white whimsy

Hello, missed you all.  I’ll explain my absence once I catch my breath.  Meanwhile, a little white whimsy for your soul.

I know I posted on pom pom bedding a couple of weeks ago, but check out THESE.  Love the look and the price.  The name of this pillow sham is “magical thinking.”  Love it.

I think we all need a little magical thinking in life.  Sometimes I tell my husband he’s a dreamer, but the truth is we need dreams to keep us inspired and open our minds to ALL possibilities.  I probably don’t dream enough.  A little magical thinking goes a long way.  When I think of history, I’m reminded that it’s filled with dreamers who are doers.  Where would we be without the dreams and imagination of the great inventors, explorers, artists, designers, scientists, mathematicians, and more?

Shared these wise words on my instagram today, and I need to think on them a little more.

“The world is but a

canvas to our imagination.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

Sweet dreams!





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