weekend vibes + confessions

My weekend wish for you:  may your bun be messy, your bed unmade, and your day filled with frolic.

We’re on the road with our crew and thoroughly enjoying the chilly weather and having no schedule!  It feels so free and relaxing to just “be” and not have a set place to be every hour of the day.  While I do appreciate an organized schedule, sometimes it’s fun to just fly by the seat of your pants….and irresponsibly eat carbs. Yep, mouth-watering, fat-provoking, delicious, empty-calorie carbs.  Yesterday I had a big pile of waffles for breakfast, topped with whipped cream.

Normally I eat a responsible mix of eggs, sliced avocado, and slow-cooked oats for breakfast.  No sugar.  But it’s vacation and time to live a little.  Our family loves to explore and find fun restaurants to enjoy when we travel.  Last night’s lunch and dinner came with dessert, and today I foresee more starches in my horoscope.  I’ll pay for it later, but enjoying it now.

Since it’s still cold outside, I love the idea of snuggling up in a cozy sweatshirt around the house.  Adore this one and hope to have an official pajama day before spring break is over.

Deep down inside I’m basically a lazy girl who loves to eat.  Which makes sense why my spirit animal quiz answer was horse – even though they’re athletic, they are generally lazy and would eat until they popped if given the chance. 

Other confessions?  For fun I took a drop-in adult class at a ballet company last night in the city we are visiting.  It was after dinner, so Peter and the kids were chilling at the hotel.  This was supposed to be a relaxing, “easy workout” type-of-class, but I bombed it like crazy.  Within a few minutes, I realized this class was not the least bit representative of the description on the schedule, it was much more advanced.  The teacher was teaching far beyond the level of the class – like she was re-inventing complex math equations or something and I just could. not. get. it.  In fact, she even had trouble remembering and demonstrating most of  the combinations she taught in the center.  Pretty much the whole class was unable to execute her combinations using proper technique and musicality.  Which brings me to the question….Why??  Why do some ballet teachers do this??

Whenever I attempted her combinations, I felt (and probably looked) like this.

While that wasn’t my best class, and it was frustrating at the time, it was actually pretty funny when I thought about it later.  It’s good to try new things and get a laugh.

Hope your weekend is filled with adventure and new experiences!









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  1. Sarah says:

    I have definitely looked like that in ballet classes, as well! Lol. Y’all have a great weekend!

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