3 fall things

I started to title this fall y’all but I hardly ever say the word y’all, so it felt weird.  I’m sitting here with a cup of reheated coffee and a few extra minutes and wanted to share some fall pretty since I’ve been AWOL for a while.  I’ll explain my absence at the bottom of the post.

I hear the first day of fall is this Friday, which is kind of comical because where we live it’ll still be 85 degrees.  Our cooler temps usually hit closer toward November.  So I’ll have to pretend in this post.  When I think of fall, I think of classic navy.  Love this outdoor picnic set up so much.  Oh to live in a place with seasons!

And how about these chairs with a pretty pop of navy.

And this isn’t navy, but goes great with jeans (which are in the navy family).  I’ve seen a lot of bell sleeve sweaters and tops this season.  Not a huge fan of that look, but just found something bell-sleevish I do like.  It’s this cozy top – not as in-your-face bell sleeves as some of the others I’ve seen.  Plus it looks soft.


About my absence…

Peter and I have spent the last 34 days working our tails off emptying 5,000 square feet plus two storage units.  We did this nonstop every.single.day in between driving kids everywhere, cooking dinners, and the regular craziness of life.  I seriously thought it would kill me, but somehow it didn’t.  So glad it is OVER.  Our kids helped us as much as they could in between their demanding schedules…and we are all zonked.  Grateful we were able donate several truckloads to help other families in need, and also get more organized in our home.  It is nice to live with LESS.

My goal is to have some scheduled downtime days in the next few weeks to regroup – something I’ve never really done before but think is necessary after this type of work.  At this point I would be happy with a pedicure!




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  1. Christina says:

    God bless you! So relieved it is “only” that you have been working your tail off, getting organized and generously donating to help those in need. I was afraid you were hit with Irma as she swung west. Definitely take a few weeks to regroup. Great movies…”Hidden Figures”, “Little Boy” and a fairly light and extremely easy read, in case you are looking, is the Gracelyn O’Malley series.

  2. Jamie Harris says:

    So curious about HOW you rid yourself of the extra! We have just completed a year long renovation of an 1828 home. We have sold some houses and are now left with 2 storage rooms. We are very close to getting that to 1! What to do with it all? We don’t need it. I do not want to be someone with a storage room full of stuff. I regularly sell antiques that I no longer use at an antique mall and I no longer shop like I used to! Curious to know how you all got to the point where you feel it is OVER! I am ready to feel that myself!

    I hope you have gotten your pedicure by now and maybe you can give me some suggestions soon. I know you will all be happier without the extra weight of “things” and the extra bill every month. Congratulations!
    PS I always enjoy your posts. I do not take the time to comment and I apologize for that because I know it takes a lot of time to produce. I hope you keep it up!

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