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Last week was so busy it was insane.  So I’m detaching from my mom life and talking about color.  A color I don’t usually talk about much here on the blog.  Grey.  I’m working with a new client in Atlanta on the exterior colors of her home…and I’m kinda hoping she likes grey.  Home via At Home Arkansas Magazine.

Grey: At Home Arkansas

Whether it’s a pop on the shutters and door, or deep hues from top to bottom, grey is a color that can have a surprisingly big impact on any exterior.  Grey is one of those colors that flies under the radar, but packs a powerful, classic punch.  And when you pair it with copper gutters and downspouts?  That would be a momentary loss of consciousness.  In a good way : )  Let’s take Exhibit A:  The Hillside Manor House in Buckhead via.  


Grab your smelling salts, we’re going in.

Deep grey and glossy black are brilliant together, as shown in this little jewel by Donald Lococo Architects.

Donald Lococo Architects 4

And just in case you’re wondering, the interior is equally genius.  Check it out the whole tour here.

Donald Lococo Architects 3

I think we may all recognize one of his most famous works…this home needs no introduction or explanation.  Oh – and it’s classic grey stained shingles.

Donald Lococo Architects

I could be happy just living in this off the main house.

Donald Lococo Architects 2

Okay, I need a moment to regroup after seeing such impeccable architecture.  Breathe in, breathe out.

When working on an exterior, I love mixing a soft grey siding with a shutter two or three shades darker, and a pop of color or stained door.  This little cottage in River Dunes, N.C., designed by Our Town Plans, hit the nail on the head.  Sidenote:  remember my idea of designing a cute neighborhood with classic and affordable homes?  Their group would be perfect to partner with – love their concept.  By the way, you can actually rent this little cottage here!


I certainly have my faves used on both interior and exterior projects.  One of my VERY FAVORITES I’ve worked with over the years is Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze – a wonderful, rich grey for shutters, doors, cabinets, and more.  It is luscious.

urbane bronze sherwin williams


When I think about it, grey tones have been reliable to work with in all of my years as a designer.  It never goes out of style.  If you’re on the fence about using grey somewhere in your home, I’d say this post is a great case for saying yes to grey!

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  1. Kim E says:

    When can I move in?

  2. I love these houses, links and the colors. I could move into any of these and be incredibly happy!

  3. Christina says:

    Love these photos and the colors, and the textures. Swoon. The top photo of the home…white windows, cream (???) siding, grey accents/door. If you had to color match from that photo, which Ben M. or Sherwin Will. paint colors would you think best match the cream/grey? Thanks! (And that Coco Chanel quote is going in my closet!)

  4. Kim says:

    Hi Seleta, these images definitely have a very relaxing effect and inspire all at the same time. I am currently feeling overwhelmed at having to pick exterior paint colors. Our home is a Craftsman style home in Ca. and is sort of a cream color with deep blue shutters and door. We are repainting the month and I’m afraid I’ve underestimated how challenging it is (for me) to narrow down colors. If you have time to take on another client (if I qualify) to share paint ideas with, I’d be so grateful. No problem if you don’t have extra time right now.

  5. Seleta says:

    Hi Kim,

    Yes, I do work with clients on design projects, which include paint color selection. You can shoot me an email on my contact form (it is a private email that goes directly to me) and we’ll go from there.



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