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I have drooled over this bedroom on my pinterest page, and love the coziness factor so much – especially with the cooler weather this time of year!  While there may be a few more antique touches in this room than I would want in my own space, I still love the soft neutrals and light-filled vibe going on here.

cozy white + neutrals


I thought it would be fun to recreate a few aspects of this room in case you might be looking to add some coziness in your own home.  And the best news?  I hunted down items with modest prices (with exception to the Peter Fasano paisley, which is one of those necessary life luxuries).  Sources listed below.

simply seleta cozy neutrals

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Number six is a striped linen fabric I would suggest for panels or roman shades in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room.  A beautiful, neutral linen is timeless – definitely worth the investment.

Number nine is a gorgeous neutral paint by Benjamin Moore, called Feather Down.  Love!

.      .      .      .      .

Personal sidenote:  it may look like I just whipped this post together, but that’s quite the contrary.  Aside from sourcing each item, which does take time, I was beginning to think this post may never get finished…it actually took me two three days to complete.  Thought I would share the top comical interruptions I had whenever I would sit down to write:  broody chickens squawking at whatever window I was near during the day (they tattle on our dog if she eats their grain or a busy squirrel gets too close to their turf, etc.), carpools (endless), one of my kids asking me to explain when and why people starting eating pigs for food, another kid showing me his new ab and weight workout, cooking dinner, a few sibling spats that got a little cray, sewing Boy Scout patches on a new uniform, helping husband find his lost car keys (this one took a while), multitude of texts/phone calls, and of course the Anthro sale (oops).

So what is the good news with interruptions, delayed accomplishments, or other unmet goals that we might face on any given day?

It’s a wonderful reminder that it is a blessing to have loved ones who need your attention, care, and support.  I know we’re all working hard and juggling so much every day.  Maybe you’re exhausted from staying up all hours with a new baby, or your job is really demanding, or you’re totally behind on a goal, or you’ve just burned dinner…again.  At times you can get so busy that it feels like you’ll lose your mind.  It’s easy to want to snap.  Or yell.  Or complain.  Or all of the above.  I totally speak from experience. Instead of snapping, taking the time to express kindness and love to those close to you is rewarding, and in the end brings happiness to all.  Whenever I feel that frustration coming on from juggling too much, which is basically part of life, I try to first stop and take a deep breath to regroup.  Then I find the blessing in the situation – basically I’ll talk or think myself through it, listing one thing at a time.  In this case it would be looking at my jam-packed schedule and lack of accomplishing certain things and instead of feeling mad, I look at it in a whole different way.  I think about the blessing of having family members who need/value my time and care.  And I think about the priceless gift in that blessing.  Been trying this a lot lately and it really works!  #seethebrightside

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  1. Marissa says:

    Goodness, this was what I needed to read this morning after being up all night with our 5 week old baby. A great little pep talk for me- thanks so much! May be challenging times, but oh so very worth it. Im in for an attitude adjustment today!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Would you mind sharing the source for the hanging lantern? The link takes me to the table lamp. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for your aside message, which I think is actually your “real” blog post! ;-)
    It is very thoughtfully written, and true. Just last night, I came home at 6 after working since 7am and remembered that I had to cook chili so it would be ready for a meal train for a neighbor tonight. Ground beef still frozen, son eating the corn chips I had bought for the recipe. Frustration! And add a run to the grocery store. I try to tell myself when I am feeling frustrated about something that is not really that big of a deal that if this is the worst I am dealing with, I’m doing quite alright!

  4. Seleta says:

    Marilyn, that link is now repaired. Try refreshing your page : )

    Thanks for sharing, Marissa and Kristin! Yes, it’s so good to take the time to find the blessings we have when we find ourselves distracted with the fatigue or frustration of life moments.


  5. Such truth! That is a good practice. I will have to reinstate that…living in the moment and gratitude for that moment and it’s big picture meaning is a formula for a happy, healthy life. Thank you for sharing.
    I do love the room you’ve shared, so sunny and welcoming.
    Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  6. Heidi Ferguson says:

    From the SHORT time I spent blogging, I KNOW what looks like a 5 minute post can actually take days!! ( I’m only 41 but have I’ve been busy fighting Breast Cancer for the past 5 years-I’m cancer free but was stage 4 two years ago-I’m a miracle-but, I have lots up “upkeep” per say with Dr.’s appointments, infusions every three weeks, PETS … just basically no time to blog anymore). I was just thinking of how sweet it was that you put together this board for others to use for inspiration. It’s basically a free consultation from a interior designer! It’s actually the route that we are going once we sell our house (it’s for sale!) and move. I have lots of color in our current house and after cancer just want something southing and calm. Farmhouse style! I love how encouraging you are. Yes, let’s try to SEE THE BLESSINGS IN OUR SITUATIONS THAT CAUSE STRESS. After the journey I’ve been through, I understand that each day is a blessing.

  7. Jennifer says:

    thank you so much for the wonderful words. you are right! it is a blessing to have family and friends who need & value our time & care. i am going to start looking at hectic schedules and never-ending to-do lists this way. ♥

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