mini getaway + a great cashmere wrap

Peter and I recently took a one-nighter before the Thanksgiving holiday to enjoy some much needed adult time together.  Sorry to sound mean, but YAY, NO KIDS!  Anyone with kids is not judging that statement.  It was soooo nice to spend almost 24 hours enjoying each other with no parent or work demands.  Something we don’t do often enough.  After a super exhausting week (more like 10 weeks), I didn’t feel very energized to pack, so I threw a little black dress and a few essentials in my suitcase, left pizza money with the sitter, kissed the kids goodbye, and rushed out the door with my man for our special evening.

simply seleta cashmere4

On our drive out we were like two excited kids going to Disney World.  Except our Disney was a peaceful, no noise/no mess/no dishes hotel room and dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant on the water.  Our plan at first was to check-in to the hotel, change into something fancier, then drive to the sushi restaurant.  But along the way, we convinced ourselves it used far less energy to go straight to sushi, then back to the hotel to change to enjoy dessert in the hotel restaurant.  Long story short, we had a delicious sushi dinner then headed straight to our room, which was so beautiful, clean, cozy, and quiet that we didn’t want to leave.  So we ordered dessert straight to our room and enjoyed it while curled up watching a movie together.  HEAVEN!  This was Chocolate lava cake.  Served warm and 4,000 calories but hey, priorities.

simply seleta dessert

The next morning we had a nice, quiet breakfast and walked on the beach.  It was the perfect chilly morning to wear this pretty cashmere wrap, a recent gift from Red Twist.  Thank you, Amy!  I loved this wrap and wanted to share the info with you.  **This is not a sponsored post, just a mention of something I thought was special.**  Ahem, husbands this is a great gift idea – and there is a discount code below.

simply seleta cashmere wrap

I get gift and promo offers daily, and turn them down daily.  You can’t imagine the emails.  But I adored Red Twist owner, Amy, who is generous and nice to work with. I especially love that a portion of each wrap sale goes to help educate underprivileged girls in Asia, through a literacy and gender equality program called Room to Read.

The cashmere is the softest I’ve ever felt.  The wraps come in 15 different colors – I’m wearing the oatmeal.  It goes with everything.

Screen shot 2015-12-02 at 12.45.31 PM

Also love the black, charcoal, red (Christmas!) and cream too.  They are all classics.

Screen shot 2015-12-02 at 12.44.21 PM

The face of eight hours of sleep…minus 16 1/2 years of parenting.  These aren’t super fancy pics, just iphone shots.  Gotta keep it real.

simply seleta cashmere

The fit:  This wrap is great because it comes in one size and fits all shapes.  I’m fairly petite, so the arms weren’t as snug as I was imagining.  It’s more of a looser fit, which is part of the whole design.  Once I figured that out, I knew how best to wear it.  It goes great with a little black dress, jeans, skirt, leggings, you name it.  You can wear it loosely, like I did in these pics, or wrap it across the front which is great too.

**BONUS**  Red Twist is offering a 15% discount for all orders in the month of December.  That’s $30 off your wrap price!  Code is Seleta.

simply seleta cashmere2

The next day we left for our Atlanta trip a little more rested and refreshed.  I wore my wrap this time with black leggings and a long sleeve black fitted top and LOVED it.  Especially considering that in car rides my husband likes to blast subarctic air at all hours of the day and what seems like all seasons of the year.  Sometimes I wonder if he’s part polar bear.  I was fully armed in my wrap for the six hour haul, plus feeling comfy and looking chic all at once.  A rarity!

Back soon with more Christmas goodies and ideas to share : )

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  1. Amy Cooper says:

    Thank you, Seleta. You look absolutely gorgeous in the wrap and we are so honored you chose Red Twist!

  2. You are such a timeless beauty, Seleta! Hope you enjoyed every minute of your getaway!

  3. Deb says:

    This is such a sweet post and an inspiration for all of us who know we need to plan mini getaways but often forget. Thanks for sharing your trip and your wrap – it’s beautiful!

  4. Kathy maas says:

    That wrap is gorgeous on you. I’d buy one except all I’d be thinking is that I’m not seleta cute!
    I’m so loving your blog! Yesterday’s note about peace and calm over the holiday couldn’t have been more on target in my life! Thank you for confirming I’m not the only one.

    Also, can’t stop giggling about polar bear husband, again I’m not the only passenger that needs the seat warmer on in July!

  5. Caroline Haas says:

    Your post inspired me to buy a wrap from Red Twist. I had been wanting one for a while so an early Christmas present for me with the 15% discount. Thank you and hope you enjoyed your special time together, so important.

  6. Debbi Beverage says:

    Glad you got some well deserved time away! Love and want the wrap! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Claire says:

    So glad you got to get away…absolutely necessary! Low key and simple work best.

  8. Super cute wrap! So nice that you had an evening away. My husband and I have been married 17 years, and we get an evening to ourselves maybe twice a year, so I know what you mean about being off parent duty! Looks like you had a great time!

  9. Amanda says:

    Love your look and the great reminder that it doesn’t take a week away to reconnect! Would you mind sharing details about your awesome neutral boots? Thanks!

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