white moonlight evening picnic

The days really sizzle this time of year here in the south, so much so that it’s preferable to stay inside during the heat of the day.  I’m a big picnic fan, but this time of year it’s almost impossible to enjoy one outside during the day.  You could die of heat exhaustion.  A fun idea on when to have a picnic in the summer is in the evening!  Have you ever had a night-time picnic?  It’s actually one of my favorite kind.  I love the idea of an all white moonlight picnic.  So easy to create – all you need are candles, simple dishes, tasty treats, a table or a blanket, and twinkle lights if you’re picnicking at home.

evening picnic


For those of us with busy daytime schedules (and kids), moonlight picnics in the backyard or back porch are very doable and easy to create.  And romantic.  Think about it – you don’t have to pay a sitter, make restaurant reservations, or worry about a big tab at the end of your meal.  You are in charge of it all – and to make it easy, you can simply pick up your items along with your errands during the week and tuck them away in the pantry or fridge so there’s no big prep situation.  Best of all, you can be as creative as you like!

I loved this eco-friendly Acme Party Picnic box and hoarded it on pinterest forever, but now it’s sold out.  This happens to me so much, I think I have a semi-serious pinterest hoarding problem.   

acme picnic party


Not to worry, I found a few cute and affordable items so you can put together your own similar picnic set.  Starting with this Moroccan tote for less than $30.  Other items found:  mason jar sippers (singles), mason jar sippers (set of 12),  heart shaped cutting board.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 3.54.04 PM

All you need now is a set of cute linen napkins, a carafe, and plates.  Much of this you probably have at home.  Almost forgot the eco friendly cutlery – found a set over here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 3.53.17 PM

And if you’re looking for the mack-daddy classic picnic basket that comes with everything, I found this guy by a company called Picnic At Ascot.  The best price I could find online for this set was on here.  And a close second in price was this site.



I like to pack fanciful items whenever we enjoy a picnic – it makes the whole experience more fun.  A few favorite picnic ingredients:  sparking apple juice or champagne, french brie, crackers, nitrate-free salami or summer sausage, seasonal fruit, and caviar.  And of course, every picnic must have flowers.

Hmmm, maybe I would like a moonlight picnic for my birthday treat this year : )

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  1. portia says:

    Love the post and night picnic inspiration! Fireflies and June bugs would top this off nicely whether on a blanket or elegant outdoor table set for the evening. Seleta, you’re the greatest!

  2. Katharina says:

    Love the first pic! Just created my sisters wedding Invitation – with lights and Lampions – so this Picture is beautiftul. Now I have to look for solar lights to hang in the tree, so that a picnic is possible in the park without having a garden.

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