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This is my first morning of summer that I haven’t had to dash out the door by 7:30 with a kid or two.  Peter took my driving shift so I’m chillin’ with a reheated cup of coffee in a very quiet (for now) house.  There is a slow drizzle of rain outside and I can hear little birds busying about just outside our foggy kitchen window.  Thought I could take this breather to say hello and share with you a few pretty and practical things I’ve found lately.

via Mark D. Sikes

As far as our summer schedule goes, it’s a season of go, go, go.  I used to think we were super busy when the kids were younger, but now that they’re all older, it’s a whole new level of nonstop action.  We’ve already had several road trips and July will be even more travel.  I love it.  The part I find challenging is how our days start super early, but don’t end at a normal time.  Anyone who’s raised a teen knows life with them is very nocturnal, so you don’t get to bed at a reasonable time.  Whew.  These days I dream of crawling into a comfortable bed and enjoying long hours of sleep.

Consequently, I’ve had to amp-up my under eye concealer.  My friend and talented make-up artist, Nikole, shared this magical product with me the last time I saw her in Atlanta.  After waxing my brows, she casually pulled this out of a drawer and dabbed it under my eyes.  I thought to myself, “I obviously look as dog-tired as I feel.”  Then I looked at my reflection in the mirror and looked so much more alive and refreshed.  I love this product!  It clearly solves the I-haven’t-had-more-than-4-hours-of-sleep-and-look-like-crap under-eye problem.  You apply it under your regular concealer.  A little goes a long way!

I love throwing on a summer dress – to me dresses are more comfy than shorts.  Found this dress online and think it’s super fun for summer.  A great price – under $50.  Over here.

And a shoe I recently found but regrettably didn’t buy at the time, are these slides.  Tried on the nude ones in the store, but was too rushed to make a sound decision, so I let them go.  They are ADORABLE on and super comfy.  Under $50.  May have to grab a pair.

So I started this post super early this morning but had to stop to help get some of our peeps out the door for their day.  Now it’s mid morning and I’m finishing up.  The goal is to hit the gym with our youngest in a few minutes before the driving this afternoon.  In the background youngest is singing “we will, we will, ROCK you”  as he cooks bacon and scrambled eggs.  Gotta love some classic Queen before 10am, ha.

Hope you find some time to enjoy a few quiet moments in your day today!  xoxo



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  1. Carrie says:

    Cute dress! And yes, they are indeed nocturnal. Thanks for the post!

  2. Christina says:

    The teen years have been so much fun – beyond what I had expected as I heard lots of complaints about attitudes, hormones, etc. But you nailed it with the hours and lack of sleep. Some days, I have to resort to a power nap of 25 minutes mid-day when I know I won’t get to bed before 11:00PM. My husband and I are such homebody losers. We high-five when we make it to bed by 9:30 which is so rare these days.

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