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Guys, I am so sorry for skipping out on you last week.  The Seaside Dance Festival was amazing, but it took all that I had and I seriously needed to hit the reset button last week.  The dance festival was extra challenging from a work-sense this year because Peter was gone for four days on a school field trip with one of our kiddos and I had to work while being a solo mom to our other three.  Probably shaved a good two years off my life in those four days.  But I’m back in action!

Feeling some true blue inspiration today.  Can you believe summer is nearly here?

image Amy Stone,  hat Preston & Olivia

About to share some personal thoughts with you – and I need your feedback.  But first, a gorgeous library in blue.

And this peekaboo avocado toast I spotted on Martha Stewart looks divine.  Recipe here.  This is basically what I eat every morning, except presented in a much more culinary-chic way.  I usually skip the bread or do Ezekiel toast. 

Something personal on my mind:  You know I like to keep things real around here.  Lately I’ve noticed a tendency to put pressure on myself on posts in the sense that it shouldn’t be too this or that – basically I question a lot of what I post and how long a post should or shouldn’t be.  Sometimes I analyze so much that I don’t even post what I started to write.  I used to not be this way.  I’ve asked myself many times “why is this self-questioning happening?”  Could it be my brain melting from raising teens?  Too many pinterest images swimming in my head?  Schedule overload?  I’ve analyzed it to death and the answers I’ve come up with are: a) It may be time for some type of change (maybe start-up some vlogs here and there??) or b) the lack of feedback/comments in blog posts is slowing down my mojo.

I’m starting to feel a little disconnected from my readers and I’m exploring ways to reconnect again.  So I’d like to check in with you on this.  For me, comments help create a feeling that I’m in a dialogue and many times these comments inspire future writing.  I also understand comments aren’t as common on blogs these days as we now have so many other ways to communicate via social media.  I do know I’m more of a “feedback” person, so not having comments means I have to adjust something on my end.  Maybe there’s another way to reconnect?  Maybe I need to change formats or try new subjects.


A blog is kind of like a relationship, it fluctuates and changes with time.  Some blogs are more personal and small, some are more grand.  I notice the grand blogs who don’t get many comments usually have a lot of sponsored content (and compensation), so I guess they don’t need the personal exchange.  As you know, my blog is more boutique in size and there is also limited sponsored content.  I won’t write anything sponsored unless I personally use and love the brand or product.

Do you have any feedback for me regarding changing things up here on the blog?  I will say I’m not ready to do any personal design projects at this time, so that’s out for now.  With a previous career in TV, however, I am curious about doing some simple videos – maybe topics like every day make-up, skin care, simple work-outs to stay in shape, what I eat to stay in shape, etc.  Or maybe some Q+A’s with you on video.  Would you find a vlog discussing any of these topics interesting?  For those who don’t know, a vlog is a blog that contains video content.  In this case, it would be me talking about certain topics.

Would love to hear feedback from you on this.



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  1. Portia says:

    Seleta, I have been loving your blog for many years. I rarely comment but am ready to do so much more if it helps determine your content. I love the many wonderful ways you integrate family fun events and parties with your classic styling tips. Your eye for style, design and decor are usually my guide for any undertaking in my home. I look forward to each blog post!

  2. Pat Callaway says:

    Love your work Seleta. I find your unique selections of house styles, finishes and furnishings intrigue me each and every post, especially Wednesday white. I like the current format and am glad you are not sold out to advertisers, but are selective!

  3. Cici says:

    LOVE ALL OF YOUR BLOGS SELETA. Your decorating tips and family project ideas are most appealing to me!!!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi Seleta. I love it when you model clothing and show us design styles that you love. Your picnic ideas are also so much fun.

  5. Petra says:

    Good evening Seleta. There are many of us in Florence who read your posts daily. Your eye for styling is very popular in Italy!

  6. Leslie says:

    I’ve always loved reading your blog because it feels like catching up with a friend and I just enjoy hearing what you have to say. You are kind and that shines whether it’s in your pictures or words.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Selena, I’m so sorry for all the times I wanted to comment but didn’t out of laziness! Never meant to leave you hanging! I really enjoy your content, especially the personal posts regarding motherhood and home life. I have one child around the age of your youngest two so I can always relate. I have long admired your sense of style and would love more fashion and beauty posts (dressing room experiences and beauty/hair product hits or misses). Vlog posts would be awesome– simple workouts and what you eat to stay in shape would have my full attention 😊 Thank you for reaching out, I promise to give you more feedback!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Seleta!!! Not Selena, darn auto correct

  9. Olivia says:

    Your blog is really lovely.
    I like reading about your home, family, horses, dance, town, and shopping.
    I look forward to your Wednesday White posts. All your design posts are nice because your taste is exactly right.
    I hope you have time to rest a little this week.
    Thank you for making time for us.

  10. Sarah says:

    You know, I have gotten off of social media altogether and have resisted doing vlogs, etc., even though all of that has been very enticing to me. I just check my email, sometimes scan the news and check your blog every now and then. This is a very peaceful way to live. You don’t have to live life focused on the next thing you are going to document, or try to “please” your audience…you can simply enjoy the NOW with God, family and friends.

    That being said, if you desire to branch out, you will be great!! I really enjoy reading your stuff (like I said, you are the only blog I keep up with). You may not always get the affirmation, but your blog encourages others, so just know that! Thanks for being faithful to share with us even though we are not always good at giving feedback!!

  11. Em says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years but have never commented before. I love your style and decor posts and enjoy reading about your family and other interests. I don’t do social media, instead prefer the more personal aspects (to me) of a blog. Thank you for entertaining your loyal readers who look forward to your posts!

  12. Molly says:

    Please, please, please do some sort of fashion posts/videos! I love your classic style, and I am always inspired by how put together you are!

  13. Christine says:

    I love the balance you display, while being your authentic self! Having a large family (children) I appreciate your struggles and your willingness to be honest. Your photos of design, your children, your doodle (we have one too from Sherri), and our beautiful gulf coast are balm to my soul. Many blessings~

  14. Michelle says:

    Seleta~I check your blog and instagram almost daily, and find so much inspiration in both. There is such a gentle beauty and serenity in your writing style and your overall aesthetic — it’s my daily escape. I find so much of your content useful, more than any other blog I have ever read. I honestly take away an idea from every single post, whether it be a trinket for a great gift idea or a decorating tip or a recipe or a fashion find. Some days it’s just simply some words of wisdom or a photo or phrase that reminds me to stop and enjoy life and the beauty and chaos of raising my sweet children . I find your taste impeccable, and I love and appreciate that you always post items that are accessible, yet don’t have a blog bogged down with sponsored content. I have stopped reading other blogs that have lost their genuineness (as you talked about in a post earlier this year), but your has not. I apologize for not sharing with you how truly appreciated all your efforts are, because I do enjoy your blog immensely. Guess I’m just more of a lurker, not one who comments :) Vlogs from you would be interesting as well, as I’m sure they would be just as magical and inspirational as your blog. As the previous poster said, thank you for faithfully posting for your readers — it is not in vain!

  15. Lara says:

    I love reading your blog. I follow you on Instagram too and always feel that your posts are authentic and true to your style. I would love posts on every day makeup and quick workouts and what you eat. I love your style – you’re an inspiration!

  16. Miriam says:

    I love your beautiful, inspiring blog and I’m sorry I haven’t thanked you before for all of your hard work. Please don’t stop! I enjoy all of your posts and the fact that your blog isn’t full of ads is icing on the cake. Thank you again!

  17. Louise says:


    You’re smart, accomplished, a dedicated mother…you also have a great sense of style, always look put together, have great skin and can obviously find you’re way around a make up bag….Any of your techniques, approaches, tips to any of those things in a video format or blog post would be welcome. I am a long time reader, but not a huge commentor on any blog I patronize….so it’s not your content at all that causes my radio silence!

  18. Lbpv says:

    I’m another reader who has never commented. I just assumed you’re too busy to read! I really enjoy your posts and understand when you are not able to post as often. As far as the Vlog, if you do add that element please just add it to the written one. When I read I’m usually not somewhere I can actually listen to a video so I would still prefer the written. Thank you, I really do appreciate the time and energy you carve out for the blog.

  19. Kelly says:

    I too, am a regular follower but have never commented before! Not a fan of the social media either and am selective about which blogs I follow…yours is at the top of the list. Your content is beautiful and honest. Your website is easy to read and navigate as it’s not riddled with ads…a pet peeve! I say, keep up the good work and do what feels right to you. Your writing has always been a reflection of what’s going on in your life and it works!

  20. Dawn says:

    I like your blog as is, but am sure I’d enjoy any changes, too, because you have great taste.

    I infrequently comment because I’m lazy about commenting. Will definitely try to pick it up – it’s nice to know that you care about comments. On some blogs, comments feel like an afterthought or intrusion, as if the blogger doesn’t really want to dialogue.

  21. Trina Comeau says:

    I love your blog, but I’m not a commenter. I would LOVE to see video content from you. Specifically around your personal style. I do miss the equestrian content.

  22. Dominique says:

    I’m a long time reader and sporadic commenter. I started reading your blog for your design posts, fell in love with your family life posts and your takes on spirituality. You always kept things as real as possible considering you are public and don’t want to be ridiculed for your opinions. I love your shopping posts since you truly have picks from the heart. I dislike vlogs since they always seem so staged and awkward and I’d rather read than watch. Keep up the good work! Family, faith, and fabulousness are always in style and you have those things in spades.

  23. Kelly says:

    I, too, am a long-time follower of your blog and appreciate your authenticity and “realness” over the years. The blogging/social media landscape has changed so much, where content feels more endorsed and sponsored than ever before. You have always stayed true to your editorial values, and I am grateful. Video content would be a welcome enhancement, if that’s the direction you choose to take. Of course, we readers understand maintaining privacy is important as well. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  24. Susan Mitchell says:

    I’d love to see more on your fashion picks as well as beauty and how you stay in great shape. Your sense of style is exquisite.

  25. Carrie says:

    I’ve been reading you forever, and have always enjoyed all of your content. Apologies for rarely commenting! XO

  26. Robin N. says:

    First, your blog is perfect the way it is. I live in the Midwest and I enjoy reading about life outside of my area and the way your family balances all life’s adventures. Love the idea of a few videos too. Happy summer.

  27. Kirby says:

    I have been reading your blog forever and love your more personal posts! Your makeup is always flawless–a tutorial (and what shades you use) would be wonderful!

  28. Jodi says:

    I don’t recall if I have ever commented on your blog, but I have enjoyed it for a long time.

    I have purchased several things based upon your blog posts-ie anthro

    I love 30A and have vacationed there for years, so any posts regarding that area, I certainly enjoy.
    I would enjoy more posts on any topic, but especially makeup, skincare, workout, recipe ideas, etc.
    It seems we are both in the same season of life, raising kids that are very active, so your posts regarding that balance are always inspiring. Whatever you do, you will know it is right, if it brings you some joy.

  29. Raylan says:

    I have read your blog for years! I think doing short videos is a great idea. My favorite topics you’ve covered are anything food/cooking related, travel/destinations, as well as healthy & beauty topics. I would love to see more of that. I also think posts about 30A living/dining/entertaining would be great since so many of your readers vacation there.

  30. Anna says:

    Hi Seleta-
    I enjoy the beauty product/hair product favorites, interior design, and faith in daily living posts :)

  31. Freddy says:

    I Love your blog! I think doing videos is a wonderful idea- anything health & beauty related or raising kids and faith, as well as entertaining-design would be perfect!! Closet/organizing design I also love when you post good deals!!!

  32. Andrea C says:

    I also love your blog but rarely comment. I guess I didn’t realize how helpful the feedback would be. I love the boutique style of your blog. I enjoy travel/destinations like other followers but always enjoys interior design, makeup and beauty posts as well as health related info. Any format would be enjoyed!

  33. […] « blue inspiration + something personal […]

  34. Janice Collins says:

    Hi Seleta, I follow your blog religiously as it is so inspiring. I’m not one to comment much as I don’t know usually what to say except “I Like this”. I like your philosophical/spiritual musings best as they are great fodder for conversation. A vlog would be so great! Yes PLEASE give us some of that. It would definitely be more personal – like a conversation.
    I love your blog and would miss it dearly if you stopped.
    XXXX Janice Collins

  35. Kristina says:

    I am so very thankful for you content & inspiration. I love getting an email saying that you have posted something new because as corny as it sounds it is like opening an oyster & finding a pearl inside!

  36. Vicki says:

    Seleta, I have followed you for YEARS and I really enjoy your blog. I follow a lot of bloggers and I feel like I connect better with them via Instagram rather than email links for blog posts. I also like that I can “like” a photo’s content or comment on the content. Again, love your blog I just wish you used Instagram for blog content. 😀

  37. Sonya says:

    Hi, I have loved the blog for years & would enjoy vlogs or InstaStories.

  38. Colleen says:

    Hey Seleta, I’ve been a long term reader and got really into blogs a few years ago. Now I am kinda over them as I am not trusting of what someone genuinely likes as opposed to getting paid to push at people. But I always peek at your blog as I profoundly value your voice, authenticity and style. I see things and I think ” that’s so Seleta, it’s coming home with me.” Or Seleta was right about trying to live a clearer more intentional life. I enjoy vlogs as it’s lovely to hear a person’s voice so your voice would be a welcome addition :) (I love all the home decor and clothing updates)

  39. Julianne says:

    Hi Seleta!! I, too am guilty of reading your blog and never commenting. I found your blog several years ago and was so intrigued by your content. At the time, I was researching a possible move to your area and that is how I found your blog. We didn’t end up moving there, but I check in from time to time. We are considering a move again and I still find this area of FLorida so enchanting!! I have 3 daughters ages 14,9 and 3. So, we are at all stages of life and I wonder how the children would fare in that area. I would love to see more posts about your town! Thanks for creating such a beautiful and meaningful blog.
    Warmest Regards,

  40. JuliaW says:

    Dear Seleta, I’ve been reading your blog for many years and have always found it to be informative, inspiring, and truly genuine. I personally wouldn’t want you to change too much. I think that if you feel led to post about something, it will resonate with your readers because they can trust you. Thank you for all your hard work — it really shows and is appreciated.

  41. Martie says:

    You are amazing and have such great taste! My favorite parts of your blog are your personal decor and animal posts. As a mother of four very young babies, however, I often read you just because it gives me a sense of peace to know other people are out there slogging it out in the trenches just like me. Life is exhausting, and your fortitude is inspiring.

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