swinging in white

I have been a complete loon with the last week of school activities.  Everything is crammed into one week, it’s so crazy.  I feel like I’m wildly swinging from one event to the next like Tarzan on his jungle vines.  Or maybe more like Jane?  Speaking of swinging, one of our daughters told us she really, really wants a white swing in her bedroom.  I think it’s a super cool idea.


Here are a few good ones I found and wanted to share with you…

1. This classic swinging chair has great style.  It’s a little up there in price, but looks high quality.  And if you think about it, it’s less than you would spend on most upholstered chairs and will never need reupholstering, so it’s not that bad.

Sidenote: HAD to include this shot with the chicken.  Omg love it…as would our chicken.

2.  Here is an alternate swinging chair for less than half the price as previous one.  So cute, especially with those handy side pockets for books or magazines.


3.  I LOVE the tassel effect of this one and really am shocked at the low price.  Here.



Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Beth A says:

    Sometimes a chicken’s gotta swing, too! Love these chairs btw. They kinda scream summer!

  2. seleta says:

    I totally agree, Beth! : )


  3. Alysa says:

    Love the swing and so does my daughter.
    We got her the pier one swing a few years ago and she loved the pockets to place a book
    Or her headphones.
    We have sinced moved and her bedroom can’t handle the size of the pier one swing.
    It is a bit bulkier in size than the top one but the price was right too.
    Whatever you get your daughter I am sure she will be delighted to sit in her swing.

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