daydreams + packing for a beach vacay

It’s wildness in our beach town – spring breakers have officially arrived!  Our beaches, roads, stores, and restaurants are buzzing with visitors.  They’re all dressed for hot weather but sadly shivering in the frigid temps that Mother Nature just brought our way.  Much to everyone’s surprise, it will get down to the 30’s tonight.

If I could create the perfect beachy escape away from all of the action (and kids), it would look something like this.  Mmmmm, I can already hear the sounds of tropical birds and relaxing waves.  

Can’t find photo source – do share if you know. 

The more I think about it, the more I love the idea of a getaway for just me and my husband.  As far as packing goes, I would keep it simple and sassy with a few essentials.  This packing list is great for any upcoming spring break or summer trip you may have in the works…

SWIMSUIT:  Since this would be a parent getaway, I’d probably go crazy and actually wear a bikini.  This one is fun.  (top, bottom)

ACCESSORIES:  I’d make sure to bring a big floppy hat and gorgeous cover-up from Perspicasity here in Seaside – they have the best beach clothes/accessories that last forever in terms of style and quality of materials.  If you see anything you like on their IG, you can call or email them and they will ship. 

Their hats and bags are to die for.  These stripey ones are AMAZING.

My perspective on beach hats:  the bigger the hat, the smaller your booty looks. #truth

SHOES:  I can’t get these shoes off my mind that I recently saw on Perspicasity’s IG.  Talk about a leg lengthening shoe that also has comfort.  Really, really need.  These are great for spring and summer daily.  If you love them, you can call and order  – their contact info here and here.

HAIR + MAKE-UP:  For hair, I would go with this 5-minute beach waves look.  For make-up, I would keep my look fresh using one of my very favorite concealers, (blogged about this exactly one year ago today!?), natural eyes with brown-tones liner/shadow, and my favorite cream blush in the shade Posey (wear it every day – so perfect for a humid beach climate).

I would complete my look with a nude lip using this cool kitDon’t have yet, but on my wish list. 

JEWELRY:  For accessories I would keep it edgy classic and pack a wrap pearl bracelet for night and during the day wear it as an anklet on the beach – a look borrowed from my fashionable daughter.  She has this one in the dark brown leather.  These wraps are between $32-$38.  Order info here.

To complete our getaway, we would keep our schedule simple:  sleep past sunrise, eat whenever we wanted, and clink glasses by sunset.  No dishes, laundry, driving, or cleaning.  That’s about it.

Yes to spring vacays and daydreams!





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