equestrian scarf giveaway + fun weekend recap

Crushing on the new equestrian print necktie and wrist scarves from Ex Voto Vintage, one of my favorite jewelry and accessory sources.  Today we are giving away one of their beautiful equestrian scarves!  Details a little later in the post.


These custom designed scarves are one-of-a-kind and made of cotton and silk voile – great weight for our climate in the South.  They come in four colors:  blue, charcoal, crimson, and burnt orange.  Available for pre-order here.  I loved the blue ; )

Thought it would be fun snap a few pics wearing the scarf on the beach and then show my daughter later in Atlanta with a totally different look.


I’m a sucker for anything equestrian, and really loved the quality of design, craftsmanship, and classic look of this scarf.  The accent gold jewel is meticulously sewn onto the corner, which gives it a high end touch.


Not sure about you, but sometimes bracelets get on my nerves or feel too sharp or uncomfortable.  I’m always taking them off whenever I type or write.  That’s not the case with this scarf – the material is super soft and comfy, which is great if you’re wearing it on your neck or around your wrist.  **Speaking of which, Ex Voto has put together a handy video tutorial on the many ways to tie the new Equestrian Scarf over here!**


Behind-the-scenes note:  In this pic, I was actually watching a pod of dolphins that swam up near the shore.  At first Peter thought I was kidding, so he kept snapping.  It was amazing to see because they had their babies swimming with them!  They all moved so fast it was impossible to capture.

Here’s a shot of the designs on the scarf, which has a nice Hermés flair to it.  The blue looks so pretty against the water.


Before hitting the beach, I tried the scarf on around my neck to see how it worked.  It’s long enough to wear on your neck tied this way or turned around and draped loosely in the front.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that neck tied scarves are super hot right now.  They’re everywhere.


Side story:  this weekend we went to my favorite Georgia Tech game yet – box seat tickets given to us by a  generous friend (thanks, Scott!).  Peter’s Alma Mater was playing mine, so this was extra fun.  We were surprised when we arrived and had a beautiful suite with endless food and drinks – the kids were in heaven.  We invited my best friend’s parents, her Dad is a GA Tech alum and Saturday was his 81st birthday!!  We all met so many great people in our suite and had a perfect view of the game.  I’m officially spoiled on ever attending a football game in the “regular” way.

Turned out my Ex Voto scarf was in perfect team colors for both Georgia Tech and my school, ha.  Very convenient!


After the game we decided to load up on vitamins (I kid) at one of our all time favorite places, The Varsity – an Atlanta classic.  So many memories there.  Here is my daughter wearing the scarf in her fun, edgy way after the game.  She sure can rock ripped jeans, pearls and high tops like no other.  And I love the Ex Voto equestrian scarf with this combo!  That girl has always had the coolest style.  We tried taking more pics, but so many characters were honking and yelling, we had to stop.


Here’s a nice shot of the warmer toned scarves on one of the ExVoto models.  Any of these colors would be a perfect choice for fall!



You can find this classic leather saddlebag here, comes in walnut and black.  And they have TONS of other classic pieces I love – highly recommend a cruise around their site.  So many great tassel necklaces like this pearl one.



One lucky winner will be selected to win an Ex Voto Vintage equestrian scarf of their choice.  Sidenote: your email information cannot be seen publicly and will never be shared with any group or company, it’s only for the purposes of me notifying the winner.  


Leave a comment telling us your favorite fall indulgence or memory and what color scarf you like best.  Mine is a tie between pumpkin pie and hot chocolate, and I cherish our countless fall memories taking the kids to Georgia Tech football games since they were teeny tiny.  So many great memories.  Of course I love the blue scarf!

Thanks to Ex Voto Vintage for a fun fall giveaway!

Winner emailed by the end of the week : )


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This post was written in partnership with Ex Voto Vintage.  All opinions are my own (apology to my bulldog friends, ha ha).  Thanks for supporting the blog and its wonderful sponsors!












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  1. erica says:

    favorite fall indulgence – a pumpkin flavored sweet treat/pastry or indulgent latte! i tend to drink black coffee all week, so a weekend spiced frothy drink is always a nice treat :) LOVE the burgundy scarf – I wear lots of neutrals, so it would be the perfect accessory pop!

  2. Jan says:

    Anything pumpkin. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread is a favorite. Gathering Osage oranges that have fallen by the roadside are a favorite for an autumn display. The charcoal scarf is nice as well.

  3. Donna says:

    My Fall indulgence is anything pumpkin flavored I can get my hands on! And I love the blue scarf , it’s just beautiful! As an equestrian myself, I just love these!!!

  4. Jill says:

    We have 8 Georgia Tech grads in the family and love honoring the strong Tech traditions! Your post immediately brought to mind one of my favorite ongoing fall memories — heading to Tech campus every Homecoming weekend for the Ramblin’ Reck Parade. The parade truly captures the essence of fall college football and the stubborn pride of Tech students. When the last “reck” makes it to the end of the route, we head over to the The Silver Skillet. I can’t wait for October 29th! By the way, 6 of those 8 Tech alums are women! I think we would all agree that the equestrian scarf is gorgeous in any color — but I have to say I love the crimson one. Thanks for the chance!

  5. julie says:

    My favorite fall memory is taking my 3 girls to the pumpkin patch when they were little. They’re all in college now – time flies!
    I adore the blue scarf!

  6. manda says:

    I like the colder weather and clothes of the fall. Blue scarf would be adorable.

  7. Jane says:

    My favorite fall memory is picking apples at orchards with hayrides out to the apple trees and hot apple cider to drink once the “work” was done! These scarves are beautiful; I love the blue one. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  8. Theresa says:

    I’m a southerner living in Northern Michigan and we Love taking long Fall drives this time of year! The colors on the trees are amazing and we stop at roadside stands for apple cider and apple cider donuts… Of course ,)))! Happy Fall!!!!

  9. sydney85 says:

    My favorite fall memory is decorating the front entryway and front door with pumpkins and treating myself to hot tea and pumpkin biscotti. Love the blue scarf.

  10. Dominique says:

    My favorite fall indulgence is driving through the canyons every chance I get. The fall leaves and vistas are breathtaking. My color choice would be the hot chocolate. Thanks Seleta!

  11. Colleen says:

    Hi Seleta – Great to see that you look to be on the mend with your foot! My favorite fall indulgence is enjoying a cup of coffee (or two) on my screened porch on those first couple of crisp mornings reading the latest Southern Living or Jcrew catalog. I love the orange as I am an Auburn alum – War Eagle!

  12. Seleta,
    I love a suite when we’re invited to join in the fun. What a great way to see you and your husband’s alma mater square off.
    I love this time of year for anything pumpkin and a fire in the fireplace. Football season is always fun too!
    I love the charcoal scarf and think the charm on it is really cool.

  13. Martha E. says:

    My favorite fall indulgence is decorating my home for fall the last weekend of September and enjoying it until December. Also, walks and hikes in the N. C.. mountains. Love the crisp, cool weather.

    I love these scarves. The navy blue is my favorite but the crimson will go with everything I wear.

  14. Martha E. says:

    My favorite fall indulgences are decorating my home for fall in late September and enjoying it until early December. I really enjoy walks and hikes in the N. C. mountains, inhaling the cool, crisp air.

    I love these scarves . I am having a hard time deciding which color. Blue anything is always my favorite but the crimson is beautiful and will go with everything I wear. Thanks so much.

  15. Sally says:

    First off, my favorite memory of fall is the very first day. When you walk out in the morning and the air is crisp and dry. You suddenly feel like life is so full of possibilities! Now for the scarves, they are gorgeous! I think my favorite is between the burnt orange or the charcoal. Thanks for the chance at this give away!

  16. Judy Westmoreland says:

    I love the fall season. I love to have hot tea and a pumpkin scone. I like the blue scarf. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  17. susan says:

    Love this post. Fall peanuts, boiled on the beach from Jay, Florida, And, anything neutral. :)

  18. susan says:

    P.S: Our son is graduating from Ga Tech in Aerospace Engineering this December! He’ll be at the rest of the home games. Cheering them on unless they happen to play my LSU. ;)

  19. Being from the midwest where we raked lots of fall leaves, I love walking our English Springer Spaniel in the fall and hearing the leaves crunch as we promenade. That green scarf is my fav fall color this year!

  20. Jessica says:

    There is a sweet pumpkin farm that we had my son’s first, and several subsequent birthday parties at. My father, who has now passed, was able to attend the first birthday, and the fall always reminds me of this day and of him.
    I love the blue scarf, thank you for the wonderful giveaway

  21. Tricia White says:

    I have fond memories of trick or treating as a child. We would all dress up and would drive to the neighborhood closest to us – we didn’t live in a hood! And then when I had my own children we did the same thing! Great, great memories!
    I love all the scarfs but I think I would choose the burgandy!

  22. Paula Moreshead says:

    All of the colors are beautiful, but for my horse loving/riding daughter, I would probably choose the blue one. I always enjoy your blog, so thanks for the give away.


  23. Mimi says:

    My fall indulgence was the J Crew leopard print loafers for my 40th High School reunion weekend😊 So that pumpkin scarf would be perfect with those loafers for thanksgiving day with all the family! Loved the varsity; have only been once after a Braves game when our boys were young…..thanks for the memory.

  24. There are so many! I could say walks on the beach while the tourists are few or even the shriek of excitement knowing Starbucks has the Pumpkin Spiced Latte…but who am I kidding?!! It’s all about brown leather boots & busting out my favorite scarves! Fall for me represents celebration of 3 years cancer free (colon cancer). So it’s an indulgence of everything “Ahhhhh”. Life. Gratitude. Getting back to Simple. So I would wear the wrap scarf bracelet with my denim & brown leather boots and celebrate that I’m able to share another year with my family.

  25. Erin Ellis says:

    My fall indulgence is hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream. I love the burnt orange color the most. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway
    erinloves2run at gmail dot com

  26. Hallie says:

    My favorite indulgence this fall has been taking my daughter on her first horse rides in the North Georgia mountains. It’s such a great bonding experience to teach what you grew up doing to your child (as I am sure you know). I would pick the blue or slate color, neutral enough to go with any outfit. Thanks for posting. Hope your recovery is still going well!!

  27. Beth says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year in the Midwest. I love to dress in warm scarves, tall boots and cozy sweaters and take my doggie for a walk. NOTHING BETTER!

    I would love the charcoal one – but ALL are beautiful. I love your style and your blog! Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. Beth A says:

    My favorite fall memory is my daughter being born 20 years ago on October 19! Those scarf colors are gorgeous, but if pressed to choose a favorite, I guess I’d say the blue. Thanks, Seleta!

  29. Claire says:

    Being a Southerner, we’re still waiting for fall…but I love that first feeling of crisp air when temperatures finally drop (until it’s below 70, it doesn’t count!) and we can walk the dogs without worrying about the heat. Love the charcoal color in the scarf – I think it would go with everything.

  30. Melissa says:

    Love homemade hot chocolate before a fire. Favorite scarf would be the blue.

  31. Sandy says:

    We like to go to the apple orchard and enjoy a glass of fresh apple cider:) Let’s not forget apple caramel on a stick!

    Love the blue scarf!

  32. darla says:

    My favorite memory is seeing all the beautiful leaves and biking on the street.

  33. darla says:

    Forgot to say favorite color, it’s the deep blue

  34. Tara N says:

    My favorite fall indulgence is having bonfires in the back yard while drinking apple cider and bourbon. Or taking a drive to see the leaves. 🍂🍁 thanks for the giveaway! I love your blog!

  35. Tammy says:

    Being from Texsas it can take a while for fall to hit, so we pretend and bake up yummy fall goodies while still in our flip flops and shorts! Ha.
    One of these scarves would definitely help it feel more like fall. I love the chocolate color.

  36. […] « equestrian scarf giveaway + fun weekend recap […]

  37. Shauna Slaney says:

    My favourite fall memory is pretty much any October that we don’t have snow! :)
    And I really like the maroon colour.

  38. Teresa s says:

    My favorite fall memory is our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. All us kids raced around to find our perfect pumpkin, then enjoyed a hayride and hot chocolate.

  39. Paula Kitchens says:

    My favorite fall indulgence is a homemade pumpkin roll with a cup of coffee. I love October especially in the mountains when the leaves are changing colors. I love the charcoal scarf.

  40. Margo quririconi says:

    Mums…lots of mums in the fall. Caramel apples another indulgience. Love the scarf. Any color.

  41. Sally says:

    My favorite thing about fall is college football! If my husband and 2 sons aren’t attending the game at my alma mater, we are watching the games on tv – usually with a house full of friends. So much fun! These scarves are beautiful. I especially love the blue.

  42. Angela says:

    First, these scarves are so pretty! My favorite fall tradition is going to the North Carolina mountains with my husband and kids and hiking through the beautiful fall trees. My fall indulgence, like so many, is pumpkin flavored everything-Hello Trader Joes! My favorite color scarf is, I think, crimson. They are all really pretty though.

  43. Kim K. says:

    Favorite indulgence? Living in the Northeast it has to be apples – apple crisp, candy apples, apple candles – I love it all! I also love the classic navy scarf – it is right up my alley in fashion!

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