3 quick + chic thanksgiving table style tips

It’s so exciting that Christmas is around the corner, but I really like to soak up Thanksgiving season while it’s here…then we all dive head first into Christmas pretty much after the turkey dinner.  It seems like Thanksgiving has slowly become the stepchild of the winter holidays since Christmas marketing now overtakes the stores just seconds after Halloween.  In some stores I’ve even seen Halloween decorations next to the Christmas decor…makes me crazy.

I really love to absorb the fun of Thanksgiving and fully celebrate it.  Thanksgiving is such a cozy time and special time with loved ones.  It’s the perfect prelude before the big show – Christmas!  Today I’m sharing three simple and budget-friendly style ideas to help make your Thanksgiving table look extra beautiful this year.


  1. USE A TABLE RUNNER:  I love the idea of incorporating a runner in a tablescape to add warmth and a focal point in a large setting.  This can be done very easily and affordably.  Runners don’t always have to be a fabric – I’ve used greens as runners many times when entertaining, and this greenery runner idea would be so lovely for a big family gathering.  I see this type of sprig sold at grocery stores and they’re easy to come by.

Love the look and prices a lot from this new line at Target.  If you’re not wild about “going live” with your runner, this green table runner is a perfect casual Thanksgiving table touch and other meals throughout the year.

2. EMBELLISH WITH SMALL PUMPKINS:  small pumpkins are my fave and add such flair to a table setting, whether they’re gracefully piled together in the center or dotted on each plate for a personal touch.  You can have a lot of fun working with these little guys.  If you like simplicity with blue and white accents, this tablescape by Mark D. Sikes is a home run.

3. PERSONALIZE PLACE SETTINGS:  To me, nothing is more inviting at a table than personal cards on or by each plate.  It’s reveals such a personal touch and acknowledgement by the host that each guest is special.  Everyone loves to see their name or initials, especially when it’s presented in a beautiful and elegant way.  Place cards don’t always have to be cards, you can be creative with how you personalize each place setting, this clever kraft paper and white paint pen design is lovely.  I would love to sit in that spot! 


I’ve always dreamt of decorating autumn leaves for a whimsical placecards but haven’t gotten to it yet.  These decorated leaves are so artsy and beautiful.  Love the calligraphy and that perfect touch of gold!


Hope this inspires some seasonal decorating in your home for your Thanksgiving holiday next week!





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  1. Katharina says:

    I Love the Last picture! Such an easy but so pretty idea! And reale like the Natural Look of the 2nd as well! 🍁 Fall greetings from Germany

  2. Michelle says:

    That personalized place setting is gorgeous! I think you could dress it up as shown or dress it down for a kid’s party or lunch — so versatile and classic! LOVE these table ideas. You always find such great ideas to share with us, and I find myself referring back to your posts time and time again. Thanks for that! Happy Thanksgiving!

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