during my beach trip in a few weeks!
    Seleta Yearian

  43. Whitney says:

    I’m a cat lady all the way! Right now I have the sweetest tabby ever, and she’s currently snuggled up next to me while I peruse blogland. I’ve had several cats over the span of my 29 years, and they have all left a special mark on my life and in my heart. #crazycatladiesunite

    Your chickens ARE pretty glam, Seleta! :)

  44. Kim G says:

    My Westie – Riley is my baby and my bestie. Love him!

  45. Shannon hawley says:

    I rescued a little stray named rosemary. She is darling and my sons best friend. Her protection over my son is almost as cute as the two of them napping together. So hope I could win.

  46. Regina says:

    My cat Ellie. She is such a sweetie!:)

  47. Tina says:

    My pup Buddy. He was abandoned. We brought him home and did our best to integrate him into our family of three other dogs. He was high energy and very few manners. I adore him and all of his antics. He is so full of love.

  48. Melissa Dwyer says:

    My 2 cats, Allie and puddie. They are sisters who my husband and I rescued 2 years ago. They melt my heart!!!!

  49. Mindy says:

    Picking my favorite four-legged critter would be like picking my favorite kid. My dog and cat are both going on 13 and I love them madly.

  50. sydney85 says:

    The only thing my daughter wanted for her 16th birthday was a little yorkie. While she went to school I would carry Bailey around with me in a baby carrier while I did the housework because he was so tiny. Bailey stayed with us while she went to college and now that she lives in another state getting her phd Bailey is with her. They are quite the pair. When we visit and I call out his name he still recognizes my voice and comes running. He is a little joy.

  51. Marika says:

    My golden retriever – she was my first pet as an adult. I had no idea how much work she would be, but also no idea how much I would love her. She is just the best, even when she is naughty…

  52. Jodie Kurtz-Osborne says:

    Finley, our 1 year old Coton de Tulear. I had never owned a dog until I was 50 years old. Now I fully understand why dog lovers are dog lovers! Finley has brought such joy to our household. My oldest is quite introverted and the pup has been a wonderful pal to him, as well as a playmate for my very athletic younger son and a greeter to my husband after long business trips. Although, he has nibbled on some of my finest shoes, we are blessed to have him as number 5 in our family!! I would adore wearing the pearl necklace during my summer eve strolls with Finley!

  53. Tamara says:

    Memories …my Haski dog named Ice. He was beautiful, clever and it was so much fun to have him around.

  54. Rhonda says:

    My crazy little mutt Bobby. He is great.

  55. Jen says:

    Our cat Caroline has such personality and keeps us entertained with her silly games. She behaves more like a dog than a cat! We rescued her from the Humane Society 4 1/2 years ago -she’s the sweetest!

  56. allyson says:

    Pearl, our silly white boxer is hands down the best dog we’ve ever had. Her devotion to us melts my heart and her joy at being with our son sometimes makes me tear up. She waits for him to get up every morning and her wiggling rump and squeaks of happiness make us all laugh. She is a big baby and loves to jump in our freshly made bed and sleep in our pillows. We love her and I can’t imagine life without a funny boxer dog. What a fun giveaway, I’d be thrilled to have any of the pretty necklaces. Happy Summer!

  57. pve says:

    You are Blair are such pretty ladies. I adore necklaces and would be honored to add those lovely accessories to my collection! My favorite animal is our dog Bentley. He will soon be celebrating his 9th birthday. He is my shadow and follows me everywhere I go.
    Thanks for keeping life sparkly~

  58. Sarah R says:

    Such a beautiful giveaway!
    My favorite pet would have to be our dog, Scout. He’s an English Springer Spaniel mix, whom I rescued from a kill shelter right after college. Scout started out as my rascally sidekick/roommate, as I began my adult life in ATL. He stuck right by my side when I was sick with an autoimmune disorder and often unable to leave my home (or even the sofa, for that matter!). Now he’s the best companion for my 2 little boys…He puts up with lots of wrestling and ear tugging, and I believe he would protect his boys if he ever had to! He’s my ‘little old man’ who has absolutely given me much more than I could ever give him!

  59. Kristi says:

    My favorite pet was our dog we got after my husband and I first were married. He was a black Great Dane named Judge. He was so smart and well-mannered. Miss him still!

  60. J says:

    My australian shepherd’s are the love of my life. They are literally part of the family and I consider them one of my kids ( even though I have 5 boys). They have an innate sense, and know when someone has hard a hard day, and may need that extra snuggle :)

  61. Christine says:

    My German Shepherd, Roxy. She was my first baby until my kids were born and quickly became their second Mother. She was their protector (kept my son away from a snake in the yard) and would play hide-and-seek with them. One day I couldn’t find my sons pacifier. She ran into the yard and returned with it in her mouth. She was truly amazing!

  62. Devan says:

    I think it would have to be Toby, our schnoodle. He has the BEST personality, and my girls love him so much. Our Tennessee Walker James would be a close second.

  63. Lynne Koeniger says:

    My Old English Sheepdog – she’s the life of the party!

  64. Amy White says:

    I would have to say Clairy our Boston Terrier.
    She was our first dog after we go married & before
    we had our children, she was our first “baby”!
    she was so sweet, funny & kind. Clairy could read us like a book
    & knew what to day if we were happy or sad.
    There will never be another Clairy, miss the lady so much.

  65. Stacy says:

    My favorite pet would be our sweet four month old puppy Teddy. We purchased him for $25 in a Walmart parking lot – completely spur of the moment! He is a little scruffy ball of love. As one of my three daughters said – he cost $25 but he is priceless!

  66. Elizabeth says:

    My german shepherd Riggs. He is full of personality. Loves to howl like a wolf and will not leave my side. Great companion.

  67. Kristen Hill says:

    My favorite pet was my horse Delilah. She was my best friend for ten years. She helped me find my confidence as an awkward 13 year old, and was steady in my life through lots of changes! I miss her so!

  68. Melanie Richard says:

    My dog Callie has to be my favorite pet so far. She was a present from my parents for my 10th birthday. I named her after a stuffed animal dog I had at the time (haha!) She is getting older now, but is still a very sassy little terrier and a great snuggle buddy.
    Good luck to everyone entering the contest – so many wonderful pet stories to choose from!

  69. mary l says:

    My cat of 15 years, Leon. I adopted him as a surprise gift to my then boyfriend, now husband. His original name was Samsung. I tell my children he is my true first born, my favorite furry child. I pick him up constantly and love on him.

  70. Luanne Johnson says:

    I have had two very special pets. 1. My childhood pony, Samantha. She was my best friend through those crazy preteen/middle school years. So patient, and a great listener with just enough brains and orneriness to make me laugh every day. 2. My current dog: Duncan. A 13 year old standard poodle. Smart, funny, protective, a bit of a free-thinker and, oh so faithful. He’s my constant companion, and would do anything for me. LOVE that dog.

  71. Suzanne says:

    My favorite pet is our golden doodle, Gigi. She always steals our socks, licks everyone she meets in the face, and is hilarious. We all adore her.

  72. Melissa says:

    My sweet pooch Reilly. He is a Cairn terrier and he has changed my life!!!

  73. Heather says:

    Our Icelandic Sheepdog named Glacier. He has so much personality, and is the cutest dog I have had. A great member of our family! Love the necklaces!

  74. kim says:

    Our Golden Retriever Sugar. The name is perfect for her, she is so sweet!

  75. CArolyn says:

    My black lab Dozer. He’s gone now but in my heart forever. He was loving, happy, smart, athletic, and beautiful.

  76. barbara says:

    My Irish setter is by favorite pet, however, HORSES are my love. I would
    love to have them. I love the pearl long necklace and I hope you will be able
    to bring back, since it is now sold out.

  77. Michelle says:

    Our horse Stanley…an APHA gelding he was the horse that kept my daughter riding after a very horrific injury and was our first seriously competitive show horse. That horse was my heart and soul. Loved that boy so much….

  78. Kris says:

    My favorite pet would be my childhood dog, Snoopy. Truly my best friend :)

  79. Em says:

    Love horses and have very fond memories of riding them and caring for them daily :)

  80. Kate says:

    I love all animals and would love to have a farm someday :) my personal favorite is my dog…a sweet Pomeranian with the best disposition! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  81. Ry says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to keep one for myself and gift the other 2 to women who give selflessly to others everyday….without expecting anything in return. I love my little doggy. Such unconditional love and joy :)

  82. Olivia says:

    My favorite pet has been my cat named Kitty. A friend of ours let us take her home and keep her. Before we took her, her name was like Dixie Lee or something, but she would never come when we called her that so we changed her name.

  83. Olivia says:

    After we changed her name she would always come when called!

  84. Jamie L says:

    Our black lab Rocky was simply exceptional!

  85. Johanna says:

    Ok….this is going to sound strange and be a little different (weird), but please realize that I live in Texas, and this is a little more normal here. My favorite pet has been and is Dilbert, a registered Braham bull calf. Dilbert’s mom had twins and she decided that 1 was more than enough to take care of so she abandoned him and choose his brother over him. We found him and he was jus bones and not doing well at all. I had to bottle feed him for months and now he resides on our back porch at the ranch content and very loving. He is interesting yard art and the sweetest baby ever.

  86. Cat T says:

    I love our dog, River. She may not have the world’s best manners, but she’s the sweetest, most loving pup and we are lucky to have her!

  87. Chelsea W says:

    My former Maltese, Zakk, was my favorite dog because he was with me every day. Whenever I became bedridden with Lyme disease, he was able to sense my upcoming seizures and would lie with his head on my lap or whatever body part wasn’t shaking. It always seemed as if he wanted to take care of me. Such a sweet dog–and sorely missed!

  88. Molly says:

    My favorite animal was our cat named Greta. She was so smart, sweet and had the most beautiful gray fur!

  89. staci amy says:

    With every season in life…I think it changes for different reasons…but right now we have two westies, Mac and Fergie…and they make us laugh every day!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity and I just love love love everything about you!!!!!

  90. karen state says:

    My favorite pet is our Russian blue cat Boo. Named after Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird…I love walking in after a crazy day and simply saying “Hey Boo…” as she runs to greet us.

  91. Emily says:

    My sweet cat, Ashlen who has been with me through college, marriage and now 2 kids. He broke his leg a few weeks ago and has to be crated for 2 months. Poor baby is healing well and is definitely my first baby! :)

  92. My rescued greyhound “Favor” (R.I.P.) She lived 13 years, which is a long time for a greyhound.

  93. Ginger says:

    When my boys were young we adopted a Siamese kitten who we named Shadow. She was such a character and could jump up and turn door knobs to open doors and she played fetch! She was such a joy and my favorite little cat!

  94. Shell says:

    My hound girl Hazel holds a very special place in my heart. She is a rescue from a high kill shelter. When I adopted her she was very sick with parvo. I almost lost her and am so thankful that she recovered. She’s eight now, very spoiled, and so loved!

  95. Kathy says:

    I think my favourite pet would have to be my now deceased dog, Maya. She was a rescue dog with an amazing personality and an incredibly calm demeanor. We believe she was a pitbull cross and she was a beautiful brindle colour. We got Maya as a very young puppy and she joined our other dog, Chloe, in our home. Maya had hip problems and she did not like to sit on the ground so she would back up and sit on our other dog. It was hilarious when she was little because Chloe would stand up and Maya would go flying. This didn’t last long as Maya ended up growing to be a very large dog. Maya continued to sit on Chloe, who was also an incredible dog, throughout her very long life. Maya lived to be 14 years old and we loved her dearly.

  96. christine says:

    Our dog Harper is such a blessing. He helped our adopted daughter transition from orphan to daughter. Pet’s unconditional love is transformational.

  97. Heidi Biggs says:

    My Westie, Winston is my favorite pet. He is calm yet frisky, game for just about anything and by far the most popular member of our family. When walking on the beach at Pawleys Island, a couple of strangers said, “Good morning Winston!” He looked at them and seemed to wag hello. We have no idea how they knew his name.

  98. Linda Carter says:

    I love our dog, a Tibetan Terrier, named Karma. She has been with us for 15 years and has been a constant companion through all the changes in our lives. She is gentle, playful, and soooo loyal. A very lovable family member indeed!

  99. Tammy says:

    Growing up we had a beagle. He was absolutely adorable; although he chewed up everything – shoes, air conditioning hoses, gasket around back door even his dog house. But that howl!!!

  100. Taylor Samuelson says:


    I am so heartbroken for you after hearing about Savez. He was my favorite of your pets and I always loved your beautiful instagram pictures of you and your daughter with him. I have no doubt your next horse will bring you just as much joy!

  101. Amanda says:

    From my childhood, our cat Whiskers, who slept at the foot of my bed. We do not have a family pet given my sons allergies, but have been through lots of short-term pets – fish, frogs, hermit crab, etc. one afternoon I surprised him with a tiny ring neck snake in a Mason jar after school – he had been talking about a pet snake for months and had even prayed for one then this one happened to crawl under our doorway into our basement as if his prayers had been answered so I captured it and let him enjoy his “pet” for about 2weeks before we released it back into the woods behind our house. I had no idea what an impact it had on my son until I received all of his 1st grade writing / art work at the end of the year a few weeks ago and saw how often he had written about his pet snake. I’m so thankful he can have this memory and I’m not stuck with a pet snake!

  102. Susie says:

    Loved my dog Tiger the best. He was so smart. RIP Tiger.

  103. Deb Jackson says:

    I had a pet pheasant that was wonderful. He hung around the barnyard for a couple of years after he matured.

  104. Chris weyerich says:

    We are a family of pet lovers. From our horse(Rojo ), guinea pigs ( Star and Kali) and dog. But my favorite would be our 3 year old Norwegian Buhund, Mardi. She is the niece of our old Buhund, Princess Boo…..they are still a rare breed in the states. She is what I need everyday…..we always say that when she comes downstairs in the morning…yes, the last one up, it’s like Christmas. She gets so exited to see each of us every morning….and when we come home from school or work. Love our Mardi girl!, Any four legged therapy is good!!!

  105. Kristin Lundy says:

    My favorite pet was out chocolate lab named Cody. He was such a sweet dog and loved to sit on my feet and keep them warm!!

  106. Deb Peters says:

    Im in love with my 14 year old Siberian Husky “Satanaka” which means crazy indian princess. She is my second child. When my son was in school and I made cookies, she got to like the bowl !

  107. Kim K. says:

    My favorite pet is my little miniature dachshund, Piper Rae! She is my little princess :)

  108. Jill Toy says:

    Hi Seleta, Just came from your neck of the woods on vacation!!! Visited the deja vu shop and love, love, love everything in there!! (my favorite being the made in the deep south cuff bracelets), anyway enough about our trip! I would have to say that our little black Pekingese Sophie has to be the best pet ever. She came from a family that needed money for diapers and milk….(I teach school) they asked me if I would like to buy her. She had a little nose no bigger than the end of my pinkie finger. That was seven years ago and she is still a joy everyday! I helped them out and in return I received a pet that I wouldn’t take a million dollars for……

  109. Jill says:

    First of all…what beautiful pictures of you and your daughter !

    This is a tough one…we had three italian greyhound rescues (for over a decade now)…we lost one of our beloved this past january…the two remaing are older gents…one not doing so well…Miles…he is my dog with heart ! We are with him by his side. Winston is well and watches over his brother.
    On an up note we did also have a foster fail that remained with us as of July 2013. He is a mini dash who has a whole lot of personality in a little body…he is a young gun of just coming up on four years and really brought some funny antics to the dog scene in our home…who knew those stubby little legs work like the flying monkeys from wizard of oz ! …lucky to have him too.

    As you can see we have no favorites..they are all favorites in their own way .

  110. Erica says:

    My favorite pet is my french bulldog puppy, Carter. My boyfriend & I got him last summer and he’s become such a staple in our lives and brought us so much closer together; his huge ears and big personality make him a little ray of sunshine in our lives every day!

  111. Missi says:

    I have to say that my favorite childhood pet was a grey cat named Misty. She was just the sweetest and would sleep with me at night.

  112. Stephanie says:

    My favorite pet was my first pet – Gracie. We lost our beloved Westie last year, and we adopted 2 more Westies to replace her. I didn’t think I could love another Westie, but our 2 new Westies are just adorable in their own ways. And, the new dogs are great for our kids. Gracie never really liked the idea of having kids in the house :)

  113. Patricia says:

    Thanks for this lovely give-away. My favorite pet was my first cat (on my own as an adult).
    She was a very elegant grey british shorthair. She could be skittish but I was her person.
    She had a trick – she could catch a treat (tossed perfectly) between her front paws.

  114. S. Hoover says:

    Our favorite pet was our Bernese mountain dog Gus, he is missed everyday!!

  115. Stacilyn says:

    Easy answer on this one: our darling Westie, Pabby. She has been our “practice child” for nearly 8 years, and has taught us so much about love and family and patience. She’s also the best neighborhood greeter, and is friendly with everyone she meets. Isn’t that a reminder we all need?

  116. Kimber-Leigh says:

    it’s hard to choose a favorite pet among the four dogs i grew up with, so i will just say my first pet, a black cocker spaniel named Chelsea. she was gentle, affectionate, and had an amazing will to survive despite some medical issues she had. she waited faithfully at the bus stop for my siblings every day until her last day. still miss her. :)

  117. Claire says:

    There is nothing like the unwavering devotion of a dog. I love the pair of Maltipoos we have right now (fancy mutts!), but I was devoted to my basset hounds when I was growing up and still miss them terribly (my first loves). I have a little brass basset hound who stands guard in the den and makes me smile. It was an impulse purchase a couple of years ago, and my family still thinks it is a little crazy.

  118. sarah says:

    i don’t have any pets….and i haven’t had any…..
    does my son’s make believe giraffe that lives with us count? that thing goes with us everywhere and eats all our food and travels in our car. i have come to love giraffy as he calls him. :)

  119. Mignon says:

    I have adored all our dogs, but our current bullmastiff named Amos is my favorite. Despite the shedding and dribbling water, he is loyal, gentle, friendly, funny and my constant shadow. Sweet as pie he is!

  120. margaret says:

    My first cat and pet as an adult. I taught Ivan all the tricks you would a dog perform. Sit, shake, high five, lay down, and play dead. When I trimmed my nails, she would lay down beside me and hold her paw up. Me too! She moved around the country with me without fuss or anxiety. She would do a quick perimeter check of our new digs, then stretch and plop down in a sunny spot to sleep. Ivan was my side kick for 17 beautiful years.

  121. Renee A says:

    Our family favorite was a beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retreiver named Hunter. She would stand between the babies and anyone who came into our house – loyal and protective . We all miss coming home to her ferocious smile and “clear the coffee table” wagging tail.

  122. Our dog, Piper, is the best. She is a white Labrador and is as crazy as they come, but I love her.

  123. Valerie says:

    Growing up I always thought dogs were my absolute favorite pets. I still LOVE my parents’ golden retriever, Sam, but I have become more of a cat person. My first cat was Maxwell, he was my husband’s childhood pet. Now we have two kittens, Lilly and Annabelle, and they are my babies!

  124. Melissa says:

    Our family dog, Cali…she never fails to make you feel better when you walk in the door and is a super snuggler!

  125. susie says:

    Such a fabulous giveaway!!! I love the necklaces, especially the blue tassel one. It’s impossible to pick a favorite pet because we have loved each and every one of them with all our hearts. My husband and I adopted our first pet from the humane society before we had children. She was an adorable poodle/terrier mix and stole my heart the minute I saw her. Nine years later, we added another addition to our family, the cutest white welsh pony for our daughter. A few years after that, we had to put our first dog down and a few months later, we were the “winners” of a beautiful Australian Shepard through a charity auction. He is a fun loving, energetic dog that all my children adore. To us, each one is a member of the family and loved tremendously.

  126. Angela says:

    Gorgeous (the ladies, jewelry and chicken) photos. We are stuck in love with our English Bulldog. Not because of a glorification of the breed, just because he’s so easy to love. It’s not his fault he was bred this way and suffers so many subsequent maladies. . .

  127. Stephanie says:

    I love all my pets so much , and we have quite a few, but my Stella was one of my favorites! She was a Cavalier rescue that I was asked to take. When I brought her home she could not walk, she “commando” crawled everywhere, she was completely stained in urine and she had never been in grass before. She had obviously had a very hard life. She ended up being the sweetest dog I have ever had, our entire family adored her!! We sadly lost her the day after Christmas to pancreatitis. It was such a heartbreaking loss and we all still miss her every day. I am blessed to have had for the time I did, but wish she was still with us today.

  128. nicole says:

    My first dog Pennelope (a golden “mix” – and as our vet at the time said, mixed with what?? ;) who provided unconditional love and stability in my often tumultuous childhood.

  129. Michelle Higinbotham says:

    I’m not sure if it’s too late to enter, but it’s worth a shot. This is a hard one for me since I was raised on a farm and currently own three dogs, three cats, and two horses. I love all animals. I have to say that a Great Dane/lab mix named Missy steals my heart these days. She was rescued from a junk yard by my dad, who I lost last year less than a month after he was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma (cancer). It’s been an incredibly difficult loss, but every time I see his dog I think of him and how he saw the beauty in things that people had discarded. What a blessing all animals are in our journey through life….

  130. Kristen F says:

    Oh my cat Dagwood holds a special place in my heart! She was a kitten we rescued who always seemed to get herself in tight spots! One night we heard meowing coming from behind our kitchen wall…Somehow she had gotten into the duct system at our house and had been walking from room to room. W had to unscrew a vent and lure her out! Oh that is just one of many of her escapades! My mom would let her out of our basement every morning to be my alarm clock. She would come and wake me up and then crawl under my bent knees and sleep with me until we had to get up:) She quit doing that for a few months, but then one day she did it again and woke me up! That same day I came home with a girlfriend after a shopping trip and my mom told me that Dagwood had not escaped her final scrape. She had climbed a tree to get to out 3rd floor window and roof where sometimes she would get to and we would open the window and let her in. I guess on this day she lost her footing and fell from the tree. She was 3 years old and the sweetest and most special pet I have ever owned. Plus she gave me the most amazing nose to nose kisses….loved that girl! Thanks for letting my reminisce! It’s amazing how pets capture your heart. That was 17 years ago, but I still miss her!

  131. Anna says:

    I didn’t have any pets growing up…sad I know! But I absolutely adore your Chapeau!! Such a sweet little pet for your kids.

  132. analise says:

    My favorite was definitely our childhood pony, Fury (the most ironic name in the planet, if you knew him). He was the most sensitive, calm, and attentive animal I’ve ever known! Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. Alina says:

    It would have to be my mom’s dog named Mochi. He’s the sweetest li’l thing. Every time I visit, and that’s quite often, he comes and cuddles on my legs. I love that he doesn’t bark at everything and he just makes all of us smile.

  134. Sean C says:

    Our childhood dog, Frank. He played with us as children and gave us long lasting memories that we now share with our kids.

  135. Taylor Samuelson says:

    My favorite pet is our beta fish Alavie. Since we rent, we can’t have pets, so a fish was the next closest thing. :) I bought him after my Grandfather passed away, so I named him Alavie (short for c’est la vie– “this is the life”).

  136. Suzanne says:

    Our mini goldendoodle Smalls. (“You’re killin’ me Smalls”) He’s so sweet and smart and a special member of our family.

  137. Jennifer says:

    LOVE the necklaces – thank you to you and lovely Blair for hosting this Giveaway!

    My one and only dog will always be my favorite pet. He was a miniature schnauzer with a BIG personality. Too big, some might say, but we were crazy about him. He was a loving, loyal, fun dog and we still miss him, all these years later.

  138. Aunt Kathi says:

    Blair is more beautiful every day… Such a charming piece and great shots. And oh my gosh, Chapeau is so precious. I’ve got to check our codes to see if I can have some designer chicks after I retire. hah. I’m starting to set up my new art/sculpture studio and would love to have a couple at my side/feet.

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