blue + white bliss

Popping in to say hello during our spring break, which nicely overlapped with Easter weekend.  Hope you had a relaxing and inspiring holiday weekend.  We really enjoyed our break and squeezed in some fun adventure and travel.  Although I ate too much sugar and paid for it in ballet yesterday.

Blue and white is forever an inspiration of mine.  If you want to instantly add a touch of classic style in a room, an Asian inspired blue and white container is a great way to do this with ease.



White flowers are a perfect go-to for this style of container.  These days blue and white is super affordable and can be found at just about any store.  I especially love the prices at places like T.J. Maxx and Homegoods.


And a pretty Asian-styled container filled with colorful flowers – a great spring look.



Here is one of my all time favorite rooms with what I consider the perfect amount of blue and white accents.  Pairing the blue and white with the ticking chairs sends my brain into a state of dopamine bliss.  I have digitally hoarded this image for years. 


Blue and white lamps are up there on my list of faves too.  I’m in love with James T. Farmer’s style and instagram feed (a must follow).  Look at this pretty moment in his living room.


Here is a nice lamp I found at good price.  I’ve bought from this company before and like their products.


I have a very patient ten year old sitting next to me who has challenged me to a one-on-one game of Jenga.  He is quite the master of games in our household and will surely beat me.  Off I go!  See you next week.  xoxo

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  1. Sarah H says:

    Blue and white will forever be my favorite! Beautiful images, Seleta. The room you mentioned was an long-time fave of yours—do you know the source? I’m completely enamored with the room, too, (the art! the pinstripe chairs!) and I’d love to see pics of the rest of the house, if they’re out there somewhere online.

  2. Love every image! Blue and white beauty without overwhelming the rooms, perfection!
    Enjoy your spring break with your family.

  3. Eddie Ross says:

    “digitally hoarding” — love that! Blue and white just gets better over time. Not unlike you, darling. Miss you!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  4. I love blue and white as well. It’s bordering on obsession!!! My husband has given me the order that I can’t bring anymore blue and white into the house. Of course, I am not listening! ;-)

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